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Locks are there to keep out unwanted guests. Unfortunately, it is sometimes so that you do not come into your house. We at Locksmith 365 are open an expert in locks. We open your lock in no time. 365 Locksmith does still open more than locks. For example, we repair your locks.

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Door locks

Would you like us to open your lock? There are all kinds of locks. They fall into two categories:


Master Locks: This slot can usually opens with a key. It is the main lock on your door.
Side Locks: Additional locks that make it even harder for burglars to break into.

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Master Locks are divided into:


Ordinary multi-point lock: A multipoint lock locks the door at 3 or 5 points down.
Narrow Slot-multipoint lock: The lock case of a narrow slot-multi-point lock is higher and thinner than a conventional multi-point lock.
Lay Lock: A bearing lock is placed on your door.
Keypad Lock: A keyboard lock is very simple and cheap. Usually this lock does not work well against burglary.
Just mortise lock: This lock insert in your door.
Espagnolette: This slot running along the length of your door.
Narrow mortise lock: Narrow mortice and are shallower than ordinary mortice. Narrow mortise locks are mostly placed in plastic and metal doors.
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Side locks come in different versions for:


A penslot small slot that is especially suitable for wooden doors.
Occasional mortise lock: A side mortise lock is more expensive, larger and burglary were more than a penslot.
Side bearing lock: A opslegslot is installed on your doorstep.
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Opening a door lock

“Help, I can not!” Do you recognize this situation? It is very annoying to face a closed door. We understand from Locksmith 365 Amsterdam too. Therefore, there is a direct locksmith to you when you call. Within half an hour there is a professional locksmith at your doorstep. He will make your lock.

The locksmith has his tools with him. He immediately goes to work. Do you have a door lock which is not very common, or for example a security lock on your door? Our locksmiths are able to open any type of door lock.

Our locksmiths have many years of experience and that you will notice! They are incredibly fast. Did you know that your lock is open in 95% of the time within a mere 8 minutes? We will not leave you out in the cold. You have another open slot and you are fast in your warm house.

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Window Locks

Burglars not only use doors to get into your home. If your window is not locked or has a bad slot is an opportunity for a criminal to go inside you. Window locks are very important. Window locks are classified as follows:


Grendel window: window latches are locked on one side. This lock is therefore mainly used as a side slot.
Window Tree: A simple lock that occasionally occurs on the doors.
Inbouwspagnolet: Large locks with two rods running along the window.
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Open a window lock

Is your window shut and you do not get him more open? 365 Locksmith doing anything about it. We will not only open your door lock. Also locks your window we have open in a jiffy. Our Locksmiths will make your lock open, so you are nice to enjoy the fresh air.

What is a cylinder?

A cylinder lock operates with a cylinder. A cylinder is an iron tube where the key part of it. If you turn the key, creates a mechanism in the cylinder ensure that the lock is opened. A cylinder is very complicated, but it is already a very old invention. Cylinder existed for 4,000 years.

Open a cylinder

Your door with cylinder lock is closed and you will open it with no option. Fortunately Locksmith 365 waiting for you. Without problems, our locksmiths to open your cylinder.

Unfortunately we are not the only ones open your cylinder. Burglars forced most cylinder without too much trouble. They break down the barrel and pull him off or burglars pulling it out straight away.

What is a security?

There are locks that burglars very difficult to break open. These locks are called security locks. For security locks is a special mark, the SKG mark (Mark Foundation Gevelbouw).

The SKG quality markSKG3@2x

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw test locks on burglary. SKG assume the role of a burglar. Tests with various tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and even heavy grinders indicate how long it takes a lock is forced.

Is a lock enough to withstand intrusion in accordance with SKG? Then it gets a label. On the label you will see a certain number of stars. What do the stars mean?


1 star: the lock is burglary
2 star: the lock is heavily burglar-proof
3 stars: the lock is extra heavy burglar proof.
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Opening a security lock

Open your safety lock for Locksmith 365 very easily. Is your door with safety shut and he will not open? Call us and we will help you quickly from the fire.

Want a safety lock?

There are all kinds of security locks available. Not only for doors, but also in front of windows there are special safety locks.

If you choose, we will replace your old locks, security locks with SKG mark. You sleep quietly, because you know that criminals can not get inside. We have great variation locks with the SKG mark with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

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Locksmith work of 365

We at Locksmith 365 sure your proof lock transforms into an open slot. However, we help you in many other ways:

We repair your locks
We make all your locks keyed alike, so you can use one key for all your locks.
We repair locks with fallow damage.
We replace your locks.
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Target audience

Did you know that the locksmiths of Locksmith 365 speak excellent English? Do you speak not Dutch, it is not a problem. These people we help:


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You choose Locksmith 365 because:


we always within no less than 30 minutes to be.
Locksmith 365 you paid for the cheapest fares. The daily rate (from 8.00 to 21.00) is 55 euros and the nightly rate (from 21.00 to 8.00) is 90 euros.
You can always reach us; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
we make your final damage 100% open
Our locksmiths are very experienced
your door in 95% of cases opened in 8 minutes
Our locksmiths are familiar with all locks open and all the locks, install and replace.
we always have the right equipment with us and therefore immediately get to work.
You can choose from several payment options: pay with cash, pin or Reposting
there are already many satisfied customers you went for. Did you know that we have helped tens of thousands of customers? Our work has yielded very successful results.
our locksmiths provide additional free service. They will not only open your locks. For example, they help a stuck door off or give you expert information about intrusion prevention.
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Where does Locksmith 365?

Our office is located in Amsterdam; in the De Pijp district near the center. However, we also work in places around Amsterdam. This is our area:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West


If you have questions for us? Contact us! There are various ways to get in contact with us. Send an email, call or stop by our office. These are our contact details:

Phone: 06-19377776


Address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H

ZIP: 1073EZ

Place: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not open my cylinder. you help me?

A cylinder open is one of our werkzaamheden.Binnen a short time your lock open and get inside.

What do you do with complaints?

We always do our best for our customers. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes too. We take complaints very seriously. Criticism we learn. We correct our mistakes so that you are satisfied again. Have a complaint? Call us at 06-19377776. We promise that we will do everything to make you happy again.

I have a security lock. Create your safety locks open?

Our locksmiths have opened numerous security locks. For them to open a security a breeze.

I want to replace my locks. Is that one of the works of 365 Locksmith?

Yes definitely. Locksmith at 365 to choose from which new lock you buy your old lock vervangt.Wij each slot you want.

Help! My key has broken off in the lock. What now?

Take deep breaths and call us at 06-19377776. We arrive as quickly as possible to you and make your lock.

I want to open my keyboard lock. Open your locksmiths also also keyboard locks?

Yes, open a keypad lock is a simple job for our locksmiths.

you also place new locks?

We certainly put new locks. For example, to additional side slot to strengthen your door or window? Choose for yourself the type of side-lock that you want, and we assemble it for you.

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