Broken Key?  Locksmith 365 Clears It Right On

After a long day you set the door of your house to enter. You put the key in the lock. You turn the key, oops. You will hear a “snap” sound and that means only one thing. broken down key. However, you will break a closed door and the sweat you. How to open the door? And you had you as excited on a quiet evening at home.

Do not panic. Call Locksmith 365. We are also clear in the evening waiting for you. In addition, you do not have to wait outside. Within 30 minutes we are on the spot to the door for you to open. We have removed in no time your broken key from the lock and the lock made neatly. In addition to housing, we also take locks of business premises construction.

you can read the dutch version: Sleutel Afgebroken? Slotenmaker 365 Lost Het Direct Op

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Broken key? Choose Locksmith 365

Is your key broken off in the lock? If you choose Locksmith in Amsterdam, allows you within a short time in your home or building.

With us, it works as follows:

Your situation: Has your key broken off in the lock? It is possible that you are in one of two situations. Situation 1. A broken key in the lock, it is no longer possible to enter your home or property. Situation 2. Your key has broken off while you stepped inside, because you pulled the wrong key from the key piece. It is now no longer possible to lock the door. In addition, also leaving no option, otherwise you will not come in. In both cases it is important that you immediately call a locksmith to remove the key professional in your slot.


You call quickly Locksmith 365 at the following telephone number: 06-19377776. We are at your disposal 24/7 and have your problem solved in a jiffy. Put the phone out what exactly happened. So we are able to help you as much as possible.
After your call, we immediately send an expert locksmith to your home or business. This is always within 30 minutes at your doorstep.
Through our years of experience with different locks, we have obtained very quickly your broken key from the lock. We also have in a short time, if you have no spare key with you, your lock removed to open the door and lock neatly put it. 100% damage.
We always check beforehand whether you are the owner of the home or business premises. We want to rule that no foreign people come into your home or property.
Would you like a professional burglar-proof advice? Ask our locksmith! After your slot neatly into order is made, our locksmith can provide comprehensive advice on this. Free! With us you will benefit also include additional services. Suffer from some annoying squeaky door? Our locksmith will help you make directly this issue.
The locksmith finished his work and you are provided with professional advice? Then settles at the locksmith. With us you are assured of a fixed low price. You have no cash with you? No problem. It is also possible to pin us or to transfer the money by hand.
Only if you are 100% satisfied, Locksmith 365 leaves. The broken key is removed and your lock works as usual. This in turn makes it possible to continue with your daily activities.
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How to prevent a broken key

Prevention is better than cure, is a known Dutch proverb. But how to avoid a broken key? Below we give you some tips to help you keep your key throughout.

Tip 1. Make sure that your key does not bend
Stops often in your pants your key? Not again! This means that you constantly sit on your key or the key often bumps into hard objects. This makes bending your key and bent keys break faster. Chances are very high that if you insert the curved key in the lock, the key right breaks when you take him out. Make sure that your key will get another storage place.

Storing the key in your bag? Please heavy objects around in your bag. These objects make sure your key also bend and damaged.

Tip 2. Avoid large keyrings
The big drawback is a big heavy bunch of keys, all keys cause damage. The keys all sanding namely against each other. On the bike still sways the forest against your fender and the car dashboard. This also means that damage the key to your home or building. Keep the small forest or the keys separately.

Tip 3. Do not be rough with your key
Stop your key is not too rough in the key part. Turn also not too hard on your key. Through hard skill you have to deal quickly with a broken key. Put your key in the key policy document and turn it easy.

Tip 4. Regularly check your key for damage
Over the years there much damage on your key. As we said earlier, your key to endure quite like hanging from a large bunch of keys. He bumps and scrapes against everywhere. In addition, bends over and damage the key if you often sitting on it or when the key comes into contact with heavy objects.

Check your key for damage. A badly damaged key breaks very easily into the key piece. You see a lot of damage to your key? then undertake similar action. By replacing the old key to a new key, prevents a broken key.

Tip 5. Spray lock spray in the key piece
Because of different weather conditions, your lock somewhat rougher. If your lock has become rough, then chipped your key in no time. The key fact is difficult in and out of the slot. why Acquire lock spray. This means you will die back smoothly into the key piece, allowing you to lock. A broken key is gone. Finally, Spray is the perfect maintenance agent for locks.

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Is to lock your replacement?

