Lockservice Amsterdam condition day and night

if you encounter problems with your locks? You are guaranteed when you turn Slotenservice Amsterdam rapidly your problem. Because Locksmith Amsterdam 24 hours per day, you can reach us day and night at the following telephone number: 06-193777 76. Whether you have a broken lock, are excluded or’d like to better secure your home, we are ready for you .

You can read the dutch version here: Slotenservice Amsterdam Staat Dag En Nacht Paraat
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What are you looking for locksmith?

Are you looking for:


A locksmith that day and night to reach;
A locksmith who comes directly to you;
A locksmith who has always been ready tools;
A locksmith who is going to work 100% damage;
A locksmith who has all kinds of locks sense;
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Nice to meet you! We are closing service Amsterdam and we will help you quickly, neatly and at a cheap rate. More than 10,000 people have gone before you.

Activities of Slotenspecialist Amsterdam

We specialize in the repair, replacement and installation of all types of locks. We see every day that people call us because they are in one of the following situations:

Help! I’m locked out
People often call us because they are locked out and can no longer their own home. Sometimes the key is still on the inside of the door and sometimes this is currently somewhere in the house. It is often difficult to get in without our help. If true professionals, we are able to get open a door within 8 minutes.

My key has broken off in the lock
It often happens that breaks down a key in the lock. In some cases, the key is actually already at the end of its tether and sometimes the key itself is just a little reversed to hard in the lock. If the key can no longer be achieved lock or lock, our help is needed to repair the lock.

Panic! I lost my keys
People who have lost their keys, we often call somewhat in panic to report it. If there is already searched everywhere, then there’s only one thing to do: call the locksmith. We make the door is always open full damage in such cases.

Jeez, my keys stolen
Very annoying are situations where the keys in the hands of a stranger have fallen. Often there panic, anger and fear to look. A burglary is so committed, so we always get into action in this case to replace your locks.

My door lock is broken
If a door lock is broken, the door can not be opened from the outside. People who want to go home, the door can not turn locked. We are able to quickly repair broken door locks.

Someone tried to break into me
A burglary in a dwelling is always annoying and brings many inconveniences. The idea that someone was undesirable in a home, for many people terribly. When there are things considered, it makes it worse. If we repair locks locksmith with fallow or damage we provide new, secure locks.

Do you recognize this? No worries! Please contact us and we’ll help you with the right solution for your problem. We have many years’ experience with:


Locks opendeur openen zonder sleutel
repair locks
replacing locks
locks places
Locks with fallow repair damage
Locks Evening closing

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How does it work?

If locksmith we help you in an instant. Following quickly following plan of action:

Action 1: You need a locksmith
You run into problems with your lock on. For example, you will receive your lock does not open if your lock is defective. You quickly need a locksmith.

Action 2: You contact Slotenservice Amsterdam
You call the following telephone number 06-19377776 and explains your situation. We are 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Action 3: A locksmith is directly at your side
Within 30 minutes there is a locksmith with a toolbox full of tools and materials at your doorstep.

Action 4: It starts flush with the work
The required work is carried out by the locksmith. Thanks to years of experience, the locksmith highly proficient in the open, replace, and placing locks.

Action 5: We perform in certain activities a verification
Some services, such as opening a door, it is important to verify that the person who has called us is actually the owner of the property or the property.

Action 6: You will receive an extra service
With us never stop the service after opening, creating, installing or replacing locks. In addition to our regular locksmith work, we also offer extra service. For example, we help you with a squeaky door or clamping down or give you advice in the field of intrusion prevention.

Action 7: You pay for the work performed
The services we bring in your account as a locksmith charges. For this, you pay the following rates:

Daily rate: € 60.00
Nightly Rate: € 90.00

In addition, the materials that we have used, will be charged. The extra service is obviously a gift to you.

Action 8: You will continue with your daily activities
When we leave, you will soon continue with the daily affairs. We give you a whopping 12 month warranty on all workmanship.

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The Slotenservice Amsterdam target

We set no specific requirements to our customers. Anyone who lives near Amsterdam, please contact us. We create, replace and open slots for:



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Working area

If you live in the vicinity of Amsterdam? We operate from Amsterdam and come in all places that are located in a radius of 30 kilometers around Amsterdam. For example, in the following cities:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Locksmith in Amsterdam 24-hour advantage

You will benefit from Amsterdam locksmith 24 hours a day from many advantages that other locksmiths do not bid. Discover them all!
1. Always available
When do you need us? We are available 24 hours a day by phone and by mail.

2. Quickly spot
We guarantee that we reach you within 30 minutes. When there is hardly involved, you’ve come to the right place.

3. Familiar with all locks
As a locksmith to open, repair, and we replace locks all kinds. With years of experience we are familiar with each slot. From bearings to lock side lock and keyboard lock.

4. The right equipment
Opening, repair and replacement of locks we do quickly and efficiently. This is possible because we always correct, most modern equipment with us.

5. Fully damage
Worried that your door with our work becomes corrupted, you may not be. We perform all our work 100% from damage.

6. Years of experience
In recent years, we have helped more than 10,000 people who had problems with their locks.

7. Effective Approach
If you opt for the method of Slotenspecialist Amsterdam, then you are sure that it is done correctly.

8. Fixed low prices
With us you will benefit from permanently low prices. The daily rate is 60 euros and the nightly rate is 90 euros.

9. Different payment options
Do you prefer to pay by debit or iDEAL? The payment options are diverse.

10. Many service
We give you extra service. For example, we help a stuck door off or give you anti-burglary advice.

11. Many satisfied customers
We have already made welcome more than 10,000 customers with our services. Are you our next satisfied customer?

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Meet our low rates

Curious about our rates? We charge the following fees:

Daily rate: € 60.00 between 08:00 and 21:00
Nightly Rate: € 90.00 between 21.00 and 08.00
These rates include travel costs and labor plus materials needed. You can cash, debit card or bank transfer to us.


Urgently looking for a good locksmith? Contact Slotenspecialist Amsterdam.

Phone: 06-19377776
Email: info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl

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