Secu Security – For Doors and Windows – against burglars

Doors and windows are an easy way for burglars to get into your house to commit a burglary. When you make sure that your doors and windows are fitted with secu security, thieves have no chance. Secure doors and windows with Secu and prevent a burglary. 365 Locksmith offers various types Secu security.

You can read the dutch version here: Secu Beveiliging – Voor Deuren en Ramen – Tegen inbrekers

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Secure doors and windows with security Secu

Only a screwdriver, a koevat or a simple bank card. That is all what a burglar to open your door or window and all bring your unabashedly personal belongings.

How good are your doors and windows secured against intruders? If you choose Secu Security Locksmith 365, then a burglar has no longer in his head to pick out your door or window.

What is securitization security?

Secu offers a complete package of solutions for a safe living and working environment. Products Secu are all easy to assemble themselves, they are beneficial and help prevent a burglary. The Secu security products are already used by many individuals (construction) companies and housing associations.

What is the purpose of secubeveiliging?

With Secu prevents intrusion. You will feel safer in your home and you have less chance of being robbed.

Various types of security Secu

Secu offers a versatile range of security products. We will explain them below:

1. SecuStrips

The Secustrip is a system consisting of two strips of steel that can be attached to the door or window and the frame. When closing a window or door hooks SecuStrips together so there is no space between the door or window and door frame. This makes it impossible to open a door or window with a screwdriver, crowbar or card. You keep unwanted visitors out.

All kinds secustrips – from secu1 to secu3
There are a number of different types SecuStrips. We will explain them below for you to:

Secustrip type 1 – door Secu1
Secu 1 is the basic model of the Secustrip. Secu 1 is suitable for inward opening doors and windows. The front door is often an inward opening door.

Secu 3 gelijkiggend for backdoor
Secu third flush for backdoor
Secustrip Type 2 special – front door
Secu 2 is suitable for windows and doors that open inward. The front door usually turns inward open. Secu 2 is the most common type Secustrip for front doors. This is because this is a slim cut and fits in almost all situations. In addition, this type is also suitable for mounting on sliding doors and sliding windows and a little less straight and sleek frame.

Secustrip type 3 – back
Secu 3 for the back door is to be applied to outward opening doors or windows. Secu 3 is suitable for doors or windows that are completely flat or have a back position * 4 to 6 mm.

Secustrip type 3 flush – back
Secu3 flush suitable for outward opening (rear) doors or windows that are completely flush with the frame.

Secustrip type 3t – back
Secu 3t is applicable to outward (rear) doors or windows with 0 to 30 mm back position *.

The back location is the distance from the door to the front of the door frame
The back location is the distance from the door to the front of the door frame
Secustrip type 2 aluminum line – front door
Type 2 aluminum line is suitable for inwards (front) doors or windows. The anti-burglar strips are made of aluminum in this type and look neat.

Secustrip type 3T5 aluminum line – back
Secu 3t 5 aluminum line features a sleek design and is applicable to outward (rear) doors that back position 3 to 5 mm *.

Secustrip type 3t8 aluminum line – back
Secu strip 3t8 is suitable for outward opening (rear) doors 6 to 8 mm back position *.

Secustrip type 3t20 / 3t23 / 3t26 aluminum line
Secustrip 3t20, 3t23 and 3t26 suitable for outward opening (rear) doors with a back position *.

Type 3t20: 18 to 20 mm back position
Type 3t23: 21 to 23 mm back position
Type 3t26: 24 to 26 mm back position

* The back location is the distance from the door to the front of the frame.

2. SecuBar barrier rods
With SecuBar you keep burglars from getting through your window to commit a burglary. SecuBar barrier rails ensure that nobody can crawl through your window inside. Choose then turn windows open day and night for SecuBar without risk to burglars.

3. SecuMax security
SecuMax security has been specially developed for the protection of doors and garage doors. For example, choose Mailbox open security angling for window locks or anti-climb security.

4. SecuShield glass protection

With SecuShield glass protection one tap more into your glass. Your glass is protected invisible thanks SecuShield.

Secu security and more services at Locksmith 365

365 Locksmith secures your home or business premises with Secu and have even more to offer.

Discover our varied services:

1. We open doors

Are you facing a closed door? Did you leave the key inside the door down? are still within your keys? Or are you on the road lost your keys?

Call Locksmith 365. We open your door within 8 minutes, allowing you to quickly inside state.

2. We will replace locks

There are as many reasons why you want to replace locks. For example, because your keys are stolen, because a key has broken off in the lock or because your door lock is broken. We will replace your locks quickly and efficiently for new ones.

3. We repair locks

Is your door lock broken? It is no longer possible to rotate or lock pick lock? That is very annoying. We repair your locks and then she turns and takes slot effortlessly locked.

4. We offer intrusion prevention

Would you feel safer in your own home? Intrusion prevention is a good start. With proper locks and security make burglars no chance. Choose intrusion of Locksmith 365.

5. We make all your locks keyed alike

How convenient is it to rotate lock all your doors with one key ?! Let your locks keyed alike by making Locksmith 365. Contact us today at.

6. We repair locks with fallow damage

After a break, the repair of locks with fallow damage required. A friendly locksmith of Locksmith 365 repair your damaged locks and gives you tips for a burglary to avoid next time.

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Targets Locksmith 365

To take advantage of one of our services? We are available to everyone.


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Working area

You use our services if you reside in one of the cities below:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
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We use the following fixed rates:

Daily rate: € 55.00 (between 08.00 and 21.00)
Nightly Rate: € 90.00 (between 21.00 and 08.00)

The above rates include travel costs and labor. The material, as secustrips other secu security or locks, is not included.

Therefore locksmith 365


We think you deserve a lot of extra service
We are very highly rated by our many satisfied customers.
24 hours a day we are available for you.Daarom Slotenmaker 365
We come to you with the right parts and tools required.
If you need us, we are within 30 minutes at your doorstep.
We have an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of intrusion prevention.
We are professional and efficient work.
All our work we carry out without causing damage to doors or windows.
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Contact Locksmith 365 is simple. You can call us at the following telephone number: 06-19377776.

We then ask for your problem and come up with a suitable solution. Within 30 minutes we are with you. We help you then very quickly and give as much as 12 months warranty on all workmanship. Contact Locksmith 365 so!

Frequently asked questions about security Secu

What is a Secustrip?

A Secustrip is a form of intrusion. The Secustrip consists of two steel strips that can be attached to doors or windows. They hook into each other when closing the door or the window.

With this form of intrusion prevents burglars enter through playing pinball with a pass or by using a crowbar or screwdriver.

Secu what kinds of security are there?

The Secu range is extensive. Global is divided Secu security in four different categories:

Secustrips make it impossible to open a door or window with a screwdriver, crowbar or card. Burgled is not inside.

SecuBar barrier rods
With SecuBar barrier rods nobody crawling through your window inside. The advantage is that your windows during the day and at night safely left open without any risk of a burglary.

SecuMax security
With SecuMax security protects (garage) doors. Some possibilities: mailbox protection against open angling, window latches, door security or anti-climb security.

SecuShield glass protection
With SecuShield glass protection one tap more into your glass. With SecuShield your glass invisible protected.

What steps can I take everything to prevent a break-in?

Locksmith 365 encourages you to take the following measures in the field of intrusion prevention:


Let Secu application security
Let safety locks put by Locksmith 365
Choose locks that are held by the SKG mark
Provide lighting in both front and back
Let put an alarm system
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