After Break-In Property Let You Break Damage Repair

Broken down home now what? There have been strangers in your home, are included valuables, your privacy has been compromised and you will be left with fallow damage. This is all very annoying.

What to do in case of burglary? Burglary Damage repair is what Locksmith 365 Amsterdam likes to do for you. We understand that you do not want to wait for days to replace locks. Chances are that you do not feel safe in your home. That’s why we help you quickly your problem away.

You can read the dutch version here: Na Inbraak In Woning Laat U Inbraakschade Herstellen

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Burglary at home? Therefore let you restore burglary damage Locksmith 365


Repair of all types of locks with fallow damage
Within 30 minutes at location
Day and night
100% damage-repair burglary
Experience with all types of locks
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What to do when breaking into Amsterdam or surroundings?

Broken down home now what? Call 112 if you suspect that the perpetrators are still around. If you live in Amsterdam or near Amsterdam, then contact locksmith 365. We work in the following places:


  • Amsterdam Centrum
  • Amsterdam Noord
  • Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
  • Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
  • Amsterdam Zuid
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

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What to do after break-in?

There is broke now what? Are there locks forced from your home? What to do in case of burglary? Meet the ‘what to do in case of burglary’ roadmap. Then you immediately know what to do in case of burglary.

Step 1: You are in the following situation: There’s broken now what? Your lock is destroyed and can no longer feels safe in the house.             Schade na inbraak in woning herstellen
Step 2: Contact Locksmith 365 on telephone number 06-19377776. We are available day and night. You explain your problem out.
Step 3: Within 30 minutes is an experienced and skilled locksmith locally. The question “what to do with intrusion ‘by always answering the locksmith, because we have experience over 7 years.
Step 4: We will repair or replace your lock fast, efficient and 100% damage.
Step 5: A special audit is to verify that you are actually the owner of the house or premises.
Step 6: You benefit from many additional services. If you wish, we are happy to provide anti-burglary advice to prevent another burglary.
Step 7: You pay a fixed low price for the work performed. The amount you pay by cash, pin or Reposting.
Step 8: You will quickly resume your daily activities such as leaving the locksmith. You then benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.

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Make the chance of a break-in next smaller

There are a number of ways to make less likely a burglar in your home. Make difficult breaking into your home by taking four key steps.


Let put an alarm system in your home
Choose safety locks
Make sure your locks a hallmark of SKG features
Let satisfy your property to the requirements of the Secured by
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1. Have put an alarm system in your home
When an alarm goes off when someone from trying to break in, the person will be quickly left. An alarm system allows you scare intruders when they enter your home.

Your alarm is only triggered if there actually occurs a burglary. You must be able to move or just your own home. It is also important that the police are alerted quickly by burglars.

Choose a certified and reliable security when you’re having an alarm system in your home. There are two important licenses in the field of security:
-VEB: The certificate of the Association of European Security companies.
-The Deposit certificate of the Center for Crime Prevention and Safety.

2. Choose safety locks
If you’re having a burglar alarm, it is still important to have good locks on your doors. If burglars by poor locks easily into your home, a burglar is not much use. Therefore choose safety locks. These are equipped with safety fittings. Batter is the metal that sits next to the lock. When security fittings there are no screws on the outside of the lock. Shield unscrew the outside is therefore impossible.

Various safety locks:

Side Locks: locks that you insert in the main lock. Burglars will get even harder inside.
Rim locks: locks that are visible on the inside of the door and which are difficult to force.
Multipoint Closures: locks that operate from a single point, but the door shut at various points <.
Mortice locks: locks that small, but are in fact anti-burglary. They are recessed into the door.

3. Make sure that your hardware has a mark of SKG.
A burglary typically takes only half a minute. In many cases, a burglar disappeared long again before the police arrive. Go therefore secure hardware.

Choose locks and hinges that a hallmark of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw (SKG). The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw is a completely independent organization that locks test, approves and issues certificates.

SKG sets high standards for locks. It has been conducted in many different ways, or the locks are safely. If the locks passed all the tests they get a mark (a sticker with a logo), otherwise not.

A logo of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw may have one, two or three stars. What is the meaning of those stars?

1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

4. Make sure your home meets the Secured by
The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw works together with the Secured by. The Secured by a label in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Secured by checking whether properties meet requirements in terms of security and intrusion prevention. If so, there is a sticker visible pasted on front and back.

With houses that meet this certification, it takes a burglar at least three minutes longer to get inside. You make it a burglar so much more difficult and it is more likely that the burglar is caught by a passerby.

You get a Secured by if you meet the following requirements:

There is light at the front door.
There is a good view of a visitor standing at the front door.
All windows and doors where a burglar in can be sufficiently secured.
On each floor there are affixed approved smoke detectors.
The resident was informed of burglary.
Other measures
In addition to these four important, large measures, there are also a number of smaller steps:

Hide your keys never outside under a doormat or flowerpot.
Do not hang address label to your keys.
Buy a safe to do important valuables.
City lights at places around your home.
Remove ladders and containers around your home. Making it easy to enter.
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How Locksmith 365 help?

New building hardware repair is a vital part of burglary and burglary. Locksmith 365 is lock expert. We place new, secure locks for you so that your home is now protected well against burglary.

In addition to repair damage and burglary apply intrusion prevention through the installation of new locks, we can also assist with:

Opening your door. For example, if you have lost your key or if it is broken down in the slot.
Repairing locks. If your lock is broken or does not work well anymore.

Discover all the benefits of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam

Always reach
Do you need our middle of the night? Early morning or late at night? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is always awake and available to help you out of the fire. so call us especially night and day.

Within 30 minutes at home
Do you want help fast? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam quickly on location. We are guaranteed within 30 minutes of your door.

The proper equipment with us
We open, repair and replace locks quickly and efficiently. This is because we always correct, most modern equipment with us.

100% damage
Afraid of damage to your door? No worries. We work 100% damage.

Familiar with all types of locks
Through our years of experience we are familiar with all types of locks. Burglary Damage repair and new locks put no difficulty for us.

More than 7 years of experience
Thanks 7 years experience Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is a real expert in the field of locks. 10,000 Amsterdammers have gone before.

Efficient, professional process
Locksmith 365 Amsterdam uses an efficient, professional process. Lets you replace your lock or repair by us, you can be sure it is done correctly.

Fixed low price
You benefit from the low prices fixed by Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. A fixed low daily rate and a fixed low nightly rate.

Various payment options
Locksmith at 365 Amsterdam you can choose from several payment options. You decide whether you cash, paying by debit card or via PayPal.

many service
Enjoy lots of extra service. There is always a friendly locksmith in your past that you’d completely satisfactory. We help you for example, on a squeaky door or clamping, but also provide you gladly free anti-burglary advice to prevent another burglary.

Many satisfied customers have preceded you
In recent years, helped Locksmith 365 Amsterdam tens of thousands of customers, including repairing damage with burglary. They were very satisfied with our work.

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Want to avoid a break-in? Do you have questions about our work or our burglar-proof hinges and locks? Then call 365 Locksmith by phone: 06-19377776.

Address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H
Postal Code: 1073 EZ
Place: Amsterdam

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