Home Security Needed? Complete Explanation & Tips

Your home is where you feel the most secure. Unfortunately, many broke into our country ,Beveiliging huis nodig

about 230 times a day. How can you ensure the best security property? We make it like

burglars difficult Locksmith of 365 in Amsterdam. We put locks that are very difficult to

break open .  We also give you advice on burglary prevention

 You can read the Dutch version here: Beveilliging Huis Nodig? Complete Uitleg & Tips


To secure your home against burglary best , it is helpful to know more about burglars. Police distinguishes between two types of burglars :

Professional burglars : These burglars do a thorough preparation before they invade somewhere . They have lots of knowledge. They are mostly men and are often part of a gang . Professional burglars are only interested in a big booty . They will skip an average house .

Burglars occasion : These burglars are only interested in one thing: a loot to collect quickly and easily falls . while they use simple tools like a screwdriver and make a comprehensive plan . A whopping 80% of burglaries are committed by occasional burglars.

Home Security in General

Burglars prefer to work as soon as possible . They do not want to be caught above . Security home these criminals are attracted to dark places , such as a rear entrance poorly lit or a door that is out of sight by plants and trees.

Always allow adequate lighting and adequate visibility in places where burglars can get in. Burglars usually take their chances as people . Our advice is therefore to overlook social media .

Going on vacation ? Put not on Facebook or on Twitter. Inform your neighbors if you are going away for a while .

Burglars often read obituaries and strike at the funeral. If you go to a funeral it is best to have someone that you trust to look after your home.

Security Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are the entrances to your home. If you go away , turn doors and windows locked. There is a method that burglars like : fishing. A burglar tries with a stick , a clothes hanger or something like pressing your door lever. When a door is locked , does not fishing .

What is very important in the security property is hardware. With a good lock you make much smaller the risk of a burglary . Opportunity Burglars do not usually work with advanced tools. At most, they have a hammer or a screwdriver with him. A simple lock can they do break open , but an advanced lock out . Below is a good example .

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Burglar alarm

 A burglar alarm indicates when someone invades your home or trying to penetrate. Most alarm systems give sound when this happens. However, there are only silent alarms that signal the police. You can choose an alarm system that detects a fire. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

Would you like an alarm system? Choose a burglar of a deposit or VEB companies (VEB: Association of European Security companies). These companies have considerable expertise and know which alarm system best suits your situation.

Secured by A house with certified locks SKG is one of the requirements to get a Secured by. To reduce the number of burglaries in the Netherlands and Belgium established the Secured by.

The label was part of the police. Today there are several Secured by companies that encourage companies and individuals better protect their properties. If a commercial building or property meets the requirements of the Secured by, it gets a sticker stuck on the front and back on the window. The chance of being broken into your home, with the mark 50% lower. The following demands the Secured by your property:


The residents are informed of burglary.

There is adequate lighting at the door.

There are smoke detectors installed on each floor.

The front door is clearly visible from the street.

All doors and windows are secured by locks with the SKG certificate.

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Most burglar-proof locks: With SKG Hallmark

What is a good lock? That’s very easy. In the Netherlands there is a special quality mark for locks of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw (SKG). This is an independent foundation that locks tests, inspects and certifies. A lock only get a mark if it meets the stringent requirements of the SKG.

A label can have one, two or three stars:

1 star: burglar proof

2 stars: heavy anti-burglary

3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

Would you like a lock with the SKG label? Locksmith at 365 we replace your old lock with a lock with the SKG mark. There are several slots from which to choose:

Lay Locks: Locks bearings are also called cylinder locks. These locks were mostly placed into the 80s and 90s. The rim locks were namely quite easy to force. With a new supporting slot with the SKG quality mark is however your house well protected against burglars.

Mortice locks: Mortice locks are small, but highly resistant to burglary. The great thing about a mortise lock is that it can be turned from inside locked and out.

Side locks: These locks are used in addition to a head lock. With more than one lock on a window or a door is much harder for burglars to break into. Multi-point Locks:

With a multi-point lock you actually a head lock and side locks in one. A multipoint lock namely closes at once in several places. You operate the lock, however, from a single point.

Our service We at Locksmith 365 can replace your old slot and put a better new lock. We can do much more for you:


Our locksmiths to open your lock if you are locked out, lost your key or have lost your key is stolen or if your key in the lock is broken. In 95% of cases, you are within 8 minutes.

Is your lock broken? We fix it!

We put new locks.

We make all your locks keyed alike.

Is there in your broke and have locks with fallow damage? We fix that for you.

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Therefore your Locksmith Amsterdam

We consider ourselves your locksmith Amsterdam. You’ll wonder why fix. We at Locksmith 365 are the only locksmith in which you already have these benefits:


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In 95% of cases we open your lock within 8 minutes.

Our locksmiths give you a consultancy on intrusion prevention. Moreover, it is totally free.

We open your door 100% damage.

Our locksmiths have years of experience and can open all the locks, including security locks.

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