Locks Open Without Key? Char For Locksmith 365!

Forgot your keys from home? And you are therefore excluded? Often one does not know how this situation. How will you open your door lock in this situation without a key? Locksmith 365 will open all the doors without a key!

You  can read the dutch version here: Sloten Openen Zonder Sleutel? Klusje Voor Slotenmaker 365!

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Possible reasons why entering your home is not possible

There are several reasons why you can not in your home. The following causes do not allow entry into your home:

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You have lost your keys
You forgot your keys
You lost your keys
Your door lock is broken
Your keys are stolen
Your keys are in the house
Your key has broken off in the lock
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It is understandable that you can not wait in any of the above situations. Our locksmiths are guaranteed within 30 minutes on the sidewalk. What is the possible cause. Our skilled craftsmen create open your locks without a key, within 8 minutes in 95% of cases. Before you passed it, youll again!

Different types of locks

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam opens all types of locks. The locks are opened without a key, and with the right kind of tools. With 7 years of experience, we work 100% damage.

Locks can be divided into two types of groups. Namely a head lock and side lock. Master Locks are locks that you use most often. Side Locks are extra locks burglars still keep longer out.

Master Locks divided into different types of locks:


Multi-point lock (or) three-point conclusion: In a multi-point lock (or three point lock) locks the door in several respects. This is done at 3 or 5 points.
Narrow Slot-multipoint locking: With a narrow slot-multi-point lock, the lock case higher and thinner than a conventional three-point lock.
Lay Lock: A bearing lock is placed on the wood of the door.
Keypad Lock: A keyboard lock is an older lock. The lock can be found on barn doors and interior doors.
Mortise lock: An ordinary mortise lock is placed on the wood of the door.
Narrow mortise lock: A narrow mortise lock is also on the wood of the door lock geplaatst.Het is much shallower than usual mortise locks.
Espagnolette: A drive gear is a conclusion with which double doors / windows can be locked inside.
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Side Locks divided into different types of locks:


Penslot A penslot is a small mortise lock. The lock is especially designed for wooden doors.
Occasional mortise lock: A mortise lock side is much larger, and more expensive than a inbraakwerenderder penslot.
Side bearing lock: A side bearing lock is mounted on the door.
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Open locks without keys

Internet countless tips on how differently open your door without a key. Often when there is mentioned that it is very easy. However, you need to open extra careful with locks without a key. The disadvantages are often not listed on the internet.

By following a lock without a key you open yourself:


Lock open with a paper clip
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Lock open with a paper clip

With two paper clips, you can open a door. A lock open with a paper clip must be very precise. If the paper clip breaks blocks the lock by the metal residues. The lock can not be opened by this situation. Not even by an experienced locksmith. The lock must be removed from the door with all its consequences. This is therefore not a method to try yourself. If inexperienced you are working much longer to open your lock then listed on a website.


By placing a card or piece of plastic between the door and the door frame can
door to be opened. The way hot pinball. However, this way is not always applicable. Some doors have security so that the method does not work. One method of protection is a burglar-proof strip. With an anti-burglary strip door is not open. There may also be problems with the card. The card can be done by sliding, and on the other side of the door are trapped. Or the card is damaged or breaks in the worst case.

Leave it to a professional locksmith and call 365

You need to open extra careful with locks without a key. The disadvantages are often not listed on the internet. The damage you may damage by your burglars arts are often no match for the professionalism of Locksmith 365. Is your lock locked and you want to work yourself? Do not hesitate to contact locksmith 365 Amsterdam.

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Open locks without keys – Locksmith 365 do 100% damage

We repair, open and change locks quickly and easily. This is because we always have with us the proper tools. With 7 years of experience we have over 12,000 shut open 100% damage.


Alblasstraat 11-1
1079 ZG Amsterdam
tel. 06-19377776

Your benefits

With us you will benefit from many advantages and excellent service. The following advantages distinguish us from the competition:

We open, replace and repair to make your locks quickly, easily and without harm.
With a special control’s see if you are actually the resident of your home.
You benefit from many services. We can inform you extra in terms of safety.
We apply a fixed and low price. From 8:00 to 21:00 you will be charged an amount of € 55, -. (Daily rate) from 21:00 to 8:00 (night) we apply a price of € 90, -. You can also pay in different ways. With the pin contact or by bank transfer.
We give you a 12 month warranty on all finishes conducted by locksmith 365 Amsterdam.
In most cases, we again open your door within 8 minutes.
Within 30 minutes is a skilled craftsman on the sidewalk to open your door.
Available 24 hours a day to us. Even on weekends and holidays we are accessible. So you never have to face a closed door!
We provide a high quality. 10,000 people have gone before you.
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Working area

Our craftsmen are employed in an Amsterdam neighborhood.

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam NorthWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I open my door without a key?
Contact locksmith 365 Amsterdam. Do not go to work yourself with a paper clip or piece of plastic. The damage you may damage by your burglars arts are often no match for the professionalism of Locksmith 365.

My key is at home, what should I do?
We understand that this situation is annoying. Please contact us. We are within half an hour on the sidewalk, and make the door open for you.

My keypad lock is opened. Is that possible?
Locksmiths 365 Amsterdam is also known with keypad locks. Our experience with different types of locks, this is an easy job.

My lock is broken. Can you also put new locks?
Of course we can install new locks. Also, it is possible to mount an extra lock in your door to go against burglars. This is in agreement with you. You choose the lock out and we put him.Extra service slotenmaker 365

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