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Extra security for your front door? Let post a penslot! It penslot is a form of intrusion. Pens Raffle tickets are individuals the most chosen side locks to keep intruders out.

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam ensures that burglars have no chance to penetrate.

You can read the dutch version here: Met Een Penslot Van Slotenmaker 365 Sluit U Inbrekers Buiten

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

What is a penslot?

Pens cards have additional locks. Side Locks are extra locks for the door. A penslot front door is a form of intrusion. The penslot is opened by means of a large long key.

Pens Raffle tickets are suitable for wooden flush doors. It penslot is a mortise lock. This means that the lock is mounted in your door. For doors of metal and plastic is penslot places impossible.

How burglars break your door?

Most of the front doors have only one slot in the middle of the door. These doors are vulnerable burglary. Burglars foZo breken inbrekers uw deur opencus only on the lower half of the door. The door is kicked open so wide that fits between a crowbar. The main lock breaks down in this situation, because it is under tension.

If you are interested in additional security top and / or bottom of the door? Leave places tripe auctions by our locksmiths. To keep burglars out.

Quality Foundation Building

When purchasing a penslot must be paid to the SKG logo (Quality Foundation Gevelbouw). Many of our locks are SKG mark.

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw mark, also referred to as the SKG mark. The SKG quality mark is also called the star brand. There exists a logo with 1, 2 or 3 star. These stars indicate the degree of burglar resistance to:


one SKG star: standard anti-burglary
Two SKG star: heavy anti-burglary
three SKG star: extra heavy anti-burglary
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Pens Raffle tickets which have been approved by the Foundation for Quality gevelbouw are always provided with a locking plate and a closing bowl.

Penslot price

The penslot price ranges from € 35.00 to € 200.00. These are often the rumen auctions with a SKG logo. A normal cheap penslot approach is just as effective as an expensive penslot. At pin cards that cost less than € 20.00, be sure that the insertion penslot includes a SKG logo.

Mounting a plug penslot

A penslot mount is a precise process. If a penslot mounted inaccurate, this increases the risk of defects in the penslot or to your door. A faulty installation ensures that burglars have a chance to enter. Moreover, the lock is less long lasting.

Penslot is a safe to keep out burglars? Yes! The penslot is mounted on knee and eye level. Since the slot is the most effective and therefore is a safe penslot as a means to prevent break-ins. The burglars now have no chance to kick open the door below the main lock, thanks to the penslot door.

Mounting a penslot we like to do for you. Choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam! Moreover, we also give 1 year warranty on our finishing.

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My penslot broken?

The lock has to work both with the door open as the door closed. If your penslot passes in both cases problems, there is one of these things is happening:


The penslot is defective or worn.
The door or window frame has subsided.
The key is worn
The key is badly copied.
The key images are incorrectly fitted.
The hole in the door is too narrow for the key.
The lock block by rotation of the cylinder.
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Does it lock it with the door open, not a closed door? Then, the cause is a subsidence of the door or the door frame. In this case, the sleutelkom must be moved.

Does it lock both the door and the door did not open? Then, the cause of the mechanism itself. The solution for this is the treatment of the lock with lubricant.

This is still not the solution? The cause is a faulty or worn penslot.

The conclusion is that your penslot is broken? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam specializes in replacing or repairing locks. Make an appointment and within 30 minutes is one of our professional locksmiths at your doorstep. It takes our locksmiths than 25 minutes to replace your penslot.

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Locksmith 365 replaces your professional penslot

For professional replacing your penslot
For professional replacing your penslot
If your plug penslot is broken or damaged, turn our locksmiths in. As with the placement of a penslot is the replacement of a penslot an equally accurate drawing. This is thanks to our expertise, an easy job for our locksmiths!

If the old lock is mounted careless, provides post problems for the new penslot. Our locksmiths have over 7 years experience with replacing tripe auctions. Do not hesitate to call us! We have done so this job. It has no less than 12 months guarantee on our workmanship.

enable locksmith

For replacing or installing rumen auctions disable one of our locksmiths in. Locksmith 365 Amsterdam delivers great quality and condition throughout the year, available 24/7.

We are also specialized in damage breaking of all types of locks. And if necessary we assemble immediately a new lock.

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The maintenance of rumen auctions

Penslot your front door every day exposed to wind and weather. It is therefore important that you maintain your good rumen auctions. How do you maintain your penslot ?:


Spray once a year lock pray in the keyholes. Caution: Never use grease or oil for the keyholes, these lubricants are too thick and make sure that blocking the penslot.
Use or lubricants unscrewed pens.
Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it a few times to open and close.
Screw the plate and smear a little grease between the seams of the lock case housing.
In addition, the correct use of the key is very important to properly maintaining your pin cards. This prevents unnecessary wear and defects.
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Benefits of our service

In addition to great quality and service, we still have more advantages:

Do you suffer from a squeaky door? Our skilled locksmith dissolves it!
Since Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is open, we have already helped more than a thousand satisfied customers. And that number is growing every day. Are you the next satisfied customer?
We always have the most advanced equipment with us. This helps us to ensure that your doors are stay looking and prevent damage.
We also work quickly and efficiently so you can get inside quickly.
Our locksmiths have experience with all types of locks, from breaking news to fit a lock.
Our expert locksmiths are always within half an hour with you.
Locksmith provides you also want free advice on burglary prevention.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my penslot itself?
It is possible to replace your penslot itself, but as already mentioned earlier, it must be done carefully. It is better to call in a locksmith.

I have a plastic door, I can now also installed a penslot?
Pens Lots are mostly mounted on wooden doors, because the lock comes in your door. On a plastic door you should installed a narrow slot (a type of cylinder).

My penslot lasts broken, how long before a locksmith is with me?
If you make an appointment with Locksmith 365 Amsterdam there within half an hour someone at your doorstep. This is one of the advantages of our high-speed service. In addition, it takes up to 25 minutes before the locksmith has your slot.

Penslot is a safe anti-burglary means?
Yes, a penslot is an effective means of burglars at bay the. Pens Lots are usually mounted at knee height. In that place like burglars like your door steps broken. By penslot, make sure burglars do not have access to your home.

Should a penslot be placed on the door, or can also lock the back door?
Penslot the front door is the most common, but it is certainly possible to mount a penslot on your back. As long as the doors are made of wood, a penslot can be placed.

There are pens auctions different brands?
Yes, there are Nemef, Lips, Fiam, Ivana, Ikon and Zaso tripe auctions. These rumen shoots are in most cases provided with a SKG-logo.

Which service offers Locksmith 365 more?
Our always friendly locksmiths, provided you always fallow damage from free anti-burglary advice. We are day in and day out to calculate, including holidays. So if you have a problem with your lock, call us via 06-19377776.

Can Locksmith 365 Amsterdam my penslot breaking?
Our locksmiths specialize in all types of locks, your penslot goes with. Besides breaking open locks, repairs and locksmith 365 also replaces your locks.

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