Have a ramshackle key? An old key usually reflects what state is your castle. Old locks are generally not burglar-proof. The newest locks keep burglars guaranteed out. Purchasing a new lock is therefore an excellent investment.

Locksmith 365 places new and secure locks

365 Locksmith only place safe head locks and side locks. In addition, the high-quality locks. A key lock is the most important and strongest lock on your door. This lock is in the middle, on the right-hand or left-hand side of the door, installed. Side Locks are additional locks against burglary. These locks are mounted on the top or bottom of the door.

Are you interested in additional anti-burglary main and side locks? For these locks you should be at 365 Locksmith.

Locks with a core pulling protection. These are mainly head locks. These slots allow core pulling impossible. Key Traits is currently very popular among burglars. Using special tools burglars remove the cylinder from the lock. After this operation, they are practically the same in your home or building. Locks with a core pulling protection give burglars a chance to commute inside.

Locks with the SKG mark. Many main and side locks have the SKG mark. It is also possible to purchase core pulling protection locks with the SKG mark. The acronym SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw. These locks are assigned only the label if they are burglar proof. However, there is a difference between the locks. The foundation really work with stars. In total, they reach 1, 2 or 3 stars out of ditches. The more stars a lock, how burglary were more the lock.
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Let Locksmith 365 replace your locks. Then you are guaranteed sure done correctly.

Other activities Locksmith 365

Locksmith 365 performs various tasks. You call us, besides removing a broken key, to:


Open your lock if you lose your key
Repairing your locks
Replacing your locks
Installing new locks
Repairing locks with fallow damage
Evening closing your locks
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* You benefit from 12-month warranty on all workmanship

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Therefore Locksmith 365

Locksmith at 365, you benefit from many advantages. The following advantages distinguish us from the competition:


Always at your disposal. We are available day and night, seven days a week, year round. Even on holidays we are waiting for you. We understand that problems with locks must be solved immediately.
Within 30 minutes we are at your door. Our locksmiths are rapidly for your home or business.
Your door is opened quickly. We need you door generally made open within 8 minutes.
100% damage free. Our locksmiths are very careful with doors. We make your door without damaging it.
Expert in the field of locks. For years, more than 7 years we work with different types of locks. We have helped thousands of customers and therefore have knowledge of all the locks. No lock is too difficult for us, Locksmith 365 opens all locks.
Professionally. If you choose Locksmith 365? Then you are guaranteed sure your lock is in the right hands. In a professional and efficient manner, we will pick the broken key from your lock. In addition to open, repair or we will replace your lock in a professional manner.
Low prices. Locksmith at 365, you benefit from a low fixed daily rate and a fixed low nightly rate.
You decide how you want to pay. Pin or cash iDeal? You decide how you pay.
Free service. Besides trimming locks, we offer our customers additional services. Consider anti-burglary advice and remedy squeaking and jammed doors. We leave until you are 100% satisfied.
Thousands of satisfied customers. Locksmith 365 has helped thousands of customers. If these clients were very satisfied with our work.

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Target audience

If you are a private individual and is broken your key? Do you have a business and have to open your lock, replaced or repaired? 365 Locksmith is ready for anyone experiencing these problems with locks. Are you speaking English? No problem. Our locksmiths speak English.

We perform general work for the following target groups:


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Working area

We work in and around Amsterdam. If you live in one of the following areas of Amsterdam or places around Amsterdam? We are within 30 minutes of your door, to pick up the broken key from the key piece.

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Contact information

Call us immediately if your key is broken. We can be contacted at the following telephone number: 06-19377776. We are available 24/7.

Do you have questions about locks? Feel free to send an email to us. Our email address is:

In addition, you are very welcome if you just want to pass. Our address is 365 Locksmith:

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1

Postal Code: 1079 ZG

Place: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

My key is broken down in my lock. How soon can you be with me?
We understand that this problem needs to be solved right. Therefore, we are in 30th spot. Within a short time we have missed key removed from your key piece and your lock trimmed again.

You also replace old locks new locks?
Yes! We replace your old brand for locks of very high quality. If you would like additional burglar proof locks? We put locks with a core pulling protection. We also closed places with SKG mark of 1 / m 3 stars.

365 Locksmith is also at night reached?
Also at night you can reach. We are day and night at your service. 7 days in the week. Throughout the year. Even on holidays we are waiting for you.

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