A Nemef Safety Tips for Optimal Protection From Your Home

With Nemef safety fittings create it impossible for intruders to withdraw or cancel the cylinders of your lock out. We at Locksmith 365 fit new locks and replace old locks. Additionally, you are also at the right address with us if you are locked out or if your keys are stolen.

A security hardware is just one of the many ways to ward off burglars. Do not make it easy for Veiligheidsbeslagburglars and secure your home. Learn more about intrusion? Click here. Or contact us!

You can read the dutch version here: Veiligheidsbeslag Voor Optimale Beveiliging

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What is a security hardware?

A safety attachment is used in order to protect the mortise lock and the cylinder against burglars. A lock that is not protected, it is easier to break open with pliers. Burglars break too far protruding cylinder easily.

The safety fittings have a thick, massive and rigid outer shield. are no screws on the outside. these are concealed. The screws are fitted from the inside to ensure optimum safety.

Pulling core is a widely used method for burglars to break into. Burglars run a hardened drill screw in the keyhole. With a claw hammer or a special core puller is then the the core of the cylinder drawn out of the housing, or to cut off the cylinder.

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How burglars break in?

There are several types of intruders. Police distinguishes between two types of burglars:

Professional burglars:

Before these burglars try their luck, they first do a thorough preparation. Here you need a little of the burglars in the Home Alone movies. They define their break from it all. They know what time you leave, what time you come home, what time the postman or the cleaning lady comes and so on.

Professional burglars go for the big prize, an average terraced house they skip.

Burglars occasion:

A whopping 80% of burglaries are committed by occasional burglars. These burglars are only interested in one thing as quickly and easily as possible take their chances. They have no comprehensive plan and often use simple tools such as a screwdriver.

Burglars have devised many ways to break in. Below are seven ways that burglars to get into your home.

1. Cylinder break off or pull
Did you know that burglars easily break open many cylinder? They use different tools in order to draw the cylinder out of the lock. Sometimes, the cylinder is first broken down and then pulled out of the lock. Your lock is then easily opened.

With a safety attachment you make it impossible for burglars to pull out the cylinder. This is a hard metal outer shield to optimally protect your cylinder. These locks have a safety rosette that protects the cylinder. A security rosette is a round metal portion around the keyhole.

2. Fishing
By using this method burglars a clothes hanger to push down the handle through your letterbox. When you do your door, angling has no effect.

3. Hole drilling in the door or in the window
If a burglar has seen your keys still in the lock, they use a method similar to fishing. Only they are trying to turn your key in place of the door handle.

The intruder drills a hole in the door next to your lock. Then he pushes a piece of wire through the hole, and he tries to turn the key and thus open your door. Never leave keys in the door and put them aside.

4. creep
Officially, no creep burglary, because criminals do no harm to come inside. They enter through open windows or doors. It’s easy to do something against intruders. If you are going to close up the windows and doors or always keeps an eye on where they can go inside.

5. Pinball
When used pinball burglars a pass to open a lock. They stabbing the card between the door and the jamb. Thereafter, they try the portion of the slot and in which is pulled out, to press. So this is the part that is in and extend when the handle down and goes back upstairs.

To avoid this, always do lock the door when you leave, if only for the block with the dog.

In addition, also a way to prevent pinball its anti-break-in strips. Burglar-proof strips are placed on the door and the jamb, so that no gap is where a burglar puts in a pass. Want to know more about anti-intrusion comics? Click here.

6. The chat trick
The chat trick is also one of the ways burglars to enter. Older people are often here to suffer.

There is rung at you and you open it. With an excuse burglar talks inwardly. It occurs, for example when someone of an electricity or maybe even someone of homecare. Always ask for identification. And never give personal information simply off.

7. Break a door or window

A frequently used method is the break-in kicking down of a door or a window. Allow an extra slot by one of our locksmiths or a sturdier door. In addition, good lighting a must at your doors. And ensure that neighbors have a clear view of your doors.

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Give burglars no chance

Building hardware is an essential part of intrusion. We at Locksmith 365 are expert in the field of locks. We put locks for you so that your home is well protected against burglary.
Burglars prefer to work as quickly as possible because they want to get caught. If you have additional locks on your door late places, they have to rely more time to open your door. And that is not convenient for them, because they actually want toGeef inbrekers geen kans met veiligheidsbeslag be as quickly as possible.

