Security Window and Door Security

In 2013 there was burgled more than 230 times a day. This number has decreased in recent years, but it still happens. It is therefore important that you protect your home, for example, window security, door security and back protection.

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam specializes in placing safety locks. 06-19377776 Call and make an appointment for placing your locks!

You can read the dutch version here: Hoe Voorkomt U Inbraak? Laat Slotenmaker raambeveiliging en deurbeveiliging plaatsen!

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Quality Foundation Building approves locks on burglary

Security window and door security starts with proper locks. Both locksmith if the police encourages you to choose a lock with a

SKG quality mark. SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. This organization test connected to the burglary. SKG will give a final then one, two or three stars.


one star is for burglar proofSKG-Keurmerk Logo's
Two stars means heavy anti-burglary
three stars stands for extra heavy anti-burglary

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SKG security locks are available at Locksmith 365.

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Make sure you receive the Secured by

The Secured by Design was created to ensure that people learn more about intrusion prevention. It is 50 percent less broke into homes with this label. A home receives a mark if it meets the following requirements:


The residents are informed of burglary.
All windows and doors that can be a target for burglars, are sufficiently protected.
There is light at the front – and back to the front door and the back door security protection.
Someone who is at the door can be clearly seen by neighbors or from the road.
There are approved smoke alarms installed on every floor.
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If you meet these requirements? Then you will live a sticker Secured by. This is visible at the front – and back door stuck.

Why is essential door security for your home

A burglar inside want in your home, usually in the same way inside as you, through the door. Only use the key and the burglar a crowbar.

How burglars break in through your door?

Criminals have devised various ways to break in:

A burglar often a crowbar with him. After a few hard kicks against the lower portion of door, the crowbar fit there between. The voltage that appears at the door with the crowbar, it finally collapses. Sometimes, a burglar just need to give a hard kick to ensure that the door opens.

This is often seen in movies. By darting uses a burglar card (bank card, gym card, transit card) to push back the bolt of the lock.

hole drilling
The intruder drills a hole in the door jamb at the height of your head lock. If the key still in the lock, they try
with a piece of wire turning the key.

Cylinder breaking or pulling
With different tools, the intruder has a cylinder lock or he breaks down the cylinder. Your lock is then easily opened. This method is also called the ‘Bulgarian method.

If you leave your key in the lock on the inside, these burglars try to turn the key with a clothes hanger.

The chat trick
This is an effective and easy way to enter. With an excuse burglars get inside. For example, they pose as home care workers or people from an energy company.

slip in

Officially, this is not a hack because the burglar enters through an open window or door. If you sit down and above a window is open, the burglar can be so inward and make you cheat your belongings while you just sit inside.

There are several ways to keep intruders outside of your house:


Let good security locks fitted by one of our locksmiths.
Install an alarm system.
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Safety locks are essential for door securitySlotenmaker 365 - Dé Slotenservice Die Een Efficiënte en Vakkundige Werkwijze Hanteert

Safety locks are an important part of door security. These locks are made so that they are difficult to access for burglars. Burglars are always in a hurry, an average burglary takes just 30 seconds. Door Security deter burglars, so they skip your house.

There are different types of security locks. Here again distinguish between head locks and side locks. Locksmith 365 has both main – and side locks. If you are interested in a specific slot? Let there be one place by our locksmiths!

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Master Locks
The main lock, the main lock and is placed centrally on the door. There are various types of head locks:


Cylinder locks: The mechanism consists of a cylinder and a housing. The pins, plates or pellets ensure that fits into a matching sort key. If the wrong key, blocking the lock.
Mortice locks: Mortice locks are usually but sometimes mounted on a door. A hole is chiseled from the timber door in which the lock is placed in. They are smaller than the other locks, but it is very effective.
Lay-Locks: These types of locks are mounted on the inside of the door. A supporting slot is either side – as head lock. Lay safety locks are difficult to force.
Multi-point Locks: Multi-point locks are closed simultaneously at several points. By turning of the key will be in more places at the same time screwed out the key pins.
Keypad locks: These locks are common in garden – or gates. They are older and are opened with a large key.
Espagnol Nets: Nets Espagnol occur most often on balcony – and garden doors. A drive gear is composed of two rods which run over the entire length of the door.
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365 Locksmith want everyone to feel safe in his own home, therefore our locksmiths places like locks for you.

