Amsterdam locksmith – 24/7 reachable

Locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert- 24/7 Reachable

Do you live or work in Amsterdam Buitenveldert? Are you dealing with a broken lock or one that needs to be replaced? Can’t get your door open? You are guaranteed to get rid of the problem with your lock quickly when you call in Locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert. You will see us arrive at your home or business premises within 30 minutes. You benefit from 100% damage-free opening your door with locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert. We specialize in repairing, replacing and installing all types of locks.

Why choose Locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Locksmith Amsterdam North

  • Available day and night
  • Open your door in 95% of cases in 8 minutes
  • 100% damage-free opening your door
  • Experience with all types of locks
  • Always on location within 30 minutes

You are in one of the following 6 situations

There are several situations when you need a locksmith. You have experienced a break-in or you want to prevent a break-in through burglary prevention. You have locked yourself out and you can no longer enter your home as a result. Your key has broken off in the lock or your lock is broken.

Also for new locks and lock repair, simply contact Locksmith Amsterdam North. You will find below 6 common situations you may find yourself in where you need us:

Situation 1: You are locked out.
Nothing is more annoying than not getting into your own home. Did someone lock you out? Or have you locked yourself out? When the key is still on the inside of the door, it is difficult to get in from the outside. This is where you need help from a professional.

Situation 2: The key is broken off in the lock
You turn the key just a little too wildly in the lock. You feel something creak and then realize that the key has broken off in the lock. The door can no longer be locked or unlocked. You need help to repair the lock.

Situation 3: You have lost your keys
During a night out or a walk on the beach, you lost your keys. A big problem because now you cannot enter your home. You are looking for someone who can open the door for you damage-free.

Situation 4: Your keychain has been stolen
If your keychain is stolen, you can’t get back into your house. In addition, it is very dangerous. A burglary is a snap. You want your locks replaced quickly.

Situation 5: The lock on your door is broken
When your door lock is broken, the door no longer opens from the outside, preventing you from entering your home. If you want to leave from your home, it is not possible to lock the door. The lock must be repaired quickly.

Situation 6: An(attempted) burglary was committed
A burglary in your home brings many inconveniences. It is a nuisance to know that someone has been in your home. You feel unsafe in your own home, and chances are that the locks have also stopped working properly. Repairing and/or replacing your locks is necessary.

Always a suitable solution for the situation you are in

You will get the most appropriate solution from Locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert in every situation. You benefit from our 7 years of experience with:

  1. Opening locksLocksmith Amsterdam North
  2. Repairing locks
  3. Replacing locks
  4. Installing new locks
  5. Repairing locks with breakage damage
  6. Making locks equal

How does it work?

Are you locked out? Is your lock broken? Whatever situation you find yourself in, Locksmith 365 will help you get rid of your problem in no time. Follow the following clear roadmap consisting of 7 steps.


Step 1. You are experiencing problems with your lock. Is your lock no longer secure? Or can’t get your lock open? Call 020-8910386 immediately and tell us what your problem is. You will be answered day and night.
Step 2. Within 30 minutes, an experienced locksmith from Slotenmaker Amsterdam Noord will arrive on location.
Step 3. The next step is to open the lock of your door, repair it or replace it. This is done very efficiently, 100% damage-free and always as quickly as possible.
Step 4. We then verify through a special check that you are actually the owner of the house or property.
Step 5. You get extra service in the form of anti-intrusion advice or fixing a squeaky door.
Step 6. You benefit from a fixed low fee. You pay by paying by cash, debit or manual transfer.
Step 7. When Locksmith Amsterdam 365 leaves, you will quickly resume your daily activities. You then benefit from up to 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

Daily rate (08:00 – 21:00) Daily rate 55 euros

Request a quote? Email your inquiry to You will receive a response within 4 hours. Our prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Amsterdam locksmith Buitenvelderten omgeving

Are you looking for a locksmith in Amsterdam Buitenveldert? Amsterdam Buitenveldertis the part of the city of Amsterdam located south of the IJ River with an area of over 49 km2.

