Replacing locks Amsterdam? Approved by Insurance

Want to replace your locks? There are many reasons for wanting to do.

Many people try to save some money by itself to attempt to mount the lock.

But the good replacement of a lock is difficult and if you do not do it professionally may be that your door is stuck or the new lock is not as safe as you think.

In addition, in the case of an attempted burglary that many insurance companies do not accept the claim if the lock is not installed by a professional.

Our friendly locksmiths have all kinds and types of cylinders and locks with them. As we have seen your door and lock receive your specific advice.

He makes you happy to see a number of suitable options while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different cylinders and replace it on the spot.

Although it is very unprofessional would be of us without knowing your specific situation to give a price, we can tell you that replacing a common cylinder in Amsterdam about 75-80 euros including all costs.

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You can read the dutch version here: Sloten Vervangen Amsterdam? Goedgekeurd door Verzekering

Purchase a door lock or window lock

The first step in changing locks is the purchase of the right slot. These factors you should consider:

The type of door or window: In case of a rebated door is a portion of the door on the door frame when the door is closed. Door so sticks out. A flush door is completely in the door. you can not use heavy locks for rebated who are very burglar proof. The lock should then be mounted much against the door edge. This worsened the burglary of the door.
What material is the door or window: metal, wood or plastic.

The direction of the door or window: A door running well or to the left or right outwards or inwards. This does not affect the type of lock that is best to purchase. Look at the product, one for which direction it is appropriate.

Several door locks

There is a wide range of door locks. They are divided into two categories.


Master Locks: A key lock is the most important slot that sits on your doorstep.
Occasional Locks: Side Locks are extra locks mounting above or below the main lock for extra burglary.

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Locks head can be subdivided into sub-categories:


Just mortise lock: A mortise lock is placed in a door.
Narrow mortise lock: A narrow mortise lock is relatively high but shallow. Come almost exclusively for plastic and metal doors.
Lay Lock: A lock is mounted on the door. There are rim locks with a fixed and a loose cylinder. A cylinder is a metal tube where you insert your key.
Ordinary multi-point lock: A multi-point lock is a mortise lock that closes in three or five points. A multi-point lock is therefore extra safe. The easy of a multi-point lock is that you open the lock at one point and connect.
Narrow Slot-multipoint locking: Same as a regular multi-point lock. The lock case (the rectangular portion of the lock) is relatively shallow and very high.
Keypad Lock: This is a very simple lock and not very burglar-proof lock. Keypad locks are used for interior doors, cabinet doors, storage doors, balcony doors and patio doors. Very rarely, this lock is used to close the door. Here is a keyboard lock also not suitable for.
Espagnolette: Espagnol networks are often just locked from the inside. This type of lock is mainly for balcony and patio doors because the locks can be easily broken. There are two sub-categories: A inbouwespagnolet is a large slot that runs along the entire length of the door and sometimes also still partly on the top, bottom or back. A opbouwespagnolet consists of two rods which run over the entire length of the door.
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Side Locks are also available in different categories below:

Penslot: This lock is most often used by individuals as a side slot. A penslot is a slot that is especially suitable for wooden doors. It’s cheap but effective. A penslot has a rather large key.
Occasional mortise lock: The lock is mounted in the door. This type of lock is usually more expensive than a penslot, but you have the convenience of a small key.
Side bearing lock: A bearing lock is mounted on the door. It is often the main lock on salvage and boxdeuren. This slot can usually operate on the inside with a dial.
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Different window locks

Much attention is given to door locks and burglary. Window locks should not be forgotten. Also, windows are regularly broken. Which window locks are there?


Grendel window: window latches are rim locks (they are mounted on the window). There is a wide variety of window latches. They are suitable for almost all types of windows. They are suitable for blunt, wooden windows.
Window Trees: A tree frame is a simple lock that is usually used for windows, but sometimes doors.
Inbouwspagnoletten: These locks are especially suitable for the windows.
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How do you replace a (narrow) mortise lock with single cylinder?

You have a support slot with a single cylinder and want to replace the cylinder. replacing the entire lock is not necessary happy. You only need to replace the cylinder. The cylinder is a metal tube where you push the key.

How do you replace a mortise lock with single cylinder?

1. Insert the key into the lock and turn the lock.
2. If you have security fittings, pull it first out the door. Did you just take? Then you can just let it sit.
3. Look at the side of the door (on the side where the door is running). Approximately at the height of the slot is a screw. Remove the screw.
4. Pull the cylinder. The cylinder comes out without any problems.
5. Replace the cylinder with another cylinder.
6. Tighten the screw firmly in the slot. Possibly put you back around your lock safety batter.

How do you replace a support slot with a single cylinder?

Do you have a support slot with a single cylinder? You just replace the cylinder again. How do you replace the cylinder of this type of lock ?:

1. Look at the side of the door, on the side where the slot is. Loosen the screw at the height of the keyhole. Now is the cylinder loose in the slot, but you can not pull him yet.
2. Put your key in your lock and turn it slightly to the left or right.
3. Remove the cylinder from the lock.
4. Usually, you can pull the cylinder with ease from your lock. If you can not? Sometimes the batter a little crooked installed, thereby stuck the barrel. Screw fittings loose. Now you can pull the cylinder out of the slot.
5. Insert the new cylinder back into the cylinder hole.
6. Tighten the screw on the side back into the slot.
7. Test that the lock operates with the door open.

