Economical And Effective Door Lock Repair

Are you looking for a locksmith, because your door lock does not work well anymore? Locksmith 365 performs a door lock repair neatly and quickly. You pay a low rate for the work carried out.

What kind of lock do you have? We carry a lock repair for all types of locks. Of rim locks, side locks, multipoint locks and keypad locks to cylinder locks and pin cards.

You can read the dutch version here: Voordelige En Efficiënte Deurslot Reparatie

Our main advantages for you


We are available day and night door lock repair
We are within 30 minutes with you
We work quickly and efficiently
We are going to work 100% damage
We are familiar with all types of locks
We maintain a low rate

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Why repair a door lock?

Does your door lock not quite optimal? This could include coming through the following:

The lock is broken, worn out or has run dry;
The cylinder is broken, worn out or has run dry;
The door and / or the frame have subsided or go off;
The key is bent or you are using a bad copy.
Call us and we’ll be happy to visit you to investigate how it is that your lock is no longer running open or closed, or why your lock has other defects. Of course we can also help direct your problem. We will repair your lock or replace if necessary. That depends on what exactly is going on.

Need to help? Follow these steps!

May we immediately repair your lock? Follow these seven steps. You will then quickly optimal working lock, thanks Locksmith 365.

1. Does your lock not one hundred percent? If you are unable to run or to pick lock the door? Is your key broken off in the lock? Runs through the lock? immediately call 06-19377776 and bring us up to date. You can reach us day and night.
2. You never have to wait more than half an hour. We guarantee you that the locksmith is with you within 30 minutes to fix the lock.
3. The locksmith is easy to work and makes sure you lock very quickly is working perfectly. All activities are efficient, 100% damage and quickly executed.
4. We verify by means of a special audit of the home or property is actually your own.
5. You will receive additional services, ranging from anti-burglary advice to restore wheezing or stuck door.
6. You pay to pin a fixed low rate, payable or Reposting cash. You will not be surprised; you know in advance what the final repair will cost.
7. If the locksmith leave your home or property, then you could stay on with your daily activities or work. You benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.
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Our entire service package

If locksmith we can obviously more than a door lock repair perform alone. We are happy to help if you are in one of the following situations:

Your door lock is broken
You have lost your keys
Your keys are stolen
You are locked out
Your key has broken off in the lock
You have had to deal with an (attempted) burglary
We perform the following work for you:


We repair locks
We open locks
We replace locks
We put new locks
We repair locks with fallow damage
We make different locks keyed alike

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Door lock repair anywhere near Amsterdam

We are in the vicinity of Amsterdam. If you live within a radius of 30 km around Amsterdam? Then we are happy for you to let you benefit from our versatile range of services.

We will include the following places:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam NorthWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

The target of 365 Locksmith

We have to deal every day with different clients. We welcome a diverse audience, consisting of:



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You do not speak Dutch or Dutch flawed? No problem. We can also assist you in English.

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Take advantage of our additional benefits

If you choose Locksmith 365, we will do everything to satisfy you. Take advantage of our unique advantages.

Day and night
Whether it is six o’clock in the morning or the middle of the night, 365 Locksmith is always there for you. So please always contact us.

Within 30 minutes present
Looking for a locksmith that can soon be on location? We are able to stand in front of your door within half an hour.

Familiar with any type of lock
We have experience with any type of lock and every closed door quickly opened thanks to our professionalism. We work a lot with rim locks, side locks, multipoint locks, keypad locks, cylinder locks and pin cards.

Most new equipment and materials
We take all the necessary tools and materials along. Therefore we are able to carry out your final repair quickly and efficiently.

Efficient, professional process
The locksmith is ready to work and does everything very professionally. Lets you open your lock, replace or repair by us, you can be sure it is done correctly.

full without damage
Locksmith at 365 you do not have to be afraid of damage to your door. We will not cause damage to your door frame as in our work. Even closed doors we open full damage.

Low fixed rates
We maintain a decent price for our services. We distinguish between a daily rate of 55 euros and a nightly rate of 90 euros.

Various payment options
Locksmith at 365, you decide how you will pay. You may pins, pay cash or the amount via PayPal.

additional service
Our work does not stop when opening, repair or replacement of locks. In addition to our normal operations, we are happy to provide additional services. We take for example, that your door no longer beeps or binding and we can provide information about intrusion prevention.

Years of experience
For many years we have been working as a locksmith. In all the years we have become acquainted with many different locks in tens of thousands of homes. By now we know each slot from the inside out and we are a true lock expert.

Contact Locksmith 365

Can we repair your lock? Please check with Locksmith lock 365. Our service allows you to call and reached by email the day and night.

Phone: 06-19377776Deurslot repareren - neem contact op

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Postal Code: 1079 ZG
Place: Amsterdam

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