Broken Lock? Quickly done it fly Door Locksmith 365

Is your lock broken? That’s very annoying. If your lock is broken, then go in for impossible. What now? That’s very simple. If you lock is broken, simply call the locksmith 365. All within 30 minutes there is one of our locksmiths next to you. Your broken lock will be repaired and you step back into your own home.

You can read the dutch version here: Slot Kapot? Vliegensvlug Gefikst Door Slotenmaker 365

Cash, pin or bank transfer. Our prices are without BTW.

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

How come my final piece is?

There are several possible reasons why your lock is faulty:


The lock is worn.
If your cylinder is broken, it may be located on the cylinder. Perhaps as the cylinder anchors in the lock case.
You use a bad key.
The lock is installed incorrectly.
Someone broke in and tried to break and has forced your lock.
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Finally worn

Is your lock broken?
After course of time will wear out your slot. There is nothing to doen.Hoe helps Locksmith 365 Amsterdam you if your lock is worn ?:

We open your lock, so it is possible for you to enter your home.
We replace your old lock with a new lock.
You choose your new lock out. We have some standard locks that we always have with us to replace your lock as soon as possible. You have in us the ability to lock you want to order from us. You have us choose from all the locks on the market.

New locks are still being developed. For example there are very sophisticated locks such as locks with a touch screen where you key in a code or locks with fingerprint recognition. Make your choice.

We recommend you to choose a burglar-proof lock anyway. A burglar-proof lock is a lock for burglars to break open is very difficult.

The SKG quality mark

There is an easy way to see if a lock is burglary. On burglary resistant locks is a hallmark SKG (Mark Foundation Gevelbouw).

SKG test locks expanded. This is done because the SKG stand in the shoes of a burglar. An employee of the SKG edits the lock with a variety of tools that are also often use burglars (for example, a crowbar, a screwdriver, and so on).

After the slot has been tested, it is given a quality mark SKG with 1 to 3 stars:


1 star: Burglary. It takes up to 3 minutes before a burglar lock is open.
2 stars: Heavy burglary resistant. It takes at least 3 minutes before a burglar has the lock
3 stars: Heavyweight burglar proof. It takes at least 5 minutes before a burglar lock is open.
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A burglary takes an average of only 30 seconds. Burglars want the job done as quickly as possible so they are not caught. A door with a lock SKG they store but rather about. That costs them too much time.

We recommend you to put a lock with the SKG mark with at least two stars on all your doors. Locks are the main way in which you stop burglars to get inside you. With burglar-proof locks make sure you and your family are safe.

What do you do if your lock is broken?

door lock broken
Oh no, your lock will not open. You realize that your lock is broken. Perhaps your slot by putting a burglar or lock your old and worn. Why your lock is broken, therefore, it is an unpleasant experience to have a broken lock. What you need now? That’s very simple. Follow these steps and your problems disappear like snow in the sun:

You are facing a closed door because your lock will not open. You realize that your lock is broken and you need help.
Call Locksmith 365 via the telephone number 06-19377776. Call any time of the day (or night). We are always available, even on weekends and holidays.
We are in 30 minutes at your doorstep.
A professional locksmith will open your lock, repair your lock and replace your lock. He does this quickly and 100% damage. In 95% of the time we open your door within 8 minutes.
We do a special audit to check whether you are actually the owner of the property. Thus we prevent abuse of our services is made.
Enjoy our additional free service. We help you that squeaky lock wondering if we provide you with expert advice burglary.
For our work, you always pay a fixed daily rate (55 euros, including labor and travel) and a fixed nightly rate (90 euros, including labor and travel). You can choose from three payment options: pins, pay cash or Reposting.
When we leave, go back inside. You will then have 12 months warranty on all our finishes.
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We open all locksDeurslot vervangen

If your lock is defective, please call 365 Locksmith Amsterdam. Our locksmiths to open all the locks, such as:


Multipoint Closures: A multi-point locks is the most effective burglar resistance, because the door or window closes on several points.
Pens Lots: This kind of lock is commonly used as additional security.
Cylinder locks: These locks are the most common in the Netherlands.
Occasional Locks: Side Locks are used as an extra slot above or below the main lock, the main lock is placed.
Keypad locks: These locks were once widely used. Nowadays, keypad locks rarely placed. The locks are in fact easy to break open.
Lay Locks: Locks bearings are mounted on the door. They are used as a main or side lock slot.
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A fair price

Unfortunately there are many imposters in the slotenmakersvak. We are a professional company, where you know in advance what you will. We are also very cheap: 55 euros during the day (8:00 to 21:00 pm) and at night 90 euros (21: 00-8: 00). The prices are, moreover, labor included. Locksmith at 365 you can be assured that you are not paying too much.

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Payment Methods

Of course you do not always have cash with you. Maybe you have a broken lock and allows you to closed door, while completely wallet with you. That is our total pose no problems. At 365 Locksmith choose from several ways to pay:


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Other services Locksmith 365

We offer many more services than just make your slot as your’s finale. These services we also offer:


We put new locks.
Did you know that we all make your locks keyed alike? Flush-fitting means you open your locks with one key.
If you want new locks, we will replace your locks.
We repair locks with fallow damage.
Are you facing a closed door and you’re out? Call us and we open in no time your lock.
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Locksmith 365 speaks excellent English. We therefore help people who can not or do not speak the Dutch language. This is our target group:


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Working area

If you are in Amsterdam or near Amsterdam and you need the help of a locksmith? We come to the following places:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam WestWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Why choose Locksmith 365?


You know exactly how much money you spend.
Through seven years of experience make the area of ​​locks is 365 Locksmith become a true expert in the field of locks.
With us choose from several payment options. Decide for yourself whether you cash, paid via Ideal or pin.
We always have the right equipment with us, so we need your broken lock open fast.
Would you inside soon? Locksmith 365 is always within 30 minutes on location.
Enjoy with us a lot of service. Our locksmiths are always friendly. Our money: the customer is king. We therefore like to do something extra for you. Do you suffer from the squeaky door or want advice burglary? Which can. These services we offer, moreover, be free.
We have already helped tens of thousands of customers. They were very satisfied with the result.
Take advantage of our low fixed prices. Enjoy with us a low daily rate and a low nightly rate.
Our locksmiths always maintain an efficient and professional process. Let open your lock, repair or replacement by us, and you have the guarantee that it is done correctly.
Is your closing very advanced? No problem. We open all the locks. Even intricate locks, such as security locks.
Coming home late at night and your lock is broken? Locksmith 365 is always ready for you. Even on weekends, on holidays or when you need us too.
Would you not damage your door when we open your lock? This we understand very well. We open your lock therefore 100% damage.
In 95% of the time your door within 8 minutes. You walk right back into your home.
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Contact information

Do you need a locksmith? We are always there for you. Call us anytime and we are 30 minutes from you. Our phone number is: 06-19377776. Our office is in the pipe, not far from the center of Amsterdam. The address is:

Rust Citizens 155 H

1073 EZ, Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

you also open the safety locks?

Yes definitely. Our locksmiths to open all locks, including security locks.

How can I minimize the risk of burglary?

The key is to put burglar-proof locks with the SKG mark. Let do this by Locksmith 365. Learn about intrusion prevention can be found here.

Places also window locks you?

We place not just window locks, we replace, repair, unlock and repair window locks.

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