Excluded house: Through Locksmith 365 Are You So


You leave in the key and you are out. You ‘re not coming in because you have yourself locked house . Who helps you ? Locksmith 365 ! moreover, we do much more for you . Not only when you are locked home , but also for example, if your lock is broken or if you want new locks .

You can read the dutch version here: Buitengesloten huis: Door Slotenmaker 365 Bent U Zo Binnen

Locked myself out

“Oh, no, I’ve locked myself out!” You do not feel embarrassed at all. This can happen to anyone. There are several reasons why imagine you are locked out:


You left the key inside. Y

ou are locked lock key on the inside.

The key has broken off in the lock.

Your lock is broken.

Your key is lost.

You have lost your key.

Your key is stolen.

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Key dates lie within

You leave your keys inside while outside itself is. A big problem? Luckily not. You call the Locksmith 365 via 06-19377776. In 30 minutes there is a locksmith next to you who is ready to get started. Did you know that our locksmith your lock in up to 95% of cases opened within 8 minutes?

Locked lock key

 Your key is inside of your lock and you are out. An unpleasant situation. It is impossible for you to enter. What you need now? Call Locksmith 365. That your key inside your lock is, it is no problem for us. We also open your lock without damaging your door.

The key has broken off in the lock

Sometimes aborts a key in the lock. That’s very difficult. It is almost impossible to get the key from the lock. What are you doing? Make an appointment with 365 Locksmith and we’re right with you. In a short time one of our locksmiths your lock opened. At walking back inside.

Your lock is broken

A broken lock has several possible causes. Your lock may be old and rusted or worn. Another possibility is that a person has been broken, or that has tried. Whatever the reason is, Locksmith 365 helps you out the fire. Before you know it you are in and you have optimum working lock.

Your key is lost

People often get rid of everything. Important papers, their mobile phone and also their natural key. Lost your key? Do not panic. Everything will be fine again. Make an appointment and a locksmith from Locksmith 365 is coming. The locksmith open your lock and you are walking in, or you will find your key again or not.

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You have lost your key

Suddenly your key away. You are somewhere lost your key. But where? And how do we go? Explain your situation to your problems Locksmith 365 and melt like snow in the sun. Blazing we come to you and open your door.

Your key is stolen

Has your key been stolen? The biggest problem is not that you’re losing your key, but that someone else now has your key. Assume that the person with you is within your key within a short time and steal everything nailed down. Call Locksmith 365. We can help in two ways:


We open your lock. Which slot you then, our experienced locksmiths’s always open. Even a security lock is no trouble for them.

We will replace your locks so that the person who stole your key is impossible for you inside.

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replacing locks

In these cases it is wise to replace your locks:


Your locks are worn or corroded.

Your key is broken.

Your key is stolen.

Your locks are not sufficiently resistant to burglary.

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In the latter situation we replace your lock Locksmith 365 by a security lock. A security lock is a lock with the SKG mark.

What is the SKG mark?

SKG stands for Quality Foundation Gevelbouw. This foundation test various products from construction, such as locks. Locks will be tested for durability. Only when it finally meets the high demands of SKG, it gets a logo.

The logo consists of the letters SKG surmounted by a triangle followed by a ® symbol. In the triangle are 1, 2 or 3 stars. What do the stars mean?


1 star: burglar proof

2 stars: heavy anti-burglary

3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

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Good locks on your doors is only one form of intrusion. There are many other ways to protect your home from burglary:


Do not attach address label on your keychain

Look ladders, containers or other tools are at your house, so burglars simply when you climb inside.

Stop valuable papers and jewelry in a vault.

Provide lighting at your front and back door. Burglars like to operate in the dark.

Sliding doors are very sensitive to intrusion. Place this a special lock.

Hide your keys outside. Burglars go looking for these and will surely find the keys.

Do not keep large amounts of money at home.

Bring inform your neighbors if you are going on vacation. Let us also lights or insert a timer. For example, put a dirty cup on the table stand to ensure that your home is occupied looks like.

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Locks are a vital part of intrusion. A door that is twisted or has a very bad lock unlocked, burglars attracts. Place not only good locks on your doors, but do not forget your windows.

Shut house now what?

The door is closed, and whatever you do; He also remains closed. You are locked house now what? Follow these steps and you are standing in again:


Step 1: You have a problem where you need a locksmith.

Step 2: Call for the best locksmith in Amsterdam region via 06-19377776.

Step 3: There is a locksmith to you within half an hour.

Step 4: We investigate whether you are actually the owner of the home or the office.

Step 5: The locksmith to get started. Our locksmiths places locks, change locks, repair, restore and open locks.

Step 6: If you want extra service? Which can. We give you information about intrusion prevention or remedy those squeaky or stuck door.

Step 7: You pay by pinning our low cost, to be paid or manually to transfer cash.

Step 8: We give you up to 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

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The many advantages of Locksmith 365

We have to offer a lot:


Enjoy our dirt-cheap rates. The daily rate is 60 euros and the nightly rate is 90 euros. You get great service for a low price.

Within 30 minutes we are always beside you to help you.

Do you need us? We are always there for you. On weekends, public holidays, late at night, early morning. Locksmith 365 is open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Your lock is opened. Your conclusion, we have 95% of the time in 8 minutes open.

Our locksmiths have years of experience and therefore much knowledge and expertise.

We always have an efficient process. You will be amazed at the results.

Your lock is rare or have a very solid safety lock? We have experience with all types of locks. No single slot constitutes a problem for us.

When we come to you, we always have the right equipment and materials with us. We go straight to work.

You get lots of extra service. For example, we are happy to visit you to inform you of intrusion. How much is this? Nothing! We also help you free of that squeaky door or the clamping lock off.

We give you up to 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

Many customers have been helped by Locksmith 365. They were very happy. Will you become our next client?

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Working area

In the pipe , near the center , is our office. We come to you in a large area. In these places we operate :

  • Amsterdam Centrum

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  • Amsterdam Noord
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  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

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