Do you live in the Amsterdam Zuid area? You may take advantage of our Amsterdam lock service if you live in one of the following places:

Scope of work Locksmith 365

  • Amsterdam West

You can always call us to help you in Amsterdam West. For example, recently we were repairing a broken lock in the Baarsjes.

  • Amsterdam South

We are always ready for you in Amsterdam Zuid. Quite recently we made a car lock in the Rivierenbuurt.

  • Amsterdam Southeast

Our locksmith from Amsterdam Southeast is ready for you every day. The other day we replaced a car lock at the Amsterdam Arena.

  • Amsterdam North

Locksmith 365 is available 24/7 for all kinds of jobs regarding locks. We regularly repair door locks in Amsterdam North.

  • Amsterdam East

Every day we are active in Amsterdam East. Consider replacing several locks in Betondorp and and Transvaal neighborhood.

  • Amsterdam Center

Dam Square, Van Gogh Museum, the flower market… Amsterdam Center is an area where we often open locks. Lost keys? Call Locksmith 365.

  • Amsterdam Osdorp

Amsterdam Osdorp is a district where we are well known. We replace and repair locks in Lutkemeer and De Punt on a very regular basis.

  • Amsterdam Bijlmer

Amsterdam Bijlmer is familiar territory for us. A pleasant place where we come with some regularity. Consider areas such as Bijlmerdreef and Dostojevskisingel.

  • Amsterdam New West

We come to Amsterdam Nieuw West with all our love. Repairing, replacing and opening: we operate every day.

  • Amsterdam Middenweg

From Amsterdam East to Diemen, that’s what the Middenweg is for. Amsterdam Middenweg is where we were recently for replacing and opening a car lock.

  • Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Right in the beating heart of Amsterdam Center you will find the Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Just this week we went there to open a front door.

  • Amsterdam de Pijp

A wonderful working-class neighborhood. In Amsterdam de Pijp, we operate on a daily basis. Think Ceintuurbaan and the Diamond neighborhood.

  • Amsterdam Museum Quarter

Amsterdam Museum Quarter, we are “right at home. Think of important streets like P.C. Hooftstraat, van Baerlestraat and Cornelis Schuytstraat.

  • Amsterdam Apollo

Locksmith 365 operates in the Apollo neighborhood. Most of the houses in this beautiful neighborhood date from the 1920s and 1930s. We know this neighborhood like the back of our hand.


Want to know if you belong to the target group of locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert? Everyone is welcome to contact us. We make, replace and open locks for:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • tourists
  • expats
  • Airbnb

Take advantage of the 11 benefits of locksmith AmsterdamBuitenveldert

1. Always accessible
You decide when you need Slotenmaker Amsterdam Noord. Is this in the middle of the night or early in the morning? No problem at all. The Locksmith of Amsterdam North is always at your service, 24 hours a day.

2. Arrived within 30 minutes
Are you in a hurry? Does your lock need to be repaired or opened quickly? You won’t find them any faster than this locksmith. You benefit from our “on-site within 30 minutes” guarantee. All over Amsterdam North.

3. Having the right equipment for your lock on site
We open, repair and replace locks quickly and efficiently. This is because we always carry the right, state-of-the-art equipment.

4. 100% damage-free
Are you wary of your door being damaged during our work? Locksmith 365 opens all doors 100% damage-free.

5. Familiar with all types of locks
Do you have an overlay lock, a secondary lock or a keypad lock? Locksmith Amsterdam Noord opens, repairs and replaces all types of locks. Due to our years of experience, we are familiar with all existing locks.

6. Over 7 years of experience
More than 10,000 Amsterdam residents have already been helped by Slotenmaker Amsterdam Noord over the past 7 years.

7. Efficient, skilled working method
Locksmith Amsterdam Noord uses an efficient, skilled method. If you let us replace or repair your lock, you can be sure it will be done right.

