Care For Anti Nuclear Security Pull On Your Doors

Imagine this: You will quickly pick up a few groceries at the supermarket. You do the door. Upon your return, you will see a ruined castle and a havoc in your home.

Ensure that burglars not easy coming more your door? Choose anti core pulling ditches and anti core pulling protection. Be burglars outwit. Contact Locksmith Amsterdam and go safely home.

You can read the dutch version here: Zorg Voor Anti Kerntrek Beveiliging Op Uw Deuren

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If you are against nuclear tractors? Choose anti core pulling ditches and anti core pulling protection

Give burglars a chance to enter your home through core pull and retrieve these items. For anti core pulling ditches and anti core pulling protection.

What is core pulling?
The core pulling method is used by burglars to quickly invade your home. It is a commonly used method. The burglar first used a screwdriver or a screwdriver to turn the screw in the cylinder. Then a cylinder trigger is this screw inserted. This allows the intruder can more force, and he breaks the cylinder of the lock. After that, the lock is easy to open with a construction key. Once inside, he gets empty your home in minutes.

Take anti-pull locks
Finally, as an expert, we advise you to leave make Antri pull locks on your doors. An anti core pulling lock makes it impossible to turn a screw on the cylinder and pull it out then. Contact Locksmith 365 for applying anti-pull locks.

Choose anti core pulling ditches and anti core pulling protection and prevent intrusion
With special anti core pulling protection fittings protects the entire lock with metal. Hardware security is thick and does not contain screws on the outside. It is this core pulling is impossible. The Bulgarian method, in which the burglar with pliers to break the cylinder can not be performed if you have them installed security confiscated by Locksmith 365.Kies voor anti kerntrek sloten en anti kerntrek beveiliging en voorkom een inbraak

Safety fittings for side-locks available in a round version, this is called an anti core pulling rosette. As this protects the cylinder lock side of your round.

Anti-core pulling protection fittings is effective, but you can protect your locks is most optimally with a cylinder with anti-pulling protection. Ask about the possibilities at Locksmith 365.

Fast Anti Pull locks on your doors? That is how it works

Are you interested in anti-pulling protection? Want to anti core pulling locks them fitted to your doors? In a few steps Locksmith 365 arranges it for you.

1. To prevent intrusion by anti pull locks and anti core pulling protection contact with Locksmith 365 at the following number:                         06-19377776.
2. We are available 24/7. Tell us what your needs are. We like to make an appointment with you on the day we can visit you.
3. We always arrive at the agreed day and time to visit you. We replaced seven years of experience with locks and installing anti core pulling protection. We conduct all of our work 100% damage, quickly and efficiently.
4. You get extra service Locksmith 365, in the form of advice and little extra services.
5. You pay a fixed low rate. We maintain fair prices. You can pay cash, by debit or Reposting.
6. 365 Locksmith leave you with a satisfied feeling. You get 12 months warranty on all workmanship.
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Anti pull locks and anti core pulling security hardware of renowned brands

Are you looking for burglar-proof locks? Opt for locks with the SKG mark. SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw.

SKG is an independent organization that tests products for the facade industry, certifies and approves. Locks have an SKG quality mark if they are sufficiently burglar proof. The SKG quality mark may consist of one, two or three stars. The more stars, the more break-ins were the lock.

365 Locksmith provides your home like locks with SKG mark. We always offer also locks from renowned brands such as Nemef and AXA. We offer include Nemef anti core pulling ditches and Axa anti core pulling locks.

Rates Locksmith 365

In the locksmith industry, many dishonest organizations active you afterwards too high a bill for his guests. 365 Locksmith is an honest organization that you can tell in advance exactly what the costs are for the work and associated materials to enter.

Take advantage of low fixed prices for Locksmith 365. A fixed low daily rate and a fixed low nightly rate.
We use between 08.00 and 21.00 hours a daily rate of € 55.00.
We apply between 21:00 and 08:00 a nightly rate of € 90.00.

Our rates include travel costs and labor. The materials (anti-core pulling door locks, anti-pulling protection) are not included.

