With a Padlock From Locksmith 365 Lock Out Burglars

With a Padlock From Locksmith 365 Lock Out Burglars

Extra security for your front door? Have a pin lock installed! The pin lock is a form of burglary protection. Stud locks are the most commonly chosen secondary locks among individuals, to keep burglars out.

Locksmith 365 ensures that burglars have no chance of getting in. We operate throughout the Netherlands.

pin lock anti-burglary

What is a pin lock?

Stud locks are secondary locks. Accessory locks are additional locks for the front door. A pin lock front door is a form of burglary protection. The pin lock is opened by a large long key.

Mortise locks are suitable for wooden, obtuse doors. The mortise lock is a mortise lock. This means that the lock will be installed in your door. On doors made of metal and plastic, the pin lock installation is not possible.

How do burglars break down your door?

This is how burglars break down your door

Most front doors only have a lock in the middle of the door. These doors are prone to burglary. Burglars then target only the lower half of the door. The door is kicked open so far that a crowbar fits between it. The main lock fails in this situation because it is under tension.

Are you interested in additional security at the top and/or bottom of the door? Then have pin locks installed by our locksmiths. This will keep burglars out.

Foundation for Quality Facade Construction

When purchasing a pin lock, pay attention to the SKG logo (Foundation for Quality Facade Construction). Many of our locks have the SKG seal of approval.

The Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw seal of approval, is also referred to as the SKG seal of approval. The SKG seal is also known as the star seal. There is a logo with 1, 2 or 3 stars. These stars indicate the degree of burglar resistance:

1 SKG star: standard burglar resistance
2 SKG stars: heavy burglar resistance
3 SKG stars: extra heavy burglar resistance

Stud locks approved by the Foundation for Quality Facade Construction are always equipped with a locking plate and a locking bowl.

Peg lock price

The pin lock price ranges from €35.00 to €200.00. These are mostly the mortise locks with an SKG logo. A normal inexpensive mortise lock is just as effective as an expensive mortise lock. For mortise locks that are cheaper than €20.00, make sure that the mortise lock has an SKG logo.

Assembly of a plug-in pin lock

Mounting a pin lock is a precise process. If a mortise lock is installed inaccurately, it increases the likelihood of malfunction of the mortise lock or your door. An installation error ensures that burglars have a chance to get in. In addition, the lock does not last as long.

Is a pin lock safe to keep burglars out? Yes indeed! The pin lock is mounted at knee or eye level. That is where the lock is most effective, and because of this, a pin lock is safe as a means of deterring burglary. The burglars now have no chance to kick open the door under the main lock, thanks to the pin lock front door.

We are happy to install a pin lock for you. Choose locksmith Amsterdam 365! We also provide a 1-year warranty on our workmanship.

Is my pin lock broken?

The lock should work both with the door open and with the door closed. If your pin lock is giving problems in both cases, one of the following is going on:

  • The pin lock is defective or worn.
  • The door or frame has sagged.
  • The key is worn out
  • The key is badly copied.
  • The key plates are incorrectly mounted.
  • The hole in the door is too narrow for the key.
  • The lock locks by twisting the cylinder.

Does the lock work with the door open, but not with a closed door? Then the cause is a sagging door or frame. In this case, the key bowl must be moved.

Does the lock not work both with the door closed and with the door open? Then the cause lies with the mechanism itself. The solution to this is to treat the lock with lubricant.

Is this still not the solution? Then the cause is a defective or worn-out pin lock.

Is the conclusion that your pin lock is broken? Locksmith 365 specializes in replacing or repairing locks. Make an appointment and within 30 minutes one of our expert locksmiths will be at your doorstep. It takes our locksmiths a maximum of 25 minutes to replace your mortise lock.

Locksmith 365 professionally replaces your pin lock

For professional replacement of your pin lock

If your mortise pin lock is broken or damaged, call in our locksmiths. Like installing a mortise lock, replacing a mortise lock is an equally precise job. This, thanks to our skill, is an easy job for our locksmiths!

If the old lock was installed carelessly, it will cause problems for the new mortise lock installation. Our locksmiths have over 7 years of experience replacing mortise locks. Don’t hesitate and feel free to call us! We got this job done in no time. And you have a whopping 12-month warranty on our workmanship.

Engage locksmith

To replace or install mortise locks, call in one of our locksmiths. Locksmith 365 delivers great quality and is available to you all year, 24/7. We operate throughout the Netherlands.

We also specialize in damage-free opening of all types of locks. And if necessary, we immediately install a new lock.