8. Fixed low price
Meet the fixed low prices of Locksmith Amsterdam North. A day rate of only €55 and a night rate of €90.

9. Various payment options
Would you like to pay in cash or by pin or iDeal? You determine how you pay. Payment options are diverse.

10. Extra service
You benefit from lots of additional service at Locksmith Amsterdam Noord. Besides making locks, we do much more. We are happy to help you get rid of a sticking door and give you anti-burglary advice.

11. Already ten thousand satisfied customers
In recent years, Slotenmaker Amsterdam Noord has helped over 10,000 customers open, repair and replace locks. Will you be next with a satisfied and safe feeling?

Daily rate (08:00 – 21:00) Daily rate 55 euros

Request a quote? Email your inquiry to You will receive a response within 4 hours. Our prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Contact Locksmith AmsterdamBuitenveldert

Do you have a lock that no longer opens? Are you locked out or want to know more about burglary prevention or locks? Then contact Locksmith 365 at the following phone number: 020-891o386.

Locksmith Amsterdam North at work

Email address:

Address: Rustenburgerstraat 155 H
Zip code: 1073 EZ
Location: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon are you with me?
Locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldertis always at your location within 30 minutes. For quick repair or replacement of your lock. But also for opening a door or installing brand new locks. All over Amsterdam North.

How can I pay?
At locksmith Amsterdam Buitenveldert, you have many payment options. Would you like to pay in cash or by pin or iDeal? You decide how to pay.

Will my door remain undamaged during your work?
Yes. We handle your door very carefully during our work. We open your door and replace or renew locks 100% damage-free.

We are the locksmith for when you are locked out, have lost your keys or need other help with your locks. We are 24 hours a day available, 7 days in the week



Need help?

Do not hesitate and do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you.

Scope of work

Do you live or are you temporarily in the Amsterdam area and are you looking for a locksmith? Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is ready for you, day and night. Moreover, Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is on site within 30 minutes.


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Yuri Sharapa
Yuri Sharapa
Hi! Yesterday I slammed the door in the evening and left the key inside. I called and ordered this master. Then I read the reviews here and was surprised how many negative reviews there are) I called them and said that I didn’t want to fall into their trap if they tried to scam me. Fortunately for me, there was no deception, everything was very adequate, the master was very pleasant and polite. Very nice price for services. Everything was done quickly and without damage. When I asked why there were so many negative reviews here, he replied that he had just bought this company and is building a reputation. Don't be afraid to reach out to these guys. Everything was very clear and professional on their part. I recommend!
Aicha Kone
Aicha Kone
Thank you for your good service. I call their for my car lock. their service is soo fast, I am really impressed.
Sufyaan Grimes
Sufyaan Grimes
The cost of drilling the lock was extremely high. I paid 220 euros, excluding taxes, just for a hole in the lock. I didn't even request a new lock, but if I had, it would have cost even more. The service was quick, with the technician arriving at my home within 40 minutes. They managed to open the door without damaging the frame, only the lock. The technician was also friendly, which is why I am giving them a higher rating. However, I still feel that 220 euros for drilling a lock is excessive, even for a company. It would have been more reasonable if the cost included a lock replacement.
Lisa van den Bor
Lisa van den Bor
Sleutel aan de binnenkant van de deur laten zitten, stom! Ze stonden gelukkig zelfs op zondag binnen 20 minuten voor de deur en Jeffrey maakte onze deur snel en zonder schade open. Super blij mee, ik zou ze zeker weer bellen.
massimo coppola
massimo coppola
Slotenmaker uit Haarlem is nooit komen opdagen, maar Moerad is uit Amsterdam gekomen om ons direct weer naar binnen te laten, super vriendelijk en begripvol
Patrick Owusu
Patrick Owusu
Fast friendly got My car open quickly.Thats all you can Ask for with this type of Service.
Arthur Niel
Arthur Niel
Top werk binnen 2 min open een tover naar onder de deuren open makers Mourad
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