Burglary – Complete Explanation To Burglars to Banning

If we compare Netherlands with other countries, we live in a very safe country. There is no war, no oppression and crime rates are low.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of burglaries committed in the Netherlands. Or about 230 per day.

We at Locksmith 365 Amsterdam know much about burglary. We advise you how to do more to burglary.

What can you do if you are afraid of burglary? Call Locksmith 365. We are an expert in the field of locks and burglar alarms.

Make an appointment and within no time they are at your doorstep. Our locksmiths can install new locks or your old locks replaced with solid security locks.

We also offer free advice in the field of burglary.

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You can read the dutch version here: Inbraakbeveiliging – Complete Uitleg Om Inbrekers te Weren

Burglary in general

There is much you can do to minimize the chances of a break-in:

Using a crack exhibitor to keep unwanted visitors out.
Provide good lighting.
Are you going away? Reports that do not on social media.
Make sure your front door and any visitors are visible from the street and neighbors.
Let Install good locks on our locksmiths of Locksmith 365
An alarm system deters burglars. If there still is broken for you, the alarm system ensures that the police in quickly. Chances will be greater that the perpetrators are caught.
A method that is widely used is that burglars drill a hole near the keyhole and then with a piece of wire is the key to try to run. Do not leave any keys on the inside of the slot seating of doors and windows.
Fishing is a method by which burglars trying to come in. They try with an object (such as a coat hanger) through your letterbox pushing down the door handle. Unscrew the doors always locked when you go out fishing that does not work.
Be suspicious of people you do not know well. they do not just let in.

Burglary door

The main way to get into your home is your front door. Hence, it is important to do with anti-intrusion door. How do you ensure that intruders can not just open your door?


Turn your front door is always locked when you go away.
Get a peephole in the door,
so you know who is with you on the sidewalk.
Provide adequate lighting outside, especially for your front door.
Burglars prefer to work in the dark, so the chances are so small they might be seen by someone.
Let Install good locks. Safety locks are difficult to crack. We at Locksmith 365 install safety locks for you.

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Alarm systems

An alarm system is also an example of burglary door. An alarm system to be criminals quickly caught on as they try to break in. An alarm system also works deterrent.

When an alarm sounds, the burglars will make his escape as quickly as possible.

It is important that the alarm is triggered as soon as possible burglary, but not in other cases. You obviously do not want the alarm wailing when the night goes to get a glass of water or when a bug through your open window flies inside.

If there really committed a burglary, the police must be notified quickly.

How can you put an alarm system that meets all these requirements? Please note that two certificates: the certificate of the Association of European Security companies (VEB) and the deposit certificate of the Center for Crime Prevention and Safety.

Only do business with a security company that has one of these certificates.

security locks

Safety locks are an important part of intrusion. The locks are made of strong and durable material, and be so constructed that they are very difficult to open for burglars. Burglars want the job done as quickly as possible.

An average burglary takes just 30 seconds. Homes with security locks let burglars therefore prefer to be left.

What types of security locks are there?

There are safety locks in different shapes and sizes:

Side locks: These locks are placed in a head lock so that the door is difficult to break open.
Mortice locks: Mortice locks getting mounted in or on a door. They are relatively small, but very effective.
Lay locks: These locks are called cylinder locks. Rim locks are mounted on the inside of the door. The locks were mostly placed into the 80s and 90s. New homes are usually equipped with other locks. Ordinary rim locks are indeed too easily opened by burglars. But Lay safety locks are forcing more difficult.
Multi-point Locks: The peculiarity of multipoint locks is that they are closed simultaneously in several places. By turning turning a key or moving the handle you can close a multi-point lock time together on several points.
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How do you recognize a safety lock?

What is the difference between an ordinary and a security lock slot? On a safety, you can find a logo of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw.

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw is a completely independent organization products for the construction industry (such as locks) tests, inspects and certifies.

If a lock has been tested and approved, it gets a logo with a certain number of stars:

1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

Secured by

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw works together with the Secured by. The Secured by a label in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Secured by checking whether properties meet requirements in terms of safety and security. If so, there is a sticker visible pasted on front and back.

To be met by a property to get the Secured by Design?

1. There is light at the front door.
2. There is a good view of a visitor standing at the front door.
3. All windows and doors where a burglar in can be sufficiently secured.
4. On each floor there are affixed approved smoke detectors.
5. The resident was informed of burglary.

How Locksmith 365 help?

Building hardware is an essential part of intrusion. We at Locksmith 365 are an expert in the field of locks.

We can put new and better locks for you so that your home is well protected against burglary. That’s not the only way we can help you! This we can do for you:


We open your lock if you locked your keys are lost or lost or your key in the lock is broken.
We put new locks.
We repair locks.
We replace your locks.
Has been burgled? We repair the fallow damage to your locks.Daarom Slotenmaker 365
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Our Advantages:

Our working is very Amsterdam and its surroundings.

30-minute spot
Door open 100% damage
All (security) locks
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