Let Your House Protect Against Burglary And Scares Burglars

You often hear stories about burglaries in your neighborhood? Do not you sit the most secure locks on your doors? Are you afraid that you are the next one will be dealing with a break if you do not take quick action? Get moving and locksmith call 365. We will protect your home against burglary in a perfect way.

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You can read the dutch version here: Laat Uw Huis Beveiligen Tegen Inbraak En Schrik Inbrekers Af

Protection against burglary – Our key to success

The profession of burglar’s been years and it does not appear that this appeal ever disappears. You can wait, but it’s smarter to deter intruders and protect your home against burglary.

Want to protect your home against burglary? Locksmith 365 is happy to assist with various types of intrusion. We ensure that burglars on your property will save.

Choose the correct locks

Protection against break-in starting with the appropriate locks. 365 Locksmith provides security locks. These are locks that are difficult for burglars to break open. For example, a mortise lock, rim lock, side lock or multi-point lock.

mortise lock
A mortise lock is flush with the door.

lay Slot
A supporting slot is mounted on the inside on the door.

side Lock
A side slot is an addition to the main lock.

Multi-point lock
A multi-point lock closes a door on several points.

Safe locks come with SKG mark

The SKG quality mark is awarded to locks tested, inspected and certified. Does a lock on the stringent requirements of the SKG label? Then, the one, two, or three stars given to demonstrate the quality of the lock.
1 star: A lock with one star is burglary (3 minutes burglar proof)
2 stars: A lock with two stars is heavily burglar-proof (3 minutes independent burglar proof)
3 stars: A lock with three stars is extra heavy anti-burglary (5 minutes independent burglar proof)

Do you think a few minutes burglar resistance is not enough to protect your stuff? Nothing is less true. If it fails a burglar to enter your home within a few minutes, it will pick another house to make his move.

Let mount the locks on the correct way

Have you purchased security locks, but do not install it correctly on your door? Then offer the locks still no protection against burglary.

Want to protect your home against burglary in an efficient manner? Then let Locksmith 365 fit the locks on your doors professionally. We ensure not only that the locks are mounted in the right way, we also ensure that there is no damage to door or window frame. Always make sure that your windows, doors and window frames are in top condition.

Let installing burglar-proof strips, anti core pulling cylinders and security fittings

In addition to the application of various types of security locks, we can your doors and windows with burglar-proof strips, anti core pulling cylinders and security fittings.

Burglar-proof strips
A burglar-proof strip keeps intruders out and secures your belongings safe. With burglar-proof strips, it is not possible to come to the outside with a crowbar, screwdriver or other tool between the door and door frame or window and window frame. An anti-intrusion trip namely consists of two steel strips that are attached to door and frame, and remain in stabbing each other when the door or window is closed.

Anti-core pulling cylinders
An anti core pulling cylinder ensures protection against core pulling. An anti-core pulling cylinder is secured so that it is impossible to break the cylinder out of the lock.

security Hardware
Batter is the metal which is around the lock and which protects the lock. Hardware security is much thicker than normal tracks and it has no screws on the outside. This makes it almost impossible for burglars to open a lock with safety fittings.

Finally, we have a few anti-burglary tips for you:

1. Provide adequate lighting at front and back.
2. Do not leave ladders outside.
3. Do not let social media know that you are not home.
4. Always turn windows and doors locked when you go home.
5. Get a burglar alarm.

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In a few steps to secure your home from burglary

In just a few steps lets you secure your home against burglary.

Step 1. Call Locksmith 365 at the following number: 06-19377776 and tell what your needs are. 365 Locksmith is available 24/7.
Step 2. Make an appointment if possible come along with Locksmith 365.
Step 3. Locksmith 365 comes on the agreed date and time to protect your home against burglary.
Step 4. The locksmith is very professional and makes for a neat finish. Within no time is your house made completely burglar proof.
Step 5. For the work performed, you pay a fairly low fixed rate. You can pay cash, pins or Reposting.
Step 6. You will feel safer in a home that is fully protected and you also get warranty on all workmanship.

