Professional Lockservice? Call Direct Locksmith 365

If you are an individual or a company? And are you looking for a professional service slot in Amsterdam or Amsterdam area? Would you like a professional lock service that opens locks in no time, place, repair or replace?

Please immediately contact Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. We are the final service of Amsterdam region 24/7 to answer any queries. 365 Locksmith is a true expert in lock area. No lock is too difficult for us. Within 30 minutes we spot it to solve the problem around your lock on.

You read the dutch version here: Professionele Slotenservice? Bel Direct Slotenmaker 365

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

The final service that solves all the problems surrounding ditches

Stolen your key or you lost him? Have you locked himself out whether your key broken off in the lock? Is your lock broke, because a burglar has forced your lock?

365 Locksmith understands better than anyone that if you need to tackle any of these problems has to do, there is immediate action. We want you to be safe in your home or office. Therefore, we are within 30 minutes of your door to address the problem equals and resolve.

Locksmith 365 performs the following tasks:


We open the lock of your door
We repair your locks
We replace your locks
We install new locks
We repair locks with fallow damage
We make locks keyed alike
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Why choose Locksmith 365?Al Het Werk Rondom Sloten Wordt Uitstekend Uitgevoerd Door Slotenmaker 365

There are many lock services in and around Amsterdam. You ask therefore probably wondering why you should choose 365 Locksmith? Are high quality, top service and friendliness at your top priority? Then you are at the right Locksmith 365 final service address.

We are a very professional lock service, which goes for 100% customer satisfaction. We deliver the highest quality and service you deserve as a customer. If you choose Locksmith 365, you ensure sure that all the work around locks is excellently performed.

With us simply benefit from many advantages. We distinguish ourselves from other lock services on the following points.

More than 7 years of experience
Through our experience of over 7 years, we have become all types of locks are known. This means that we round locks solve all the problems perfectly. No lock is too difficult for us. We are short, a real expert locked area. In addition, we have left tens of thousands of satisfied customers in these years.

available 24/7
It’s early in the morning? Late in the night? And you immediately need a lock service? 365 Locksmith is 24/7 at your service. Also on the holidays we will be happy to assist you.

Within 30 minutes at location
365 Locksmith will not leave you waiting long. We believe that issues surrounding locks to be quickly resolved. Locksmith 365 is the fastest lock service from Amsterdam and surroundings.

Blazing your door, 100% damage
In addition, we open the door the fly for you. In most cases we are within 8 minutes, 100% damage have opened the door.

We open all kinds of locks
We are able to open all kinds of locks, of all brands. From standard to safety locks. Over the years we have worked with each lock it. Think of cylinder locks, multipoint locks, pin auctions, rim locks, side locks and keypad locks.

We put safety locks top quality
We are a lock service that puts locks only top quality. For example, DOM, Lips and Nemef. We also fit security locks with SKG mark.

We maintain an efficient and professional method
Would you be 100% sure that your lock open properly replaced, installed or repaired? Then choose Locksmith 365. We open, replace, insert and fix your lock in an efficient and professional process. In addition, we use the most modern equipment. Your safety is our paramount concern.

Various payment options
With us you pay what you want. Do not have cash at home? Then you have the option to pay by debit or via PayPal.

Always a friendly locksmith to your door
We are known as a customer-friendly service lock. It is important that all our customers are 100% satisfied. Let us help you from those pesky wheezing or stuck door, where you a while to annoy. Do you want to break your home safer? Will notify us and we will provide you with a free anti-burglary advice.

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Slotenmaker Amsterdam TEam foto
“Wij als team van slotenmakers in Amsterdam staan 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week voor u klaar. ” Jacob Kol - Eigenaar Slotenmaker 365

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365 Locksmith – For safety locks

Want to protect your home or business against intrusion? It is wise to put safety locks of high quality. 365 Locksmith place this security locks. This kind of locks come with SKG mark.

SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. This organization tests, inspects and certifies locks and other products for the construction industry. The locks go through a very rigorous test it. They must meet the highest standards and have assigned only the label if they are burglar proof. So you are assured of secure locks that keep intruders out.

After this rigorous inspection, the locks are rated with 1, 2 or 3 stars. The more stars, the more break-ins were the lock. Below we explain what the stars mean.


1 star SKG mark. Locks 1 star burglary. In these locks do burglars are less than 3 minutes to break open the lock. Typically, a 1 star lock in combination lock with another SKG placed.
2 stars SKG mark. Locks with two stars are heavily burglar proof. In these locks do burglars have three minutes to break open the lock.
3 stars SKG mark. Locks with three stars are extra heavy burglar proof. In these locks do burglars have 5 minutes to break open the lock.

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Burglars hooks generally after 2 minutes off if the lock does not get open. Locks scare with the SKG mark them almost immediately. If burglars come to your door and they see a lock with stars, then your home or business is no longer interesting for them.

Locksmith 365 sets various security locks 1 / m 3 stars. It makes your home or office directly a piece of burglary were more. Besides ensuring security locks for a secure feeling. Call 365 right Locksmith to have put these locks.

Target audience

Are you experiencing problems with your lock? 365 Locksmith is ready for you. We help all people who need assistance with their locks. Do you speak English? No problem! We are a lock service who speaks fluent English.

The following groups often make use of our services:



Working area

The final service is not only in Amsterdam for you, but also in cities around Amsterdam. Hilversum to Volendam. See below what places Locksmith 365 operates.

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

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Contact details Locksmith 365

Do you have a final service needed immediately or have any questions? 365 Locksmith is at your service. please contact us by phone and email.

We can be contacted at the following telephone number: 06-19377776. Our email address is:

Would you rather like to come over? We welcome you to our office. Our address is:

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Postal Code: 1079 ZG
Place: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

What work Locksmith 365 all perform?
We solve all the problems associated with locks on. Locksmith 365 performs the following tasks:


We open doors
We repair locks
We replace locks
We install new locks
We repair locks with fallow damage
We make locks keyed alike
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With us, you know 100% sure that the locks opened correctly positioned, replaced and repaired.

It is a holiday, but I immediately need a lock service. Are you also working on holidays?
Yes! 24/7 we are at your disposal. Even on Christmas or New Years Day. Within 30 minutes we are at your door.

I want to protect my home against burglary. you also place safety locks?
Besides standard locks, we also install safety locks. We place different security locks that bear the SKG mark. 1 t / m 3 stars. These locks are of very high quality because they meet the highest demands. This makes them very difficult to force through burglars.

Open, replace, insert and fix your locks even at commercial premises?
We not only take housing construction, as well as business premises. Locksmith 365 has left thousands of commercial property owners happy.

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