Anti- burglary : the best tips can be found here

A burglar usually enters your home through the front or back door.
It is therefore important to secure your entry doors
with burglar-proof door locks. Replace your old locks easy to force
through new secure locks. Would you replace your own door lock?
Here you get a useful road map for each type of lock.

You can read the Dutch version here:Anti inbraak: de beste tips vind u hier

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Burglars are divided into two groups:

Professional burglars : These are burglars with a lot of experience. They are usually part of a large organization . They know what they do and prepare for . Professional burglars use advanced tools where few can withstand .

Burglars opportunity : opportunity Burglars are responsible for the vast majority of burglaries. An opportunity burglar prepares his or hardly at her intrusion. These burglars see where they come in quickly without being caught . They have , at most, with simple tools such as a hand drill .

Provide professional burglars not much to fear , unless you live in a large villa . Opportunity Burglars are the biggest problem. Happy occasion let burglars easily deterred. Watch a short video about the opportunity burglar.

Intrusion methods and what to do about it is

There are some methods that burglars like to use the occasion to enter:


Burglars stabbing a pass between the door and the jamb. They are attempting to push the latch bolt. When the latch bolt is pressed, the door is easy to open.

On the side of your slot, you will see that there are two parts of your lock uitstekken. At the top is the latch bolt and below the deadbolt.

Which prevents pinball? By turning your door. In that case, darting simply not possible.

cylinder abort

In our country many doors secured with a cylinder lock. Unfortunately, burglars love cylinder, because they are easy to force.

Criminals use special tools with which they put a lot of pressure on the cylinder. A cylinder is, moreover, a part of the lock, a metal tube in which the keyhole in falls. Because of the pressure cylinder breaks off. The cylinder is pulled out of the lock. The burglar gives a small push against the door and walk straight in.

Replace your lock. Opt for a new lock with SKG mark with at least two stars.

slip in

Anti burglary sensitization property for burglars Anti burglary sensitization property for burglars nothing

beats fresh air , especially if it is hot. In the summer , set windows and doors wide open nice . Unfortunately,

criminals lie in wait to sneak through your open door or window or crawl . Even a trip to the top , make

burglars use . A burglary takes approximately 30 seconds . If they lock your still not open even have to break

the criminals are even faster. Your wallet is on the table . You’re going to go upstairs and your wallet is gone.

Connect each time you go away or up your windows and doors and turn them preferably also locked.

The chat trick

Burglars have a way of making them can come in without having to break open a lock. One or more criminals call to you and made up a story that they can go inside you. In an unguarded moment they steal your belongings.

Always be suspicious regarding people you do not know. Someone says that he or she is of a particular company, ask for identification.

cylinder pull

There are certain tools that burglars take your cylinder at once from your lock.

Let locks places with SKG mark with at least two stars. In these locks cylinder is pulling very hard or even impossible.


In this method, use is made of a bent coat hanger. A burglar insert the hanger through the letterbox and pushes the handle down.

Fishing only works if your door is not locked. Put your front and back doors always locked.

smash your window or your door

Forcibly opens your door or window by giving at a hefty kick.

Place extra locks on your doors and windows to strengthen them.

burglary prevention

There are some preventive measures that the chances of a burglary quite make smaller:


Hiding out no keys, such as under the mat by the door. You can bet that burglars will find the keys.

Ensure accessible entrances are not hidden behind plants, sheds or other obstacles.

Going on vacation? Let neighbors or someone else you trust to store your mail. So it seems that there is someone in the house. Some criminals read obituaries accurately in order to get out when people are away from home.

If you go to a funeral? Let someone you trust look after your home.

Place your valuables out of sight. Small valuables (such as jewelry and securities) are safest in a safe.

Forget the upstairs not protect sufficiently against burglary. If possible, criminals will try to come in through your upstairs.

Place a timer when you are on vacation. Your lights go at a certain time. That way your home looks lived.

Alarm System

A burglar alarm gives an audible signal when someone comes to you inside. Usually, an alarm system connected to a central monitoring station. The police will be alerted immediately. With any luck the police fast enough to catch the burglar in the act. This is important because only 5 percent of the burglaries is solved.

An alarm system has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of an alarm system are:


Burglars will avoid your house if they see that there is an alarm system installed.

A burglar has a preventive effect. A burglar startled by the sound that gives the alarm and flight.

Often you get a discount on your home insurance with an alarm system.

An alarm gives you a secure feeling.

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The disadvantages of an alarm system are:

[First-full-list] Restricting your freedom of movement. You must disable the alarm if you have until late at night a party.

There is always the risk of false alarms.

You often pay a lot to buy and possibly the subscription fee.

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Hinges and locks

Locks are the lynchpin of burglary. Not only is it important that your doors have good locks. Also, your windows are in fact pressured by criminals. Some locks are to force it much easier than other locks. Very solid locks where burglars have much trouble with it, are called security locks.

Security locks

You can easily identify security locks. The burglar-proof locks have a special mark, the SKG mark.

SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. This organization moves in a burglar. An employee of the SKG uses different methods to get open a lock. The big question is how long it survives a lock. SKG will give a final moreover 1, 2 or 3 stars:


1 star: anti-burglary, it takes less than 3 minutes before a lock fails.

2 stars: heavy anti-burglary, it takes longer than three minutes before the final failure.

3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary, it takes longer than 5 minutes before a lock fails.

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Secured by

Having security locks is a requirement for the certificate Safe House of the Secured by. This is an organization with businesses across the Netherlands and Belgium.

In a SKG company receives a lot of information about securing your home and on the measures that are required to obtain a certificate Safe House. Why would you want to anyway have the certificate? It has two major advantages:


You get a discount on your home insurance. You have 50% less likely to break.

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