Locksmith 365 – Lockspecialist Amsterdam and Environs

If you lost your keys? Is your lock broken or is your key broken off in the lock? Are you looking for these problems reliably lock specialist with extensive experience, day and night to answer any queries and quickly spot? Then 365 Locksmith lock your specialist for you.

We are a real lock expert. Been open more than 7 years, we repair and replace locks. We have helped with various problems surrounding ditches more than 12,000 customers in and around Amsterdam. And with success! Our customers are very satisfied with our work. Through our years of experience we have knowledge of all types of locks. No lock is too difficult for us.

You can read the dutch version here: Slotenmaker 365 – Slotenspecialist Amsterdam En Omstreken

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

For any problems, call the lock expert Locksmith 365?

If you are in one of the following situations?


Locked. The door is closed behind you and you have no key. In addition, it is possible that the door has been closed behind you, but the key is still on the inside.
Key has broken off in the lock. The key is due to aging or broken to rough it lock.
Keys lost. You lost the keys during a break or when you were on the way to work.
The keys stolen. Your purse is stolen your key was whether your key is taken from you without you knew it.
Lock door broken. Your lock is broken by aging. In addition, it is possible that was your slot of poor quality.
There’s been an (attempted) burglary. By (attempted) burglary was destroyed your lock.

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Do not wait and call us directly. Below we explain what to do if you are dealing with one of the above problems. Locksmith 365 solves all these problems. In addition, we show how Locksmith 365 proceed.


Do not get stressed. We are day and night, on weekdays and at weekends. Call us at the following number: 06-19377776 and explain us what problem you’re facing. So we are able to help in an effective and fast way.
Within 30 minutes there is a lock expert for your home or business. No job is too complicated for us. We have over 7 years experience in opening, replacement and repair of all types of locks.
Through a special control we are verify first whether you actually own the home or business premises. This is for your own safety. We do not let a strange man.
Then we will quickly start to open your door, replace or repair. We maintain an efficient and professional process. Do not be afraid that the door suffers damage when opened. We open doors guaranteed 100% damage.
Can we be even more of service? When we are finished with our work, you benefit with us from a lot of extra service. We give you free advice. Would you like an example, advice on how to make burglar proof your home or business? Our anti-burglary advice makes your home or business more secure against burglars. Do you also have little trouble with your door? We solve this.
At the end we settle right. You pay a fixed low price for the work performed. To make it easy, you can choose from several payment options. It is possible to pay by cash, debit card or through iDeal.
Once again we have to leave and go quickly totally satisfied on with what you were doing. Locksmith at 365 you have 12 months warranty on all workmanship.
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What work Locksmith 365 carries out?

Would you like to know exactly what we can do for you? Below we summarize what work Locksmith 365 all perform.


Opening the locks
repair locks
replacing locks
Install new locks
Repair locks with fallow damage
Make all your locks keyed alike

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Why you should choose the final specialist Locksmith 365

You may think, there are so many locksmiths in and around Amsterdam. Why should I choose for Locksmith 365? With us you will benefit from many advantages. These benefits, you will not get from other locksmiths. Once you choose Locksmith 365, you want to ensure no other lock specialist anymore.

We are available day and night
Whether morning or early in the night, we are day and night for you. We are a lock specialist is accessible 24/7. Problems with locks can not wait and that we understand like no other. We are always happy to help you.

Within 30 minutes the spot
Would you like a lock expert who quickly stands at your door? Within 30 minutes we stand for your home or business. We would like to quickly solve your problem so you are safe at home or at your desk.

In 95% of cases within eight minutes your door
With us you do not have to wait long. In 95% of cases we open your door in 8 minutes.

Your door is opened 100% damage
Do not fear damage to your door. We open your door or quickly but with great care and precision. Your door remains in perfect condition, 100% damage.

We open all locks
Do you have a cylinder lock, rim lock or multi-point lock? A keypad lock, penslot or side lock? Or maybe a different slot? No matter what slot is in your door (s), we will open all kinds of locks. We also open security locks.

We place all locks
Locksmith 365 is able to place all types of locks. We have different types of (security) locks quality on offer. You may have a preference for a particular slot? If we do not lock it in-house, we bought this slot for you quickly.

Always the right equipment with us
You hear it so often. Oh, I do not have the right tool for me for this slot. I have to go back to the case. Let that same road but usually it takes namely a long time before the person’s back. We always have the right tool to us for each slot. We also work with the most professional and latest equipment.

More than 7 years of experience and professional method
We are guaranteed a slot expert. In seven years, we have helped more than 12,000 people with problems associated with locks. We have all kinds (security) locks opened, replaced and repaired. Therefore we have got experience with all the (safety) locks. No lock is too complicated for us.

Through the years, over 365 Locksmith develop an efficient and professional process. We assure you that everything is well executed.

Customer-friendly mechanics and free service
Besides all these benefits, you also enjoy free service. We have very customer friendly locksmiths in service to help.

Do you have questions for example about how to create burglar proof your home? Do not hesitate to ask our experts lock! They give you an anti-burglary advice. We want to be happy that our customers are safe. Do you suffer from some annoying squeaking or creaking door? Finally, our specialists solve this problem.

Choose from cash, pins or transfer
Do not have cash at home? No problem, pegs at your door is also possible. It is also possible to pay via iDeal.

We have already helped more than 12,000 customers and runs only it. Our customers are very satisfied with our work. They indicate that we are an experienced, professional, fast and very user-friendly lock specialist.

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Target audience

We are a lock specialist is ready for everyone. If you are coming from abroad and speak only English? No problem, we also speak excellent English.

The following groups often use the work of 365 Locksmith:



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Working area

Are you looking for a lock expert in Amsterdam or near Amsterdam?

We operate in the following areas:
Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker Amsterdam 365
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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Contact Locksmith 365

Should your lock opened, replaced or repaired? Finally, we are the specialist in Amsterdam and surroundings. We solve all the problems surrounding locks quickly. Please contact us on telephone number: 06-19377776

Would you like to come over? You are welcome to our office:Buitengesloten

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1

1079 ZG, Amsterdam

Would you like more information about Locksmith 365? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times work Locksmith 365 and how fast can you be with me?
We are available 24/7. Day and night, seven days a week we are waiting for you. Additionally, if you want a lock specialist that is fast on the spot, then sit’ve come to the right locksmith address. After your call, we are for your home or office within 30 minutes.

In what situations I call Locksmith 365?
If you are dealing with one of the following situations, please call directly locksmith 365: You are locked out, the key has broken off in the lock, you lose your keys, your keys are stolen, lock your door is broken or there is an (attempted) burglary committed. We are quickly on site and resolve the problem at stake immediately.

What work Locksmith 365 carries out?
Locksmith 365 performs various tasks. We: open the lock on your door, fix your locks, replace your locks, install new locks, repair locks with fallow damage and make all your locks keyed alike.

Which locks locksmith open 365?
Do you have a cylinder lock, rim lock or multi-point lock? A keypad lock, penslot or side lock? Which slot you have, we open all kinds of locks. We also open security locks.

In what areas and surrounding towns of Amsterdam Locksmith 365 working?
Amsterdam City Center, Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam East, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Zuid, IJburg, Westpoort, Diemen, Zaandam, Amstelveen and Haarlem.

What are the contact details of 365 Locksmith?
Phone: 06-19377776
Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
1079 ZG, Amsterdam

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