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Burglars are getting gehaaider. They all have different tricks in store to easily enter your home. Many locks they managed to disrupt by one such trick, namely core pulling.

In the meantime you’re away, invaded his burglars that your home or property. Within no time at all is emptied. Key Traits, also called pull cylinder is not possible for security cylinders and herds Locksmith 365 places. These locks are especially resistant to core pulling.

You can read the dutch version here: Ga Kerntrekken Tegen – Bel Direct Slotenmaker 365

What is pulling core pulling / cylinder?

In core pull is removed the core / cylinder from the lock. As a result, the lock loses its function. After a few small actions are the burglars quickly inside. To achieve this special tool is used.

Many locks have a cylinder that puts a piece from the lock. This is the part where you have to turn in your key. To make the final draw possible burglars use a drill, screw core, core puller or claw hammer and spanner.

She first core drilling the screw directly into the cylinder. With the aid of a core puller and open-end wrench, and a little force, they pull the core cylinder from the lock. Then they only need to use a construction key to open the door. Within a minute, the burglars in your home or property, ready to carry all your precious belongings.

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Anti-core pulling cylinder and seizure – resistant cylinder draw

A cylinder lock attract burglars is a piece of cake. But how to pull the cylinder prevented? Purchase anti core pulling cylinder locks, or locks that are fitted with cylinder core pull protection. In addition, it is also possible to opt for a safety fitting with core pulling protection.

avoid pulling cylinder – Anti-core pulling cylinder
Many cylinders are perfect prey for burglars. Probably your cylinder too. Replace your old core pull sensitive cylinder lock, an anti-core pulling cylinder lock. These cylinders remain firmly in the slot. To keep burglars out.

avoid pulling cylinder – Security fittings with cylinder protection
This attachment to the cylinder is protected by carbide. There is only an opening for your key. This allows the cylinder is pulling an impracticable task. In addition, the whole lock protects excellent.

First turn the key of the entrance area. This makes it more difficult to see the cylinder and to set in a drill screw with a core. It takes the burglar a lot of time. Second, if the screw is finally drilled in, the burglar gets the cylinder there is no way out. The cylinder is namely stuck in the lock through the core pulling protection. Pulling core is an impossible task and the door remains unopened.

This safety lock is also resistant against break off cylinder, also known as the Bulgarian method. In this method, the cylinder is broken down with a special tool.

SKG Hallmark – Extra protected core pulling cylinder

Would you like to be doubly protected core pulling? Opt for non-core pull cylinder or a security fitting with cylinder protection, with the SKG mark. These locks are in force with no possibility. This will always feel safe in your home. In addition, you leave your home with peace of mind. A nice feeling.

The acronym SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. These locks are assigned only the label if they are burglar proof.

SKG Hallmark
SKG Hallmark
However, there is a difference between the locks. The foundation really work with stars. In total, they reach 1, 2 or 3 stars out of ditches. The more

star has a lock, how burglary were more the lock.


1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary
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Locksmith 365 places Anti-core pulling cylinders and security fittings with cylinder protection, with the SKG mark. 1 t / m 3 stars. Call us now! Within a short time we will be at your door and we replace expertly and quickly your old locks brand new security locks. Locksmith 365 makes your home burglary.

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Security Tips pull alongside cylinder

With anti-core pulling cylinders and fittings, you are protected against pulling cylinder. But how do you make your home completely burglar proof? Follow these tips and take the following precautions. To deter burglars.

Tip 1. Additional locks for windows and doors
Allow extra locks put in windows and doors. Usually these side-locks. Choose or for additional locks that have the SKG label and close it locks always off when you leave. It makes the burglars difficult to open doors and windows.

Tip 2. places a burglar alarm
A burglar alarm goes with a lot of noise on signals or the police if someone’s house or building trying to get in. This alarm can usually turn to a particular button when you leave or go to sleep. This creates a feeling of safety. The alarm does not go off or stops when you enter a code. Also, it is wise to stick to a burglar alarm sticker on your window or on your door. Burglars will opt not as fast for your home or business.

Tip 3. Secured by
If your home or business meets the requirements of the Secured by a police label sticker is stuck on your window and / or at your front and back door. The chances of being burgled your house or property with the label 50% lower.

