Locksmith Amsterdam Noord – 24/7 Access

You live or work in Amsterdam Noord? Are you dealing with a broken lock or a lock that needs to be replaced? Gets you do not open your door? You are guaranteed to quickly fix your lock off when you turn Locksmith Amsterdam North. You will see us arrive within 30 minutes at your home or business. You benefit by Locksmith North Amsterdam 100% damage free open your door. We specialize in the repair, replacement and installation of all types of locks.

You can read the dutch version here: Slotenmaker Amsterdam Noord – 24/7 Bereikbaar

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Therefore you choose Locksmith North Amsterdam


Day and night

In 95% of cases within eight minutes your door

100% damage free open your door

Experience with all types of locks

Always within 30 minutes at location

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You are in one of the following six conditions

To name are several situations where you need a locksmith. You have had to deal with a break-in or you want to prevent a break-through intrusion. You have locked himself out and you will therefore no longer in your home. Your key has broken off in the lock or your lock is broken.

Also new locks and repairing locks, please simply contact Locksmith Amsterdam North. You will find the following six common situations in which you may be distressed and where you need us:

Situation 1: You’re out.
Nothing is more annoying than not come in your own home. Has anyone out? Or have you locked himself out? When the key is still on the inside of the door, it is difficult to get from the outside to the inside. Here you need help from a professional for.

Situation 2: The key has broken off in the lock
You turn the key just too wild for anything in the lock. You feel something crack and then realizes that the key has broken off in the lock. The door will not lock or unlock. You need help to fix the lock.

Situation 3: You have lost your keys
During a night out or during a walk on the beach you lost your keys. A big problem because you do not enter your home longer. You’re looking for someone who could damage the door open for you.

Situation 4: Your keys are stolen
If your key is stolen, you will not come into your house. In addition, it is very dangerous. A burglary is so committed. You want your locks replaced quickly.

Situation 5: lock your door is broken
If your door lock is broken, the door will not open from the outside so you no longer enters your home. If you want to get away from your home, it is not possible to make the door. The lock must be repaired quickly.

Situation 6: There’s been an (attempted) burglary
A burglary in your home brings many inconveniences. It is an annoying idea to know that someone has been in your home. You feel unsafe in your own home and it is likely that the locks do not work properly. The repair and / or replacement of your locks is required.

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Always a suitable solution for the situation you are in

You get in any situation the most appropriate solution Locksmith Amsterdam North. You benefit from our seven years of experience with:

1. Opening locks
2. Repairing locks
3. The replacement of locks
4. Installing new locks
5. Repairing locks with fallow damage
6. Locks Evening closing

How does it work?

Are you locked out? Is your lock broken? In whatever situation you are in, Locksmith 365 helps you make a snap of your problem. Follow the following clear roadmap consisting of seven steps.


Step 1. You are experiencing problems with your lock. If your lock is not safe anymore? Or you can not open your lock? Call to 06-19377776 and tell what your problem is. You will be day and night spoken to.
Step 2. Within 30 minutes an experienced locksmith from Locksmith Amsterdam Noord arrived on location.
Step 3. The next step is to open the slot of the door, the repair of the lock or the replacement of the lock. This happens very efficient, 100% damage and as promptly as possible.
Step 4. Next, we are verify by means of a special monitoring if you are actually the owner of the house or building.
Step 5. You will receive additional service in the form of anti-burglary advice or clearing a squeaky door.
Step 6. You benefit from a fixed low price. You will be paid by cash, by pins or Reposting.
Step 7. When Locksmith 365 departs Amsterdam, you quickly go on with your daily activities. You then benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.

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Locksmith Amsterdam Noord area

Are you looking for a locksmith in Amsterdam Noord? Amsterdam North is the part of the city of Amsterdam, which lies north of the IJ with an area of ​​over 49 km2.

If you live in the vicinity of Amsterdam Noord? You may benefit from our service if you live in one of the following locations:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Target audience

To find out if you belong to the target group of Locksmith Amsterdam Noord? Everyone is welcome to contact us. We create, replace and open slots for:


Take advantage of the benefits of 11 Locksmith North Amsterdam

1. Always available
You decide when you Locksmith Amsterdam Noord need. This is the middle of the night or early morning? No problem. Your Locksmith Amsterdam North is always there for you 24 hours a day.

2. Within 30 minutes arrived
In a hurry? Should your lock gerapareerd fast or opened? Faster than the locksmith can not find them. You benefit from our ‘within 30 minutes’ on location’ warranty. Everywhere in Amsterdam.

3. With the right equipment for your lock on location
We open, repair and replace locks quickly and efficiently. This is because we always correct, most modern equipment with us.

4. 100% damage
Are you apprehensive that your door damaged during our work? Locksmith 365 opens all doors 100% damage.

5. Familiar with all types of locks
Do you have a support slot, a side lock or a keypad lock? Locksmith North Amsterdam opens, repairs and replaces all types of locks. Through our years of experience we are familiar with all existing locks.

6. More than 7 years of experience
Helped more than 10,000 Amsterdammers in the past 7 years by Locksmith North Amsterdam.

7. Efficient, professional process
Locksmith North Amsterdam uses an efficient, professional process. Lets you replace your lock or repair by us, you can be sure it is done correctly.

8. Fixed low price
Meet the fixed low prices for Locksmith Amsterdam North. A daily rate of only € 55, – and a nightly rate of € 90, -.

9. Various payment options
Would you like to pay in cash or by debit card or iDeal? You decide how you pay. The payment options are diverse.

10. Extra service
You benefit from many additional service Locksmith Amsterdam North. In addition to locks do we do much more. We can help you out of a stuck door and give you anti-burglary advice.

11. All ten thousand satisfied customers
In recent years, Locksmith Amsterdam Noord already helped more than 10,000 customers to open, repair and replacement of locks. Are you the next with a happy and feel safe?

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Contact Locksmith Amsterdam Noord

Do you have a slot that does not open? If you are locked out or want to know more about intrusion or locks? Please check with Locksmith 365 at the following number: 06-19377776.
Locksmith Amsterdam Noord at work
Email: info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nlSlotenmaker Amsterdam Noord aan het werk

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Postal Code: 1079 ZG
Place: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are you with me?
Locksmith Amsterdam North is always within 30 minutes at your location. For a quick repair or replacement of your lock. But also for the opening of a door or for the placement of brand-new locks. Everywhere in Amsterdam.

How can I pay?
Locksmith in Amsterdam Noord, you have many payment options. Would you like to pay in cash or by debit card or iDeal? You decide how you pay.

My door remains intact in your work?
Yes. We are very careful with your door during our work. open your door locks and replace or renew, we do 100% damage.

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