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“Wij als team van slotenmakers in Amsterdam staan 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week voor u klaar. ” Jacob Kol - Eigenaar Slotenmaker 365
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Do you have problems with your locks? Are you living in Amsterdam or work in Amsterdam? For lock replacement or intrusion Amsterdam Amsterdam, please contact the fastest and most service-oriented locksmith Amsterdam. And that’s Locksmith 365.

You can read the dutch version here: Slot Vervangen Amsterdam – In Een Handomdraai

Cash, pin or bank transfer. Our prices are without BTW.

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

5 main reasons to choose Locksmith 365


1. We are open 24 hours a day.
2. We are within 30 minutes you.
3. Lock open Amsterdam we do in 95% of cases in 8 minutes.
4. We work 100% damage.
5. We are familiar with all types of locks.
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need in what situations you Locksmith 365 Amsterdam

Are you locked out? Do not feel safe in your home? Is your lock broken? In the following situations you need a locksmith:

Situation 1: Shut Amsterdam

Have you locked himself out? We make your door always open to you. In 30 minutes we are, we have to open your lock with you and in 8 minutes.

Situation 2: Burglary necessary Amsterdam

Are you afraid of a burglary? Do you think you have not such burglar proof locks on your doors down? Call our help. We offer intrusion Amsterdam. This means that we place the most secure locks and offer various other measures, such as anti-burglar strips and safety fittings.

Situation 3: Faulty locks

Do you have problems with your lock? Turns the lock occasionally? Is the key broken off in the lock? Gets you no longer turned to lock the door? Then it’s time to get past the locksmith. We repair your faulty locks expertly for you.

Situation 4: Final replace AmsterdamBuitengesloten Door Sleutel Binnenkant Deur Laten Zitten
Are your old or broken locks? Has there been a burglary? Then your locks are likely to be replaced. We will replace your locks quickly and efficiently.

Situation 5: Locks Evening closing

Is your keys too big? Would you prefer to have a key to your house? We will arrange it for you. We already have many customers made locks keyed alike.

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Always quick aided by Locksmith 365 Amsterdam

Want to be both helped quickly as friendly a locksmith with a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge about locks? Follow the clear roadmap of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. Then your problem in no time fixed by a reliable locksmith.

Step 1: Are you experiencing problems with your locks? Are you looking for burglary Amsterdam? Would you like to replace locks or have them create keyed alike? Please immediately contact Locksmith 365. We not only take the daytime, but at night the phone.
Step 2: The locksmith can be with you within half an hour. Do you not hurry? Then we can also make an appointment at a later time schedule with you.
Step 3: When the locksmith when you arrive, he will immediately start with the execution of the work. The right tools and materials he has with him. All activities are performed in full damage.
Step 4: With various activities, such as slot open Amsterdam in case of locked Amsterdam, we verify through a special control that you are the rightful owner of dwelling or business premises.
Step 5: We never do hard about giving some extra service. If you want information about intrusion? We offer you a free consultation. Have a squeaking or creaking door? We ensure that these annoying sounds are history.
Step 6: At 365 Locksmith you always benefit from low fixed rates. Our daily rate is 55 euros and our nightly rate is 90 euros.
Step 7: When the locksmith leave, you will continue with the daily affairs. You benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.

We operate in the following locations

The office of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam South. This does not mean that we are only active in South Amsterdam. We come to these places and at all the other places that are located in a radius of 30 km around Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam SouthWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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our advantages

Any doubts? Then get to know our advantages:

Advantage 1: Always accessible
Middle of the night, late night or early morning. A problem with your locks never comes at a convenient time. Therefore, we are open 24 hours a day and we get night and day to you.

Advantage 2: available within half an hour

Locksmith at 365, you never have to wait long. Within 30 minutes we are with you. We are not without the quickest locksmith Amsterdam.

Advantage 3: all types of locks setting, repair and replace

With years of experience we are able to place all types of locks, replacement and repair. Including the following slots:


Advantage 4: the right tools at our

We always take the right tools in our toolbox. As a result, we have always been able to carry out certain tasks.

Advantage 5: Efficient way of working

We work very efficiently and we are very skilled. You can bet that there is a nice locksmith comes to you all of locksmith work properly perform for you.

Advantage 6: Extra service

We take time for you. We to fray our work never done and we do that little bit more than just open locks, places and repair. We offer include advice in the field of intrusion prevention and help you make a squeaking or stuck door. Take advantage of our extra service.

Advantage 7: Damage results

Are you afraid of damage to your door or window frame? There you have to worry about not worry Locksmith at 365. We handle every job neatly off. We also give you 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

Advantage 8: Fixed low prices
We have fixed low rates. You know in advance how much you have to pay and you never get any surprises.

Benefit 9: Various payment options

Locksmith at 365, you can choose from several payment options. It’s your choice whether you cash pay by debit card or via iDEAL.

Advantage 10: Years of experience

We are already more than 7 years locksmith. All that experience makes us a true expert in the field of locks.

Advantage 11: More than ten thousand satisfied customers

More than 10,000 satisfied customers preceded you. We have a broad portfolio. Are you the next satisfied customer we can count to our portfolio?

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The target of 365 Locksmith Amsterdam

Our target group is very versatile. We conduct our activities to include:


tourists *
expats *
Airbnb *
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* Do you speak any Dutch or flawed? We also speak English.

We enjoy helping our clients with all kinds of locksmith work. Want to be our next satisfied customer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you are interested in the final service of locksmith 365? Do you have questions or need advice? Take in all these cases, contact Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. We reach 24 hours a day by phone and by email:

Phone: 06-19377776

This is our address:

Rustenburgerstraat 155 H
1073 EZ, Amsterdam

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Frequently Asked Questions

I urgently need a locksmith. How long does it take you to be with me?

As the fastest locksmith Amsterdam and surroundings we are able to be with you within 30 minutes. Do you prefer an appointment for a later time? That is also possible. We discuss a date and time when it’s convenient for you. On the appointed day and time we have discussed with you.

How expensive are you?

We are in comparison with other locksmiths certainly not expensive. Our prices are at a normal level. Where we have distinguished it, our fair prices. It will never happen to you that we calculate afterwards suddenly all charges. You know in advance what you are going to pay.

These are our low fixed rates:

Daily rate: € 55.00
Nightly Rate: € 90.00

These rates include travel costs and labor costs, but excluding materials.

In what places can I use the locksmith service Locksmith 365?

Locksmith 365 locksmith performs work in Amsterdam and in all places that are within a radius of 30 km around Amsterdam.

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