Are you wondering what are the requirements? Click here.

Tip 4. Precautions holidays
Will you soon be on vacation? We understand that you are unwise glad you are going to take a break. Share not only on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Even if you’re on vacation. So come burglars out that no one is home. Tell only your friends and family about your holiday and wait with holiday snaps until you return home.

Addition, make sure that is not your home spick and span when you go on vacation. Leave some plates and glasses on the counter or in the living room. Make sure the pads do not lie straight to your bank and the dining chairs which are pushed. Also, you should not close all your curtains. If burglars find that the curtains a week are close, they know you’re on vacation. It should look as if it is lived in the house. So burglars think you are home.

What work Locksmith 365 carries out more?

Besides Placing of anti core pulling cylinders and security fittings with cylinder protection, we perform more tasks.



Open the lock of your door
Fix your locks
Replace your locks
Repair locks with fallow damagesleutel afgebroken in slot huis
Make all your locks keyed alike

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The benefits of Locksmith 365

Why should you opt for Locksmith 365? With us you will benefit from many advantages.


24/7. Weekdays, weekends and holidays. Day and night. We are available 24/7.
Within 30 minutes at the spot. We understand better than anyone that problems with locks must be solved immediately. Therefore, we are within 30 minutes at your doorstep. 365 Locksmith finds it very important that our customers are safe in their own homes or property.
Door quickly opened. You must be quick in your home or property, but you forget your keys or lost? Maybe your key is stolen? Besides that we are soon with you, we have opened your door in no time.
Opens doors 100% without damage. You are saving on your door, and so are we. Do not be afraid that your door harmed. We open doors guaranteed 100% damage.
Efficient, professional process. Through our efficient and professional process will ensure that we carry out our work well.
Familiar with all locks. Through our years of experience, we have become familiar with all locks. For us, no locks too difficult. We even open security locks.
Always equipped with the right equipment. We always have the right equipment with us. Our modern professional equipment makes it possible to open your lock quickly and efficiently, replace and repair.
More than 7 years of experience. Are replacing more than 7 years, opens and repairs Locksmith 365 different locks. We have over 10,000 people in and around Amsterdam, helped with their locks. Successfully!
Fixed low price. With us you will not be surprised. We maintain a low fixed day and nachttarrief. Our daily rate is 60 euros and our nachttarrief is 90 euros. These prices include travel costs and labor.
Various payment options as possible. You have no cash with you? This is no problem! Locksmith at 365, it is also possible to withdraw or transfer funds.
Free service. Beeps or pinch your door? Then help our very customer friendly locksmiths you like to solve this problem. Have questions about how to create completely burglar proof your home or property? Locksmith 365 gives you free comprehensive advice. We only go away if you are 100% satisfied.
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Working area

Locksmith 365 works in Amsterdam and near Amsterdam. In the following areas in Amsterdam and cities we put safety locks and we carry out our other services.


Amsterdam Centre
Stage 365 Locksmith
Stage 365 Locksmith
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Werkgebied Slotenmaker 365Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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Call us immediately if you need a locksmith in Amsterdam or surroundings. We are available 24/7 and are within 30 minutes at your doorstep. Our phone number is 06-19377776.

Do you have questions? It is also possible to email us at: info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl.

Would you like to come here at Locksmith 365? No problem, you are welcome! Our address is:

Address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H

Postal code 1073 EZ

Place: Amsterdam

Would you like more information about Locksmith 365? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly pull core pulling, or cylinder?
By pulling core pulling / cylinder drawn the core / cylinder from the lock. As a result, the lock loses its function. After a few small actions are the burglars quickly in your home or building.

How to defend against me pull cylinder?
Call Locksmith 365. We place anti core pulling cylinders and security fittings with cylinder protection, with the SKG mark. These safety locks make core pulling impossible. You feel 100% safe and leave your own home or property with confidence behind.

Which anti core pulling cillinder or herd should I choose?
It does not matter which brand you have an anti-nuclear trek cillinder or security hardware purchases with a core pulling protection. It is important that they have an SKG quality mark. Anti-core pulling cylinders and fittings with this mark, additional well-protected core pulling.

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