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side Locks
Side Locks are extra locks. These are placed on or in the door, above or below the main lock. For added security door lets you place a side slot. Below are several types of side-locks:


Pens Loten: The penslot consists of a mounting lock and a cover. Long cross keys these locks are opened or closed.
Occasional rim locks: These locks are operated by a rotary knob. The lock can be placed on both the front door and the back door.
Occasional mortice: This lock is opened and closed with a small key. The final damage resistance and therefore these locks expensive than tripe auctions.
Kier Exhibitor This mechanism ensures that the door can only open a crack. With a bracket or a chain to ensure that the door only opens a crack.
Burglar-proof strips: A burglar-proof strip comprises two metal strips that slide together when you close the door. Between the two parts is no seam, so criminals can not pass (pinball) stabbing the door.

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Are you interested in one or more locks? Call Locksmith 365 via 06-19377776 for more information or an appointment.

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backdoor security

Security door is important. But it is also important to protect your back against burglars, because the back is as favored as the front door. Protection rear door locks can be the same as the front door security. Back door security is just as important as security door.

Burglar alarm
To secure better you can have place a burglar your home. A burglar alarm indicates when someone enters your house a signal. The disadvantage is that the alarm goes off sometimes in other cases, for example when your cat something to sit or you night need to go to the toilet.

window security

Windows security is just as security backdoor often overlooked. Not just your door is a favorite with burglars, they often penetrate inside through windows, in as many as 43 percent of cases. Window security is often beaten by the security of your home. Window security is as important as door security.

Security window, like security door also a requirement that a home must meet to obtain the Secured by.

How burglars break in through your window?

The easiest way for a burglar to get in through your window, the glass is breaking, for example, a stone. However, this makes a lot of noise. An average burglary takes just 30 seconds, why would a burglar stand out as little as possible.

Another method is via the above lights. These are the smaller casement windows above a larger window or door. Smaller burglars and sometimes children enter through the window. Do you have a window with tree key, but the key is accidentally left it in? Then they are trying even with a clothes hanger, to pull up the window tree, also known as angling.

security windows

For the windows security, it is possible to place different types of locks:


Side window locks: These can be placed on both tilted windows and windows closed. The lock is opened with a key. Side window locks are SKG security locks.
Window Trees: A tree window is the most famous window protection. It is a small lever which must be moved downwards in order to end up in a hook. The window is now closed. If the lever is raised, the window can be opened.
Window Trees with key: These are the same as the window trees, these locks are only for extra window security still turned with a key lock. Security window this is definitely a good recommendation.
Rod Locks: These are also operated by a lever. As soon as the lever is moved downwardly, there is a rod downwards and upwards in a hole in the window frame. The window is now closed.
Security-Hinge Side: This is also called a dead bolt. When closing the window the hinge side protection automatically goes on. If you want to open the window, you must manually disengage the lock. By pressing in the pin, unlock the window.

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Locksmith 365 Amsterdam juxtaposes also locks window locks. Make an appointment and we will post them for you!

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9 Tips to keep out burglars

Keep burglars out with security window and door security
Keep burglars out with security window and door security

Never leave your keys inside the door.
Hide no key under the mat or in a planter.
Choose Locksmith 365 to assemble your security door!
Let even as window security setting for optimal security.
Teaching children from an early age that they do not allow strangers in the house.
Do doors and windows closed if you just go up.
Beginning the evening off? Remember to close all windows and doors.
Provide adequate lighting at the front – and back.
Keep valuables out of sight.
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At 365 Locksmith we know which locks work best as intrusion. Our locksmiths have a lot of experience and knowledge. And share them with you.

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