In addition, criminals are also attracted to poorly lit front – and rear doors. Always allow adequate lighting at both the front – and back. A door hidden behind bushes and trees, is another attention grabber for burglars because they get the chance sight of local residents to take their chances.

With Nemef or Axa security fittings hold intruders out. Besides Nemef or Axa security hardware, there are also many more brands, these are:



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A security hardware Dieckmann is just as effective as a safety Lips batter. The difference is in the price. Each security has confiscated three SKG Hallmark star, which means that as a heavyweight burglar proof is approved.

How do you know when you bought a good lock? Below you can read more about this.

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Quality Mark Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw

Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw, also SKG, is an independent foundation that locks tests, inspects and certifies. Only if a lock meets the stringent requirements of SKG, it is given a label. A label has one, two or three stars:


1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

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Secured by

A house with SKG approved locks, is also eligible for the Secured by. The Secured by Design was founded in the Netherlands and Belgium to reduce the number of burglaries.

The label should encourage businesses and individuals to better protect their properties. If a company or property meets the requirements of the Secured by, you will receive a sticker. There is a 50% less chance that when you burgled is when you have a label sticker. This sticker is visible at the front – or rear posted.

The requirements that a home or commercial building must meet are:


You are informed of burglary.
There is plenty of light at the doors.
There are smoke detectors installed on each floor.
The front door is easy to Zen from the street.
All windows and doors are secured by locks with a SKG certificate.

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Difference security fittings

There are several security fittings. They have no external differences and there is no difference in effect. The only difference is in the price of each security hardware.


The safety fittings Nemef costs about between 45 and 90 euros.
The price of a security Hoppe batter is between 100 and 200 euros.
An Ami security hardware costs about 40 euros.
The Dieckmann security hardware is pricey, the price of this security fittings is between 100 and 300 euros.
For Lips safety batter you pay about 70 euros.
The Buva security hardware costs about between 50 and 60 euros.
The S2 security hardware and security hardware Ami same prices, these costs also apply approximately between 50 and 60 euros.

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Each security fittings have two or three stars SKG, which means they are heavily anti-burglary or heavyweight burglar proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my house key lost. What now?
Do not panic. Call Locksmith 365, go to your home or to stay in front of your door. We are on the spot and quickly make your door within 30 minutes.

Do not have a spare key anymore? Do not you feel more secure in your own home because you’re afraid that the lost key at night or during the day is broken for you? Besides we are also opening your door locks replaced. We have different secure locks in our offer and we guarantee the right slot that meets all your needs.

We encourage our customers typically a new slot if they lost their house key. This is for their own safety.

I lost my whole forest house keys lost. What has to happen?

It is also possible that you’ve lost your house keys hit. Those of your front door, back door, barn door and so on. This is very annoying. If you have lost your whole bunch of house keys and you no longer have spare key of all keys, then all locks must be replaced. 365 locksmith replace your old locks quickly secure new locks.

You also have the option to make your locks by our common key. These locks can operate than with one key. You do not need to lug more with a heavy full of keys and touch not the same as your house keys lost.

Which locks replaces Locksmith 365?
You’ve lost your house key and you want to replace your lock? Or simply want a new slot, because your old slot is no longer safe? Then you should being with us! We replace all locks including security locks. We replace cylinder locks, rim locks, side locks, multipoint locks, keypad locks and pin cards.

If I’ve lost my house key, why should I choose Locksmith 365?
We are within 30 minutes on site 24/7 and we open the doors and we replace locks. Through our years of experience, more than 7 years, we are expert in opening doors and replacing locks.

We open all kinds of locks including security locks. In addition, we open doors 100% damage and in 95% of cases in 8 minutes. We maintain an efficient and professional process and use professional equipment. Our locksmiths are very friendly and give you free advice.

Finally you pay easily with us. You pay by cash, pin or Reposting. So you lost your house key or want to replace your lock? Then choose Locksmith 365.

What is the working area of ​​365 Locksmith?
Our area is and around Amsterdam: Amsterdam East, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Westpoort, Amsterdam North Amsterdam West, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, IJburg, Diemen, Haarlem, Zaandam and Amstelveen.

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