Inexpensive And Efficient Door Lock Repair

Inexpensive And Efficient Door Lock Repair

Are you looking for a locksmith because your door lock is no longer working optimally? Locksmith 365 performs a door lock repair neatly and quickly. You pay a low rate for the work performed.

What kind of door lock do you have? We perform lock repair for all types of locks. From overlay locks, secondary locks, multi-point locks and mortise locks to cylinder locks and mortise locks.


1. Our main benefits to you
2. Why a door lock repair?
3. Be helped immediately? Follow the following roadmap!
4. Lock repair at a low price
5. Our entire range of services
6. Door lock repair anywhere near Amsterdam.
7. The target group of Locksmith 365
8. Take advantage of our additional benefits
9. Contacting Locksmith 365

Our main benefits to you

Door Lock Repair

  • We are available day and night
  • We are with you within 30 minutes
  • We work quickly and efficiently
  • We go 100% damage-free
  • We are familiar with all types of locks
  • We have a low rate

Why a door lock repair?

Is your door lock no longer working perfectly? This can be due to the following things, among others:

  • The lock is broken, worn or dry;
  • The cylinder is broken, worn or run dry;
  • The door and/or frame have sagged or expanded;
  • The key is bent or you are using a bad copy.

Give us a call and we will be happy to come to your home to investigate why it is that your lock is no longer opening or closing or why your lock has other defects. Of course, we also help you get rid of your problem right away. We will repair or possibly replace your lock. That depends on what exactly is going on.

Be helped immediately? Follow the following roadmap!

Lock repair by Locksmith 365

May we repair your door lock immediately? Follow the following 7 steps. You will then quickly benefit from an optimally functioning lock again, thanks to Locksmith 365.

  1. Is your lock no longer working for one hundred percent? Can’t manage to lock or unlock the door? Is your key broken off in the lock? Does the lock turn? Please call +31-853013260 immediately and notify us. You can reach us day and night.
  2. You never have to wait more than half an hour. We guarantee that the locksmith will be with you within 30 minutes to repair the lock.
  3. The locksmith will get to work quickly and ensure that you will very quickly have a lock that works perfectly again. All work is done efficiently, 100% damage-free and quickly.
  4. We verify through a special inspection that the house or property is truly your property.
  5. You will receive extra service ranging from anti-burglary advice to repairing a squeaky or jammed door.
  6. You pay a fixed low rate by debit card, cash or manual transfer. There will be no surprises; you will know in advance what the lock repair will cost you.
  7. When the locksmith leaves your home or premises, you will go about your daily activities or work nicely. You benefit from up to 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

Lock repair at a low price

Would you like to be helped at a low rate? Our day and night rates are very attractive.

This rate includes call-out fees and labor. For any additional materials needed, such as a new lock, we are forced to charge an additional fee. Payment is by pin, iDeal or cash.

Our entire range of services

Of course, as a locksmith, we can do much more than just a door lock repair. We are happy to help you if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • Your door lock is broken
  • You have lost your keys
  • Your keys have been stolen
  • You are locked out
  • Your key has broken off in the lock
  • You have experienced an (attempted) burglary

We perform the following work for you:

  • We repair locks
  • We open locks
  • We replace locks
  • We install new locks
  • We repair locks with breakage damage
  • We make different locks equal-locking

Door lock repair anywhere near Amsterdam

We operate in the Amsterdam area. Do you live within a 30 km radius of Amsterdam? Then we would also be happy to come to you to let you benefit from our versatile range of services.

We visit the following places, among others:

  • Amsterdam Center
  • Amsterdam North
  • Amsterdam East
  • Amsterdam South-East
  • Amsterdam South
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam New West
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

The target audience of Locksmith 365

We deal with different customers every day. We welcome a diverse audience consisting of:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Tourist
  • Expats
  • Airbnb

Do you not speak Dutch or poor Dutch? No problem. We can also speak to you in English.

Daily rate (08:00 – 21:00) 65 euros

Request a quote? Email your inquiry to You will receive a response within 4 hours. Our prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Take advantage of our additional benefits

If you choose Locksmith 365, we will do everything we can to satisfy you. Take advantage of our unique benefits.

