Locksmith – 24/7 Access – Within 30 Min On The Ground

Including weekends!

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Are you facing a closed door? Whatever the reason, the 365 Locksmith will help you out. Within 30 minutes is one of our locksmiths next to you. In 95% of cases, your lock open in 8 minutes!

We open your lock 100% damage thanks to the long experience of our locksmiths.

You can read the dutch version here:Slotenmaker – 24/7 Bereikbaar – Binnen 30 Min Ter Plaatse

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What To Expect

We know that nothing is more annoying than when you can not enter the house or your office. That is why we are always there for you day and night. Make you not worry. Your problems are so disappeared.
In all these cases, the locks can help you author:

There is at your broken or there is an attempted burglary.
The lock is broken.
You have yourself locked out, the key is on the inside of the door or you leave the key inside.
The key has broken off in the lock.
You have lost your key or lost.
Your key is stolen.

What we do for you?

We put new locks.
If you are burgled, we recover for you the damage.
We open all locks, including mortice locks, cylinder locks, side locks, multipoint locks, rim locks and security locks.
We replace your locks.
As an extra service we give you free advice on securing your home, office or building.

What can you expect from us?

1. Within 30 minutes is one of our locksmiths at your doorstep.
2. The Slotemaker replaces / repairs and install new locks.
3. We do a special inspection in which we verify that you are actually the owner of the house or the property.
4. Our locksmiths are offering free additional service. You can get useful advice on burglary prevention.
5. You pay a fixed low rate for our service. You can choose from different payment methods: transfer, cash payment or by pins.

Your advantages with us

Only with us you get these great benefits:


Within 30 minutes, our Slotemaker home.
We have low fixed rates.
Our locksmiths are trained and have years of experience.
Your lock is in 95% of cases opened within 8 minutes.
Take advantage of our free additional service.
You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We open your lock 100% without damage.
Our locksmith has experience with all types of locks.
You get up to 12 months warranty.

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Locksmith searched in and around Amsterdam

We are in Amsterdam and around Amsterdam active. In these places is our locksmith at home:

Amsterdam Centre
Stage 365 Locksmith
Stage 365 Locksmith
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Secured by

The Secured by Design is a hallmark for homes that meet a number of requirements in terms of security and intrusion prevention. Does your home meet the requirements? Then you get a sticker visible stuck to the front and back. If you have a property with the Secured by the probability that when you burgled is up to 90 percent!

Suppose you would like the certificate of the Secured by, what are the requirements?

You are informed about the security of your home.
There is a view of the front door so you can see any visitors.
There are approved smoke alarms installed on every floor.
All doors and windows that are accessible to a burglar, should be sufficiently protected. Let install safety locks by our locksmith to make adequate burglar-proof your doors and windows.

Safety locks

Safety locks are sturdy and durable locks that burglars can get very difficult to open. There are various types of safety locks:

Lay Locks: Locks bearings are mounted on the inside of the door. Lay Locks were mainly placed in the ’90s. deur openen zonder sleutelNew homes usually have different locks, because ordinary rim locks by burglars very easily be broken. A safety lock bearing is resistant to burglary.
Mortise Locks: A mortise lock is mounted in or on the door. The lock is opened with a key or a door handle.
Multi-point Locks: Multi-point locks can be closed simultaneously in several places. By turning the key or moving the handle you can close a multi-point lock at once at multiple points.
Side Locks: A side-locks are placed in a head lock.

What kind of security lock you choose, at 365 Locksmith we have it and we install the lock for you.

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The Foundation Quality Certificate Gevelbouw

How to recognize a regular slot of a safety lock? A safety lock has a certificate from the Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw (SKG) is an independent organization that latches and hinges comprehensive testing for strength and durability.

The product meets the strict requirements of the SKG? Then latches or locks given a classification in stars:

1 star: standard anti-burglary
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary
You can choose from our locksmith from several locks with the SKG certificate. Our locksmiths place the locks for you. We help you to better protect your home against burglary. Give burglars a chance!

Our free extra service

Our locksmiths will solve your problem and more than that … Are your locks replaced or have one of our locksmiths made new locks? Then you get a whopping 12 months warranty on the finish. Besides giving our locksmiths can recommend securing your property. This way you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your property against burglary.

Our customers

We have tens of thousands of people bailed out. They were very pleased with the result. You will find their responses to our locksmith needs. What kind of people we help?


Our locks maker speaks excellent English. If you do not speak Dutch well, that’s no problem.

Why Locksmith 365 Amsterdam?

We are 30 minutes on location. Need help fast? One of our locksmiths come immediately.
Our locksmiths always have the right equipment with them, to help you quickly and accurately.
With us you pay a fixed low rate. You will receive a receipt in which the cost clearly listed under each other.
Our locksmiths have many years of experience and are therefore decisively and quickly.
All your locks can be opened, even security locks!
Your lock is opened in 95% within 8 minutes. At walking back inside.
We have already helped more than 10,000 people. They were very satisfied with the result.
Our locksmiths can help. They are very friendly and provide you with joy of free expert advice on securing your home.
You may choose from several payment options. Not only can you pay with cash, but you can also choose to pin or to transfer the money.
Your door is fully opened without damage in 100% of cases.

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Contact information

Locksmith wanted because you have problems with your lock? You can find all information about our locksmith online, but if you have any questions, you also can always call. Here are our contact details:

Phone: 06-19377776

Address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H
Postal Code: 1073 EZ, Amsterdam

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