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You want a new lock. You then have two choices: You replace your own lock or let replace your lock. Want to replace your lock yourself? Here you get a kind of lock an entire guide on how to do it. Would you prefer to do? Then choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. We replace all the locks. In no time we have installed your new lock.

You can read the dutch version here:Slot vervangen: Snel gefikst door Slotenmaker 365

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Purchase a lock

What should you look for when you buy a new lock? Preferably choose the same kind of lock with the same dimensions. Otherwise, you must make in your door extra holes. It is common not pretty and it takes a lot of time.

Door locks

There is a wide choice of many types of door locks. Door locks are divided into two groups.


Master Locks: The most important lock on your door
Side Locks: Additional locks
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Head locks come in different types:


Lay Lock: A lock that is not in your door, but it is mounted on your door. Some rim locks have a loose cylinder. Others have a fixed cylinder. A cylinder is the metal tube where the key suit.
Mortise lock: A mortise lock is suitable for wooden doors. To mount a mortise lock, is beginning with a hole carved in your door. Since the mortise lock is inserted.
Narrow mortise lock: Narrow mortice higher and shallower than normal mortice. They are not into wooden doors, but placed in plastic and metal doors.
Espagnolette: An espagnolette consists of rods. There is both an installation and a surface mounted version.
Ordinary multi-point lock: A burglar proof lock consider getting one operation at multiple points.
Narrow Slot-multipoint locking: A multipoint lock a shallower but has higher lock case (the lock box is the rectangular portion of the slot where the key part of it).
Keypad Lock: A very old fashioned lock that is easy to crack. These locks, therefore, not so often occur more frequently.
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Also, additional locks come in different types


Occasional mortise lock: A side mortise lock is more expensive than a penslot, but the lock less damaging and has a smaller key.
Penslot: A penslot is very popular. It is an inexpensive mortise lock. However penslot also has disadvantages. Firstly, the key is very large. Secondly, misuse or incorrect installation quickly broken lock as a result.
Side bearing lock: A side-lay lock often works with dial. The lock is not only as a side lock placed on front and rear doors, but also often as a main lock on shed doors and general entrance.
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Replacing a support slot or a mortise lock with single cylinder

A bearing lock and a mortise lock with a loose cylinder to be replaced in the same way. Usually it is not necessary to replace the entire lock, unless your lock case is broken. You only replace the cylinder. That’s how it works:


1. On the side of the lock is a screw on the height of the keyhole. Loosen the screw.
2. Insert the key into the lock. Turn it around quarter to the left or right.
3. Pull the cylinder out.
4. Does not it work? Is probably the cylinder clamp into the batter. Therefore unscrew the entire herd. Now pull the cylinder out the door.
5. Unpack the new cylinder and place it in the cylinder hole.
6. Tighten the screw at the height of the keyhole.
7. Do a test that the lock works. this leaves open the door.
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Replacing a support slot with fixed cylinder

A solid cylinder is a cylinder which is attached to the lock. You therefore replaces the entire rim lock and not only the cylinder. This takes much more time. How to proceed?


1. Tighten all screws on the lock out.
2. Pick the lock on your door.
3. Grasp the supporting slot.
4. Put it on your door and screw it down.
5. There are two parts of the lock which stabbing from your door; These are the day and the deadbolt. Look carefully if they fall into the holes that are in your doorway. they fall not good at? Pick up a chisel and chisel hollows out in the right place in your doorway.
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Replacing a drive gear

Espagnol networks are very different. Therefore, no general plan can be given of how to replace a drive gear.

Replacing one (smalslot-) multi-point lock

A multi-point lock replacement is very difficult. It is best to unscrew your multi-point lock and take it to a hardware store or a lock specialist. Ask for a new multi-point lock with the same dimensions. At a hardware store or specialty store closing one knows more about the installation of the specific multi-point lock you’ve chosen.

To replace a multipoint closure:


1. Look at the door handle on the inside of your door. There is a screw. Tighten the screw.
2. Remove the two door handles from your door.
3. Tighten the screws of the fitting loose. The fittings are metal plates for your slot to protect it.
4. Remove the batter from both the inside and the outside of your door down.
5. Put the key in the keyhole.
6. Turn it slightly to the left or right.
7. Pull the key and cylinder comes out.
8. Meet with accutol drill all the screws from the lock release
9. Insert a screwdriver into the deurkrukgat.
10. Push the screwdriver towards the doorway. In this way, you click release the multi-point lock.
11. Now take the multi-point locking your door.
12. Put the lock cases of the old and the new multi-point lock together to make sure they are equal.
13. Insert the new multipoint locking in place of your old multi-point lock.
14. Press the multi-point lock along the entire length of the door well.
15. Screw all the screws of the multi-point lock.
16. Take the new cylinder.
17. Insert the key.
18. Place the cylinder in the cylinder hole.
19. Put the batter on the door on the inside and on the outside.
20. Tighten all screws of the fitting.
21. Push the door handle on the outside of the hole.
22. Now do even the door handle on the inside in the correct hole.
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Replacing a keyboard lock

A keypad lock has no cylinder. You can always replace the entire lock. These steps walk you through replacing a keyboard lock:


Tighten all screws from the lock.
Insert the new keyboard lock in the hollow of the old keyboard lock.
Screw the lock.
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Window Locks

Much attention is given to door locks and burglary. Window locks should not be forgotten. These windows also are regularly broken. Which window locks are there?


Tree Window: A window tree is a handle that allows you to open a window and close it.
Window Grendel: A bearing lock is suitable for almost all windows.
Inbouwspagnolet: A lock made of tubes which closes on several points.
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Replacing a window tree

A window tree is a simple lock and it is easy to replace:


1. Make all the screws from the window tree.
2. Screw the new slot.

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Replacing a window latch

To replace a window latch:


1. Tighten all screws on the lock release.
2. Put the new window latch against the window.
3. Tighten all screws on the window latch.

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Replacing a inbouwespagnolet

Inbouwspagnoletten are so different from each other, that there is no general manual.

replace your lock

Do you not feel yourself to replace your lock? Let Locksmith 365 replace your lock. Our locksmiths get the job done quickly. They also offer great quality off. What new lock would you? You can choose from all available locks. Allow your lock replaced by the same type of lock or by another kind of lock. You have all the choice.

The work of 365 Locksmith

We at Locksmith 365 can replace much more than your lock. This we do for you:


We repair your castle with fallow damage
We put new locks
You will not be in your house? Call and immediately there will be a locksmith to you to quickly open your lock.
We repair your locks.
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Your benefits at Locksmith 365

With us you have a lot of advantage. Why?


We have your lock your door within 8 minutes in 95% of cases.Professionele slotenservice
You can reach us day and night, every day of the week.
All locks we open (including eg security locks and keypad locks).
Your lock will open without damage by us all.
Our locksmiths are always within half an hour with you.
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At 365 Locksmith we help a wide variety of people. Every day we get new satisfied customers there. Who can we do something?


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Working area

Our office is in Amsterdam, but we also operate around the places Amsterdam. Here we work:


Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam NorthWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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Have a question or want to make an appointment? Please call: 06-1937776. Our office is on the pipe. Come visit us. Our address is:

Rustenburgstraat 155 H

1073 EZ, Amsterdam

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