Locksmith Zaandam – Safe And Reliable Locks

Do you own a home or commercial building in Zaandam and you left out by mistake? Has there been a burglary in your home or building? Please immediately contact Locksmith Zaandam. We replace your lock, repair it or put a new lock.

Locksmith in Zaandam, we have been a professional in the field of locks and burglary. We offer a 24 hour service that we are always accessible and open your doors guaranteed damage.

You can read the dutch version here: Slotenmaker Zaandam – Veilige En Betrouwbare Sloten

Locksmith Zaandam: various services

Locksmith Zaandam has years of experience in the field of locks. What problem you have with your locks, Locksmith Zaandam guaranteed solves the problem.

Locksmith in Zaandam we perform various tasks:

  • We make locks open
  • We repair locks
  • We replace locks
  • We put new locks
  • We repair locks with fallow damage
  • We make locks keyed alike
Call now 24/7 available
Call now 24/7 available

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

When I call Locksmith Zaandam?

You might be wondering if you can call Locksmith Zaandam? We can help you from awkward situations such as after a burglary or if you’d like to prevent a burglary. But when you lose your keys, you can contact locksmith Zaandam. In the following cases, we recommend to include direct contact with Locksmith Zaandam:


A burglary in your home or office often leaves behind considerable damage to your locks. Also with an attempted burglary is possible that your locks are severely damaged. In addition, you will feel safer with new locks. We place namely SKG locks that are quality and very safe which eliminates the chance of a new intrusion. After a break-in then directly contact Locksmith Zaandam for new, safe locks.

Chipped key

When your key breaks in the lock, for example, your home or business, this is very annoying. You can not out the door or lock and is no longer usable. In this case, contact a specialist such as Locksmith Zaandam. We ensure that immediately comes a new lock on your door. Your lock is made within a very short time at a cheap rate.

Lost keys

Unexpectedly lost your keys or lost? A nasty situation if you do not know where your keys are. Take this situation immediately contact Locksmith Zaandam. Since we are always available to you at any time contact us. Your locks will be replaced immediately by us at a very low rate. With new locks, you are assured again a safe environment.

Stolen keys

Is your keys stolen? It is not pleasant or even longer stay in your home or office. Take as soon as possible contact with Locksmith Zaandam. We put new locks on your house or pand.Dit his SKG locks, these locks are of excellent quality and very safe. With new locks can stay with confidence in your home or office.

Faulty lock

A lock may be functioning properly over the years through wear. As a result, it is quite possible that the lock does not open or close. Contact Locksmith Zaandam in this situation.

Discover our professionalism

Locksmith in Zaandam we work very skilfully. If you lost your keys? Or broken keys in the lock? Is there an attempt to break into your home or business premises? All these situations are very annoying. Zaandam locksmith can help to solve the problem.

Locksmith in Zaandam, we proceed as follows:

1. You have problems with your lock. There is burglarized, attempted burglary, your key has broken off in the lock, your lock is not working properly, or you have lost your key.
2. You need a locksmith in one of these situations. Contact Locksmith Zaandam at: 06-19377776, we can achieve 24 hours a day. then tell us your current situation.
3. After the call is guaranteed within 30 minutes of an expert Locksmith Zaandam site.
4. Your lock is repaired by our craftsman. We open the lock for, fix the lock and replace the old lock with a new lock. This is done in a quick and effective way and we work 100% damage.
5. By means of a separate control, we verify that you are the actual owner of the property or premises.
6. Locksmith in Zaandam, we offer many advantages. To receive desired free anti-burglary advice from us.
7. No variable fee but a fixed low price for our work done. You have the option to pay the total amount in cash, payable by debit or by transfer.
8. After renewing your slot, you will receive from Locksmith Zaandam 12 month warranty on all workmanship.

Call now 24/7 available
Call now 24/7 available

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

At whom Locksmith Zaandam focuses?

We focus primarily on the following target groups:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • tourists *
  • expats *
  • Airbnb *

* Locksmith Zaandam speaks English

Locksmith Zaandam area

We operate not only in Zaandam but also in the area around it. For all the work in making locks, repair locks, locks renew contact with Locksmith Zaandam. Our work spreads a view on the following places:

  • Amsterdam North
  • Amsterdam Oost
  • Amsterdam south-east
  • Amsterdam Zuid
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • Amsterdam center
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

The benefits of Locksmith Zaandam

When you choose Locksmith Zaandam, you will receive the following benefits

Always available

Locksmith in Zaandam, we understand not only occur during business hours that problems with locks. Example, if you have lost your keys in the middle of the night. Or has been done in the weekend burglary attempt. Therefore Locksmith Zaandam is always available. Seven day a week, 24 hours a day.

Short response time

Especially when you are locked out by a broken key or losing keys you want to be helped as soon as possible. Locksmith Zaandam has a very short response time. Indeed, we are always guaranteed within 30 minutes on site throughout Zaandam. With our prompt service you can quickly put a new lock.

Proper equipment

Locksmith in Zaandam, we work only with the right equipment. Your locks are opened and repaired with the proper equipment. So you can quickly put a new lock. With the right equipment is not a problem unsolvable for Locksmith Zaandam.

100% damage free

Partly because of the proper equipment, we are able to deliver on your new slot 100% damage free. When we fix a lock, you no harm to the rest of the door. Our craftsmen work very precise and efficient. You will also receive a 12 month warranty on all finishes.

Large assortment of locks

Which slot you have, Locksmith Zaandam is able to make all the locks. Whether it is a side lock or a keypad lock. The locks open below, repair, replace, and we place at Locksmith Zaandam:

  • Lay Locks
  • Side Locks
  • Multi-point locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Cylinder
  • Penslocks

Several years experience

Locksmith Zaandam has over 7 years experience in opening, repair, replacement and installation of all types of locks. In recent years we have made more than 10,000 customers welcome new locks.

Favourable prices

Looking for a cheap locksmith, then you are at the right place at Locksmith Zaandam. In fact, we work with fixed rates. For example, we charge a flat daily rate and a fixed nightly rate. Rates are as follows:

Daily rate from 08.00 to 21.00: € 55.00

Nightly Rate from 21.00 to 08.00: € 90.00

Payment options

Once the locksmith has finished the work you have several options to pay. Payment can be paid in cash, by debit or later by bank transfer.

Call now 24/7 available
Call now 24/7 available

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Contact us

Is there in your broken or attempted burglary? Have you lost your keys by mistake? Or is your key broken off in the lock? All situations to contact directly with Locksmith Zaandam.

Call us at +31 75 369 0109 if you have problems with your locks. Day or night, we are there for you.

Ask? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl or request a quote aan.De locksmith make your home burglar anti sensitive

Question and answer

When can I reach Locksmith Zaandam?

Locksmith Zaandam is always accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you at night has problems with your lock to reach us.

Within what time you arrive at the destination?

Once you’ve ensured we called us within 30 minutes you. Everywhere in Zaandam, we are within 30 minutes at the place of destination. Thus making your lock in a quick manner.