The maintenance of mortise locks

Your mortise lock front door is exposed to weather and wind day in and day out. Therefore, it is important to properly maintain your mortise locks. How to maintain your pin lock:

1.Spray lock spray into the keyholes once a year. Note: Never use grease or oil for the keyholes, these lubricants are too thick and cause the pin lock to lock.
2.Do use lubricants for the turned out pins.
3.Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it open and close a few times.
4.Unscrew the faceplate and smear a little lubricant between the seams of the lock case housing.
5.In addition, proper use of the key is very important in properly maintaining your mortise locks. This prevents unnecessary wear and failure.

Advantages of our service

In addition to great quality and service, we have other benefits:

  • Are you suffering from a squeaky door? Our skilled locksmith will solve it!
  • Since Locksmith 365 has existed, we have helped over a thousand satisfied customers. And that number is growing every day. Will you be the next satisfied customer?
  • We always carry the most advanced equipment. This helps us make sure your doors stay looking nice and prevent damage.
  • We also work quickly and efficiently so you can get back inside quickly.
  • Our locksmiths have experience with all types of locks, from breaking open to new lock installation.
  • Our expert locksmiths are always with you within half an hour.
  • The locksmith will also provide you with free burglary prevention advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my pin lock myself?
It is possible to replace your pin lock yourself, but as told earlier, it must be done accurately. It is better to call in a locksmith.

I have a plastic door, can I have a mortise lock installed now?
Stud locks are primarily installed on wooden doors because the lock enters your door. On a plastic door, it is better to have a narrow lock (a type of cylinder lock) installed.

My pin lock is broken, how long will it take for a locksmith to get to me?
If you make an appointment with Locksmith 365, someone will be at your doorstep within half an hour. This is one of the advantages of our fast service. In addition, it takes up to 25 minutes, before the locksmith fixes your lock.

Is a pin lock safe as an anti-burglar device?
Yes, a mortise lock is an effective means of keeping burglars out. Stud locks are usually mounted at knee height. That’s where burglars like to kick down your door. Through the pin lock, you ensure that burglars do not have access to your home.

Should a mortise lock be placed on the front door, or can the lock also be placed on the back door?
The front door mortise lock is the most common, but it is also certainly possible to have a mortise lock installed on your back door. As long as the doors are made of wood, a mortise lock can be installed.

Are there different brands of mortise locks?
Yes, there are Nemef, Lips, Fiam, Ivana, Ikon and Zaso mortise locks. In most cases, these mortise locks come with an SKG logo.

What other services does Locksmith 365 offer?
Our always friendly locksmiths, always provide you with free anti-burglary advice in case of break-in damage. In addition, we can be calculated day in, day out, including holidays. So if you have a problem with your lock, feel free to call at +31-853013281.

Can Locksmith 365 break open my mortise lock?
Our locksmiths specialize in all types of locks, your pin lock is one of them. In addition to breaking locks, Locksmith 365 also repairs and replaces your locks.

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Scope of work

Do you live or are you temporarily in the Amsterdam area and are you looking for a locksmith? Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is ready for you, day and night. Moreover, Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is on site within 30 minutes.


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Yuri Sharapa
Hi! Yesterday I slammed the door in the evening and left the key inside. I called and ordered this master. Then I read the reviews here and was surprised how many negative reviews there are) I called them and said that I didn’t want to fall into their trap if they tried to scam me. Fortunately for me, there was no deception, everything was very adequate, the master was very pleasant and polite. Very nice price for services. Everything was done quickly and without damage. When I asked why there were so many negative reviews here, he replied that he had just bought this company and is building a reputation. Don't be afraid to reach out to these guys. Everything was very clear and professional on their part. I recommend!
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Aicha Kone
Thank you for your good service. I call their for my car lock. their service is soo fast, I am really impressed.
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Sufyaan Grimes
The cost of drilling the lock was extremely high. I paid 220 euros, excluding taxes, just for a hole in the lock. I didn't even request a new lock, but if I had, it would have cost even more. The service was quick, with the technician arriving at my home within 40 minutes. They managed to open the door without damaging the frame, only the lock. The technician was also friendly, which is why I am giving them a higher rating. However, I still feel that 220 euros for drilling a lock is excessive, even for a company. It would have been more reasonable if the cost included a lock replacement.
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Lisa van den Bor
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massimo coppola
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Patrick Owusu
Fast friendly got My car open quickly.Thats all you can Ask for with this type of Service.
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Arthur Niel
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