Are you looking for a locksmith Amstelveen? Choose For Locksmith 365

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith Amstelveen which is fast on the spot? A locksmith Amstelveen day and night to answer any queries? Then choose Locksmith 365.

Within 30 minutes we are at your door, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lost your keys TO GET? Do you need a new lock? Should your lock repair? We are able to open up each slot. In addition, places and we repair all types of locks. Locksmith 365 is the final service Amstelveen.

You can read the dutch version here: Zoekt U Een Slotenmaker Amstelveen? Slotenmaker 365

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Locksmith Amstelveen – What can locksmith 365 mean to you?

More than 10,000 customers have used our services. Many people from Amstelveen looking for a locksmith Amstelveen, come to us. All our customers are very satisfied with us.

Are you curious about what work Locksmith 365 all perform? We:


locks open
repair locks
replacing locks
Install new locks
Repair locks with fallow damage
Make all locks keyed alike

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Problems with your lock? Locksmith 365 dissolves

Whatever problem you have with your lock, we will solve it for you. Are you dealing with any of the following problems? Call us immediately.
Problems with your lock – call locksmith amstelveen


You are locked out
The key has broken off in the lock
You have lost your keys
Your key ring is stolen
Lock your door is broken
There is an (attempted) burglary committed

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* Do you (probably) need a new lock? Give this to the phone call. We will get a new slot, and place it directly.

You are locked out
You just went out and the door is closed behind you. It is no longer possible to go inside because your key is inside and you have no spare key at your disposal.

Another situation is that you have pulled the door shut behind you with the key still in the lock. You will have nothing to spare key because the key blocks in the lock your spare key.

Locksmith 365 solves these problems. We open the door 100% damage in no time.

The key has broken off in the lock
It is possible that if a key is out of date, he has become brittle. The key then breaks off easily in the lock. Whether you’ve been too rough with your key in the lock, making it demolished. Locksmith 365 retrieves the broken key quickly from your lock.

You have lost your keys
Oh no, where’s my keys ?! It happens to everyone. A key loose is very annoying. You become stressed or panicked. This is not necessary.

Call us now and we are within a short time for your home or office in Amstelveen. We make the door within a few minutes open. We change the locks if you are concerned that there is burgled you with the lost key.

Your key ring is stolen
is another unpleasant incident which your key was stolen. You are quite upset and we understand like no other. We are rapidly on site jobs and make the door open quickly for you. Inside you can obtain quietly from the shock. We recommend that the locks replace your home or business premises, in case it is broken with the stolen key. We have several safe locks in stock and can order all kinds of locks.

Lock your door is broken
Does it lock your door broke? Then we replaced immediately this slot. Do you have a specific slot in mind that you would like to have? We have several strong locks on offer. These locks will last for years. If we lock your not in stock, we can order this slot.

There is (attempted) burglary committed
That’s very scared. The locks of your home or business has been badly damaged or destroyed. The worst thing is that if the burglars have penetrated, there belongings are stolen and it might be a mess.

Locksmith 365 reduces the chance that this again is going to happen. We place strong and secure locks. We put safety locks with a mark of SKG. This means the locks burglary. A slot which is hard to break open is hitting burglars prefer to.

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Why Locksmith 365 the right choice as Slotenservice Amstelveen?

What makes us so special? And why you should choose this final service Amstelveen? Our 7 years of experience we are truly an expert in the field of locks. No final for us too complicated. We are familiar with all the locks and get every door.
In addition, we are able to place in different locks. With us choose locks of different types. There is guaranteed a slot between that meets all your needs. We are also experienced in repairing locks.

With us you will benefit from many advantages. We distinguish ourselves from other locksmiths in the following areas:


We help you 24/7. We stand in the daytime, but at night at your disposal. 7 days in the week. In addition, we are within 30 minutes in front of your home or office in Amstelveen.
We are fast, very fast. Not only in terms of speed that we are with you, but also to open doors. we have made open the door in 8 minutes in 95% of the cases. This is due to our efficient and professional process. We also have professional equipment at home.
Which slot you have, we open all kinds of locks. This also means security locks. In addition, we are able to place all the locks.
If you skimp on your door? We also! So do not be afraid of damage, we open your door 100% damage.
You also benefit from many additional services. Our very customer friendly locksmiths give you a free professional advice, for example, an anti-burglary advice. Do you have a trouble with a nasty stiff or squeaky door? We will resolve it for you.

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Finally, it is possible to pin your own door. Cash and payment is via PayPal.

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Which locks open and insert Locksmith 365?

Have a lock of the brand DOM, or CES Lips? Of Cisa, Corbin or Nemef? A cylinder or a support slot? No matter what brand or what kind of lock you have. Locksmith 365 opens and puts all kinds (security) locks all brands.

The locks we open and places are divided into two groups. There are head locks and side locks.