How do you replace a support slot with a fixed cylinder?

A support slot with a fixed cylinder replaced without replacing much more time and effort than a supporting slot with a single cylinder. The supporting lock must in fact be replaced in its entirety. What do you have to do?

1. Tighten all screws out at the front and at the side of the lock. Now you can pick the lock of the door.
2. You place the supporting lock on the door. Insert the new bearing lock securing the door and screw.
3. On the side of the slot are two parts that stick out and which can be pressed. These parts are called day and the deadbolt. There are holes in your door frame in which the day and the deadbolt should fall. Is not that so? Then puts some wood with a chisel, making the day and the dead bolt or falling pole.

How do you replace a (smalslot-) multi-point lock?

Replacing a multipoint closure is not exactly easy. Would you rather do it themselves? Screw your multi-point lock release and take it to a professional hardware or to a lock specialist. If you buy a new lock with the same dimensions do not need to make any additional adjustments.

1. Let you in the professional building market, trailing dealer regarding installation and inform the details of your new lock. How to proceed if you want to replace a new multi-point lock (we assume that your new multi-point lock is the same size as your old multi-point lock).Loosen the screw on the door handle on the inside. Now, the door handles are loose.
2. Remove the door handles from your door.
3. The herd consists of metal plates around your castle. Screw fittings loose.
4. Remove the batter on the inside and outside of your door.
5. Insert the key into the cylinder.
6. Turn it slightly to the left or right.
7. Pull it out.
8. Using a accutol drill all screws in the multi-point lock release
9. Insert a screwdriver into the hole where first sat in the door handles.
10. Click the multi-point lock release.
11. You can now pick up the multi-point lock easily from your door.
12. Put the lock cases of the old and the new multi-point lock together. If all goes well, the final cabinets are equal.
13. Insert the new multi-point lock your door.
14. Press the multi-point lock on all items securely.
15. Screw the accutol down all screws of the multi-point lock.
16. Unpack the new cylinder and insert the wrench.
17. Push the cylinder into the hole.
18. First, place the batter on the inside with the door handle.
19. Then place the fitting on the outside.
20. Screw the batter.
21. Place the handle on the outside.

How to replace a keyboard lock?

A keypad lock is a lock without (loose) cylinder. Only replace the cylinder can not. To replace the entire lock. How to proceed?

1. Unscrew the screws on your keyboard lock loose. Be sure the screws on the side of the door.
2. Insert the new keyboard lock into the space on the side of the door.
3. Screw your new keyboard lock.

How do you replace a drive gear?

Replacing a espanolet is not exactly an easy task. Each mark has to be again mounted in a different way. A general roadmap giving how to replace a drive gear is therefore not possible.

How do you replace a window latch?

It is quite easy to replace a window latch.

1. Bolt on both the part of the lock which is mounted in your window as the part that is mounted in your window frame.
2. Screw your window latch in your window and your window frame.

How do you replace a window tree?

A window tree is a very simple lock. It is therefore easy to replace as long as you replace your old window tree by tree a new window with the same dimensions.

1. Unscrew the old window tree out your window. Do not forget the part of the window tree which is to unscrew mounted in the window frame.
2. Screw the new window tree in your window and window frame.

How do you replace a inbouwespagnolet?

A inbouwespagnolet comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s hard to replace a inbouwespagnolet. Because there are so many different installation espagnolettes, they are all different mounted. We can not provide an overall roadmap how to replace a inbouwespagnolet.

Locksmith 365 are replacing your locks

No time or no desire to yourself to replace your locks? Make an appointment with Locksmith 365. Our locksmiths have years of experience and thus work very efficiently. In an instant, we replace your locks and for a great low price!

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365 Locksmith does much more than just replace your locks!

We provide many services for you. In these ways we can help you:Laat uw sloten vervangen door slotenmaker 365


Is your lock broken? No problem! We repair your locks.
We put new locks.
If your final injury by burglary or attempted burglary, we restore your lock.
We make your locks keyed alike. That means you can open all the locks with the same key.
The lock on your front door and you can not go in? We open in no time your lock.
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Your benefits at Locksmith 365

Why choose Locksmith 365? Because you only have 365 Locksmith these benefits;


Our locksmiths always have the most sophisticated equipment with them. Thereby replacing, repairing and they open your locks quickly and efficiently.
We open your locks 100% damage. That means very beautiful and keep your doors.
Our locksmiths are familiar with all the locks of their long experience. Each lock them open with ease, even security locks.
You always benefit from our low rate.
Do you need us? We are always ready for you. At 3 o’clock in the morning, on Sunday, on a cold Christmas night; We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days to reach in the year.
Enjoy our great service! There is a friendly locksmith to you along with a lot of knowledge and expertise. For example, he helps you quickly wheezing or stuck door down, but also provides you with free advice on burglary prevention.
How do you wish to pay? Pin, cash or do you prefer the manual? Decide it yourself.
Proposes to you: you stand before a closed door. Call Locksmith and we are always there within 30 minutes. Our locksmiths to open your door then in 95% of cases in 8 minutes. You’re right back in!
Our locksmiths to open all locks, including safety locks!
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Contact information

You need a locksmith? Call us by phone: 06-19377776. If you prefer to our office? You are very welcome! Our address is:

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