Penslot Break? For Locksmith 365 This Is No Problem!

You grab your coat and purse and runs the cafe out. After a night out, you thought it was enough and go on the way home. Upon returning home would you first open your penslot. But after a good look in your bag, your keys include your pin spanner, untraceable. You are shut out. What now? Call Locksmith 365 Amsterdam!

Locksmith 365 is specialized in the break-up of all kinds of locks. Make an appointment by calling 06-19377776 and we are on the spot within 30 minutes to open your penslot.

you can read the dutch version here: Penslot Openbreken? Voor Slotenmaker 365 Is Dit Geen Probleem!

Cash, pin or bank transfer. Our prices are without BTW.

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

No key on your penslot? What now?

Are you locked out? What are you doing now? There are several reasons why you are locked out:


The key has broken off in the lock.
Your pin key is broken.
The penslot is broken.
You have lost your key.
Your keys are stolen.
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How to open your penslot without key? Do not panic, call Locksmith 365 Amsterdam via 06-19377776! One of our professional locksmiths is within 30 minutes at your doorstep. In as many as 95% of the cases, the locksmith opened the door within 8 minutes.

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The penslotsleutel was demolished in the lock

You cross your penslotsleutel into the key, turn and suddenly you only the top of the key in your hand. The key is still in the final half but can not get it out. No worries and make an appointment so that we open your penslot.

Our locksmiths use the correct and most modern equipment to open your penslot. Afraid of the damage to your door? Do not worry, we do 100% damage your door. The equipment also ensures that we work quickly and efficiently.

With the help of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam you can quickly your house again, because our locksmiths specialize open your penslot. We are available day and night, even on holidays.

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Keys lost or stolen
During a night out, you find your keys, including your pin spanner, are gone. If you lost it or someone stole them? In both cases, enter a disaster because your house is now impossible.

In addition, a thief who found your keys, the ability to steal your belongings. So make an appointment with 365 Locksmith! We replaced as your slot so that the person who has your keys, do not have access to your home.

Within half an hour there is a locksmith to you to break the penslot. When penslot rupture, should unfortunately the whole lock be broken. Fortunately ensures our advanced and modern equipment make sure your door is beautiful. And besides the broken penslot is immediately replaced with a new one.

Besides opening pin auctions, repair and replacement, we also specialize in these ditches, repairing well, replace and assemble:


lay Locks
side Locks
More Dot Closures
keypad Locks
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Would you like an extra penslot or another slot? Then! Our locksmiths are happy to arrange different or new locks for you. We want you to feel safe in your home.

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Penslot or broken pin spanner

If the penslot or your key is broken, you will experience problems accessing your penslot. A penslot ensures that burglars have no chance to get inside. It is very important that you leave immediately replace a broken penslot.


If your lock is broken, that has one or more reasons:
The door or window frame has subsided.
The key images are incorrectly fitted.
The penslot is defective or worn.
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In all the above cases, Locksmith 365 solution. We specialize in repairing, replacing, or opening all types of locks.

A broken pin key is caused by wear and tear. The most common cause of wear is the careless use of the key. Locksmith 365 replaces your penslot within 25 minutes, so that your door is weather protected. Open a penslot keyless, one of the work of our locksmiths.

Replacing Penslot? Call Locksmith 365

Should your penslot be replaced? That’s a nice job for one of our locksmiths. The replacement of a penslot has to be done accurately, so that your home is again secured. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round for you.

Installing a penslot is one of our skilled locksmiths a piece of cake. In addition, 12-month guarantee on our workmanship.

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Installing a penslot

Want to protect your door? A penslot causes burglars remain outside your home.

Mounting a penslot is an accurate drawing. Inaccurate mounted penslot, increases the likelihood of failure at the end or at the door. A faulty installation ensures that burglars have a chance to penetrate.

Pens Lots are mounted on the knee and / or eye level. Pens cards have at knee level to be most effective, because burglars focus on the lower half of the door. The lock at eye level is positioned as the second lock for double security.Penslot vervangen - bel Slotenmaker 365

What does the SKG quality mark?

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw test locks on burglary. Tests with screwdrivers, hammers and even heavy grinders indicate how long a burglar about it do to force your lock.

The lock is resistant to fallow according to the SKG? Then there is awarded a mark. On the label you will see a certain number of stars:
1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

Eleven Benefits of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam


1. 24/7
Our locksmiths are 365 days a year 24/7 to help you. You have our afternoon necessary or in the middle of the night? No problem, we reach day and night.
We open your lock 100% damage
Makes you a worry about your door. We make your door open without damage
Within 30 minutes the spot
Our locksmiths are always quickly on site. If you make an appointment, they are always within half an hour at your doorstep.
Door open soon
If it’s cold outside and you have yourself locked out, it is unpleasant to wait very long. We understand that and that is why we make sure that your door is open within 8 minutes.
Sophisticated and modern equipment
Our locksmiths always have the most modern and sophisticated equipment with them. With this equipment they work quickly and efficiently.
Familiar with all types of locks
We have 7 years experience in opening, repair and replacement of all types of locks.
professional process
Locksmith 365 Amsterdam uses an efficient and professional process. You have ensured us a perfect end result.
Expert in the field of locks
Our experience is Locksmith 365 a real expert in the field of locks.
12 months guarantee on our workmanship
With us you have 1 year warranty on the finished product.
Fixed low rate
Our locksmiths charge a flat low daily rate (08:00 to 21:00) of 55 euros and a nightly rate (21:00 to 08:00) from 90 euros.
payment Methods
Would you pay cash or pins? Which can! But you may also transfer via PayPal. With us you have several payment options.
Extra service
Our locksmiths offer completely satisfied. For example, we help you free your squeaky door or clamping down. In addition, the locksmith provides you with free anti-burglary advice.
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Working area

If you live (temporarily) in Amsterdam or near Amsterdam? And are you looking for a locksmith? Our locksmiths are the following places for you:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
In the past 7 years we have helped over ten thousand clients in this region. They were very satisfied with our work. Are you the next satisfied customer?

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Target audience

Everyone should feel safe in his (temporary) home, office or business premises. We aim to:

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam English, therefore we speak are easily accessible for tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get my penslot not open, you help me?
A penslot open is one of our activities. Let your penslot but us!

Make you even open window locks?
Yes, we are also specialized in the open, repair and replacement of window locks. Burglars do not always use your door to come into your home. Window locks are very important.

Help! My pen key has broken off in the lock. What do I do now?
Pick out a deep breath and then call us via 06-19377776. We are within a maximum of half an hour with you.

you also place new locks?
Yes, we also put new locks, such as:


lay Locks
side Locks
More Dot Closures
keypad Locks
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Replaces Locksmith 365 Amsterdam my locks?
Yes, replacing locks is one of our activities. And next door locks, we also replace window locks.

My house key is broken, you are now also open my door?
Yes, we make all kinds of locks open

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