You Locksmith at 365 choose from the following payment options:


Discover our entire service package

Want anti- pulling protection to allow transfer, but you are also looking for secustrips? Do you want to fix a lock or replaced by a reliable locksmith? We offer comprehensive services.

Get acquainted with all the services of Locksmith 365

Lock broken? We repair your lock
Does your lock it go? Is there a broken key in the lock and turn the key through without opening the lock? Locksmith 365 repair your locks quickly and efficiently. With professional tools without damaging your door and for a fair price.

Locked out? We make your door
Have you closed the door while your keys still lie within? Then you’re out. We come directly to you. In 95% of cases, our customers again within 8 minutes.

Finally, worn out? We replace your lock
Is to lock your replacement? We are happy to provide the latest and most secure lock your doors. We will shut tell you all about the different types, but you ultimately make your own choice of which locks have to protect your home.

Too many different keys? We make your locks keyed alike
Do you find it annoying that you have such a great bunch of keys? Do you sometimes not even remember which key fits which door? Let your locks keyed alike by making Locksmith 365. Then in the future to open and close all the locks with one key.

prevent burglary? We offer intrusion prevention
Are you afraid of a burglary? Then take steps to prevent a burglary. 365 Locksmith offers intrusion prevention. After this unwanted visitors no longer possible to your home.

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The unique properties of Locksmith 365

Looking for a locksmith to offer you something special? Work with locksmith 365 and discover all the unique features of this locksmith.

We are always accessible
Are you suddenly a closed door the middle of the night? Do you have faulty locks you want to replace it before you go to bed? Locksmith 365 is not only 365 days a year, but 24 hours a day. You call if you need us. We are ready for you.

We are on the spot within 30 minutes
Within 30 minutes the spot. This is the guarantee we offer. Sometimes we are even faster.

We arrive with the right locksmith tools
365 Locksmith is always able to help you. Why is that? We always have the right, most modern equipment with us.

We work full damage
You will not find ugly spots on your doorstep as Locksmith 365 is stopped. Repairing and replacing locks we do guarantee damage.

We are familiar with all of the locks
A big advantage of 365 Locksmith is that we are familiar with all types of locks. We may therefore be the best advice.

We have no less than 7 years of experience
In all the years that we as a locksmith to our thousands of customers have gone by, we’ve been through a lot. We have therefore become a real expert. Nothing is too crazy. Call us and we’ll help you.

We are professionally
We know our business and we run it as efficiently as possible. In short, we work very professionally.

We have many satisfied customers
Customers evaluate locksmith 365 with high marks. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We’ll make every effort to fulfill your wishes.

We give you lots of extra service
Want advice? Do you have questions? There is always a friendly locksmith to you by giving you as much information as necessary. We are also happy from wheezing or stuck door.

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Working in and around Amsterdam

Locksmith 365 works in and around Amsterdam. If you are in one of the resorts, we are happy to visit you:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Target audience

As a locksmith, we are ready for anyone who needs our help. To avoid a break after a burglary, when replacing broken locks and if you have self-excluded.

In the past 7 years we have repaired many locks and replace for a wide audience:



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Because we at locksmith 365 also speak excellent English, anyone can come to us to use our locksmith work.


To contact Locksmith 365? For example, anti-pull locks or anti core pulling security hardware? Do you have questions?
We are available 24 hours a day. Call us on the following telephone number, we will make an appointment with you: 06-19377776.

We are located at the following address:Neem snel contact op
Alblasstraat 11-1
1079 ZG Amsterdam

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I reach you?
365 Locksmith is always available. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Please contact us at the following telephone number: 06-19377776.

What are the benefits of locksmith 365?


We are available 24/7
We are with you on site within 30 minutes
We have many satisfied customers
We offer a high dose of extra service
We are in possession of the right parts and appropriate tools
We have a professional, efficient method
We conduct all of our locksmith work full damage from
We are your expert in the field of intrusion prevention

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Which makes locks Locksmith offers 365 me?
Locksmith offers locks that bear the SKG mark. We work with reputable brands. For example you can contact us for an anti-nuclear Nemef pull lock or AXA anti core pulling slot.

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