The full service package of Locksmith 365

If you are in one of the following situations?


You are in your home and you’re out.
Your key has broken off in the lock.
You lost your keys.
Your keys are stolen.
Your door lock broke down.
There is at your broken or attempted burglary.
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Locksmith 365 is within 30 minutes and you will rejoice with the following:


We make your door within 8 minutes opened.
We pick up the broken key from the lock.
We open the lock on your door.
We replace your locks.
We repair locks.
We repair locks fallow damage and provide protection against burglary.
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Our services are suitable for everyone:

tourists *
expats *
Airbnb *
* Locksmith 365 Amsterdam speak English

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Rates and payment options

We maintain fair prices. Below you will find all our rates.

Daily rate: 55 euros
Valid from 08.00 to 21.00

Nightly Rate: 90 euros
Valid from 21.00 to 08.00

The above rates include travel costs and labor. At these rates, the material, such as security locks, anti-core pulling cylinders and anti-burglar strips are not included.

You Locksmith at 365 choose from the following payment options:


Working area

The office of 365 Locksmith is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Our work consists of Amsterdam and many surrounding places.

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Stage 365 LocksmithWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Stage 365 Locksmith
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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Discover the enormous benefits of Locksmith 365

Locksmith 365 has many advantages in store for you.

The locksmith is accessible 24/7

Want to protect your property as quickly as possible? 365 Locksmith is always accessible and plant like an appointment with you as soon as possible.

The locksmith can be with you within 30 minutes

The benefits of locksmith 365
The benefits of locksmith 365
In a hurry? For every rush job, we go straight on the road. Locksmith 365 requires only 30 minutes to arrive at any location in and around Amsterdam.

The locksmith has the right tools and materials with them

we visit you, we will always have the tools and materials to us that we need to secure your home from burglary. As a result, the job is so done.

The locksmith is skilled

Our efficient and professional process will amaze you. The locksmiths of Locksmith 365 all work very fast and extremely tidy.

The locksmith has years of experience

Locksmith 365 because for years all kinds of locksmith work is performed, the amount of experience is huge. We have already prevented many intrusions by our security against burglary.

Locksmith provides you with extra service

Extra service. Where do you get that? Locksmith at 365 course. The humored locksmiths of Locksmith 365 leave you with a satisfied feeling. That means it is a small effort for them to help you out of a squeaky door or clamping or give advice on burglary prevention.

The locksmith with a large portfolio of satisfied customers

We have made all tens of thousands of customers with our locksmith work. Our customer portfolio is not only large, but also very versatile.

Contact locksmith 365

Would you have burglar-proof locks on your doors and windows? Are you looking for burglar-proof strips, security fittings or anti-core pulling cylinders?

In short, you want to protect your home against burglary? For protection against break contact with the expert in the field of intrusion. We make your home completely resistant to a burglary.

Call Locksmith 365 at this telephone number: 06-19377776
We are located at the following address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H, 1073 EZ, Amsterdam

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Frequently asked questions about secure house against burglary

I want to protect my house against burglary. What action can I take?

If you are looking for security against burglary we have the following tips for you:


Let Locksmith 365 equipped with safety locks your doors.
Purchase an alarm system.
Provide adequate lighting around your home.
Leaves no ladders or other climbing gear outside.
Be careful with the use of social media when you are not home.
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When is a lock a safety?

Safety locks are safe enough and extensively tested and certified not to be broken within a minute. There are many different types of safety locks. From mortise lock for supporting lock and side lock to multi-point lock. Find out about the most appropriate safety locks for your situation Locksmith 365.

What is an anti-burglary trip?

Burglar-proof strips protect windows and doors against burglars. A burglar-proof strip consists of two steel strips that can be attached on the door or on the frame as security against burglary. The strips fit together when you close the door or window. As a result, it is not possible to come up with tools between door and door jamb or between the window and window frame.

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