A key lock is the key lock on your door and is centrally located. Side Locks are extra locks and sit midway, or top of the door. The side locks provide additional security. They make it more difficult burglars to break into. Even when the main lock does not meet or no lock is present, often placed a side slot.

These two groups of locks are also again be divided into different types of locks. Below we cite the most common head locks and side locks.

Master Locks:


Cylinder. These locks are most often used in the Netherlands. This lock mechanism consists of a cylinder and a housing. The pins, plates or pellets block the cylinder as long as the matching key is not inserted into the lock. If the correct key is inserted in the cylinder, then it is possible to rotate it in the housing. Thus, the lock is opened or closed.
Lay Locks. This is a main or bijslot to keep doors closed. There are mortise locks with a loose or fixed cylinder. Mortise locks are not in the door, but mounted on the door. They often sit on storeroom doors or general entrance.
Mortice locks. Mortise locks are recessed doors (inside / outside doors). These locks are only suitable for wooden doors. a hole in the door is chiseled where the mortise lock is placed in there. Besides mortise locks are narrow mortice. The mortise locks are in plastic and metal doors. There are mortise locks and side locks.
Multi-point closures. This slot is the most effective protection against burglars. It has multiple locking points in the door and the frame. It is an anti-burglary lock consider getting one operation at multiple points.
Keyboard locks. These are older locks. These locks are made open with a large key. They are often used for exterior doors (port or french doors).
Espagnol Nets: These locks are often mounted on balconies and French doors. A opbouwespagnolet consists of two rods which run over the entire length of the door.

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Side Locks:


Pens Lots. These locks are used as extra security. They are the most common side locks on doors. It is placed below or above the main lock and it consists of a recessed slot and a cover plate. (Please tick) keys to operate the locks.
Occasional rim locks. These locks are placed as a side locks, front and rear doors for added security. These locks are operated by a rotary knob.
Occasional mortise locks. This slot also works burglar proof. It is more expensive than a penslot because the lock less damaging. To open the lock with a small key.

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There are locks for windows. Examples include: window latches, window and trees inbouwspagnoletten.

For more information about locks, click here.

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Security locks with SKG mark

Safety locks are made of a strong and durable material. They are designed against burglary. Side locks, mortise locks, rim locks and multipoint locks on the SKG logo have been security locks.

SKG stands for Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. This is an independent organization that construction products (such as locks) tests, inspects and certifies. The locks go through a rigorous testing over the SKG. Locks that come through the test, get a logo with a certain number of stars.


Locks 1 star burglary.
Locks with two stars are heavily burglar proof.
Locks 3 stars additional burglary proof.

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Would you like a safety lock? Locksmith 365 is the final service Amstelveen safety locks with SKG mark. We put safety locks with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

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Target audience

We are there for all people. Our customer base is very diverse. Looking for a locksmith Amstelveen who speaks English? Then you should at Locksmith 365 orphans.

The target groups that we have helped a lot in recent years:



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Working area

We are not just a locksmith Amstelveen. We also open in places around Amstelveen doors and we replace locks. These places are:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam SouthWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

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Contact Locksmith 365

Call us directly with your questions and problems around locks. Our phone number is 06-19377776. It is also possible to come to our office. Near the center of Amsterdam, in the pipe, is located our office. Our address is:

Alblasstraat 11-1

1079 ZG, Amsterdam

Would you like more information about Locksmith 365? Click here to learn more about Locksmith 365 Locksmith Amstelveen.

Frequently Asked QuestionsContact opnemen met Slotenmaker Amstelveen

What work Locksmith 365 carries out?
We open locks, repair locks, replace locks, install new locks, repair locks with fallow damage and make all locks keyed alike.

I’m looking for a good locksmith Amstelveen. Why should I choose for Locksmith 365?
We help you 24/7 and are within 30 minutes in front of your home or office in Amstelveen. Furthermore, we make 95% of the cases the door open 8 minutes, 100% damage. We open and repair all types of (safety) locks and are able to place all (security) locks. We also maintain an efficient and professional process and have professional equipment. Finally, you’ll enjoy many extra services. Our very customer friendly locksmiths give you free advice, for example, an anti-burglary advice. We remedy stiff or squeaky doors.

My lock to be opened. Which locks open you all?
We open all kinds of locks of all brands. Head locks to side-locks, Dom to Nemef. We open include the main locks: rim locks, mortise locks, multipoint locks, keypad locks and espagnolettes. The additional locks we open include: tripe auctions and occasional imposition and mortise locks.

I’d like a safety lock, you put these locks?
Yes. We install all types of locks, including security locks. The security locks that we place are assessed by SKG with 1, 2 or 3 stars. This means that the burglary proof safety locks (one star), heavy anti-burglary (2 stars) or additional anti-burglary (3 stars) are. The security locks are made of a strong and durable material. Burglars strike these locks rather about.

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