Available 24-7

Available day and night
Whether it’s 6 in the morning or the middle of the night, Locksmith 365 is always there for you. So please contact us at any time.

Present within 30 minutes
Are you looking for a locksmith who can arrive on location soon? We are able to be at your door within half an hour.

Familiar with every type of lock
We have experience with every type of lock and get any closed door open quickly thanks to our skill. We work extensively with overlay locks, secondary locks, multi-point locks, keypad locks, cylinder locks and mortise locks.

The latest equipment and materials
We bring all the necessary tools and materials. As a result, we are able to perform your lock repair quickly and efficiently.

Efficient, skilled working method
The locksmith goes straight to work and does everything very competently. If you let us open, replace or repair your lock, you can be sure it will be done right.

Completely damage free
With Locksmith 365, you don’t have to worry about damaging your door. We will not damage both your door and frame in our work. Even closed doors we open completely damage-free.

Different payment options
At Locksmith 365, you decide how to pay. You may pay by debit card, cash or transfer the amount via iDeal.

Additional service
Our work does not stop at opening, repairing or replacing locks. In addition to our normal operations, we are happy to provide you with additional services. For example, we make sure that your door no longer squeaks or sticks, and we are happy to provide you with information on burglary prevention.

Years of experience
We have been working as locksmiths for many years. In all these years, we have encountered many different locks in tens of thousands of homes. By now we know every lock inside and out and are a true lock expert.

Contact Locksmith 365

Door lock repair - get in touch

May we repair your lock? Then contact Locksmith 365. You can reach our lock service day and night by phone and email.

Phone: +31-853013260

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Zip code: 1079 ZG
Location: Amsterdam

We are the locksmith for when you are locked out, have lost your keys or need other help with your locks. We are 24 hours a day available, 7 days in the week



Need help?

Do not hesitate and do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you.

Scope of work

Do you live or are you temporarily in the Amsterdam area and are you looking for a locksmith? Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is ready for you, day and night. Moreover, Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is on site within 30 minutes.


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Yuri Sharapa
Yuri Sharapa
Hi! Yesterday I slammed the door in the evening and left the key inside. I called and ordered this master. Then I read the reviews here and was surprised how many negative reviews there are) I called them and said that I didn’t want to fall into their trap if they tried to scam me. Fortunately for me, there was no deception, everything was very adequate, the master was very pleasant and polite. Very nice price for services. Everything was done quickly and without damage. When I asked why there were so many negative reviews here, he replied that he had just bought this company and is building a reputation. Don't be afraid to reach out to these guys. Everything was very clear and professional on their part. I recommend!
Aicha Kone
Aicha Kone
Thank you for your good service. I call their for my car lock. their service is soo fast, I am really impressed.
Sufyaan Grimes
Sufyaan Grimes
The cost of drilling the lock was extremely high. I paid 220 euros, excluding taxes, just for a hole in the lock. I didn't even request a new lock, but if I had, it would have cost even more. The service was quick, with the technician arriving at my home within 40 minutes. They managed to open the door without damaging the frame, only the lock. The technician was also friendly, which is why I am giving them a higher rating. However, I still feel that 220 euros for drilling a lock is excessive, even for a company. It would have been more reasonable if the cost included a lock replacement.
Lisa van den Bor
Lisa van den Bor
Sleutel aan de binnenkant van de deur laten zitten, stom! Ze stonden gelukkig zelfs op zondag binnen 20 minuten voor de deur en Jeffrey maakte onze deur snel en zonder schade open. Super blij mee, ik zou ze zeker weer bellen.
massimo coppola
massimo coppola
Slotenmaker uit Haarlem is nooit komen opdagen, maar Moerad is uit Amsterdam gekomen om ons direct weer naar binnen te laten, super vriendelijk en begripvol
Patrick Owusu
Patrick Owusu
Fast friendly got My car open quickly.Thats all you can Ask for with this type of Service.
Arthur Niel
Arthur Niel
Top werk binnen 2 min open een tover naar onder de deuren open makers Mourad
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