Forgotten in key House? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam Open All Doors and Locks

Forgot your key? Or do you leave your key at home? Do not panic. You come easily inside your home by contacting with Locksmith 365 Amsterdam.

Your door is opened quickly by a friendly locksmith with many years experience in opening, repair, replacement and installation of locks. Opening your door happens 100% damage and in 95% of cases, all within 8 minutes.

You can read the dutch version here: Sleutel Vergeten in Huis? Slotenmaker Amsterdam 365 Opent Alle Deuren en Sloten

Questions? Mail to or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

Keys password? Let Locksmith 365 Amsterdam open your door


Open 100% damage-door
Within 30 minutes at location
For opening all types of locks
In 95% of cases your door within 8 minutes Open
Day and night
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Choose a professional and take advantage of many benefits

One can think of many ways to enter your home without a key. However, these methods are often dangerous, time-consuming and, in some cases cost bring along with it. Costs that are higher than the rates for Locksmith 365 Amsterdam.

Key forgotten at home? Go yourself going to get open your lock without a key. Chances are that you will damage your lock and you need a completely new lock. Choose especially well for a professional locksmith is the spot within 30 minutes and your door opens quickly without a key. Choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam.

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Key password door open roadmap

Lost your keys? To quickly get your door open and to come into your home, we have a clear roadmap drawn up for you. Follow the steps and you’re quickly your problem away.

Key password door open roadmap

Step 1. If you forget your keys at home? Call to 06-19377776 and tell what your problem is. We reach day and night.
Step 2. Within 30 minutes an experienced locksmith from Locksmith 365 arrived on location.
Step 3. The next step is to open the lock of your door without a key. This happens very efficient, 100% damage and as promptly as possible.
Step 4. Next, we are verify by means of a special control whether you really the owner of the house or building.
Step 5. If your door is open, we offer you even more service in the form of additional services. This may involve removing a stuck door or giving anti-burglary advice.
Step 6. Then you pay for the services provided by us. Your pay in cash, by debit or Reposting.
Step 7. When Locksmith 365 departs Amsterdam, you quickly go on with your daily activities. You then benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.

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Keys password? We open all kinds of locks

Getting inside your home when you forget your keys? By enabling Locksmith 365 course. Thanks to 7 years of experience we know absolutely everything locks. What kind of lock you have, does not matter for us. We get each slot open, including the following slots:

Penslot: most by individuals themselves placed side lock.
Rim lock: a lock which is located on the door on the inside.
Side Lock: an additional lock is available in different models.
Multi-point lock: a lock with multiple locking points in door and frame.
Keypad Lock: a classic slot that is characterized by the big key to open the lock.
Cylinder lock: the most in the Netherlands lock mechanism which is used which consists of a cylinder and a housing.

All our activities at a glance

Key forgotten at home? Besides opening doors if you forget your key, you can also call us if you are in one of the following situations:


The key has broken off in the lock
You have lost your keys
Your key is stolen
Lock your door is broken
There is an (attempted) burglary committed
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In short, to open, repair, replacement and installation of locks you have Locksmith 365 to the right place. Additionally, you can contact us for repairing locks with fallow damage and for keyed alike making locks.

Key forgotten in Amsterdam?

We are active in Amsterdam and near Amsterdam. You benefit from our services if you live in one of the following locations:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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A key forget, also brings advantages

If you have forgotten your key, you are looking for an organization that can help you quickly from the fire. A locksmith that day or night and at the door within half an hour. A locksmith with the right equipment and a large portfolio of satisfied customers. The locksmiths of Locksmith 365 are:
It does not matter when you need us. 365 Locksmith is always available. By phone at 06-19377776 or by email via We are 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for you. Day and night.

Guaranteed within 30 minutes on site
Would you like to be helped as soon as possible? Are you out in the cold, and you will no longer in your house because you have forgotten your key? Welcome to the fastest locksmith Amsterdam. Within 30 minutes we are at your doorstep. You always benefit from our ‘within 30 minutes’ on location’ warranty.

In possession of the most modern equipment
For damage free opening locks if you forget your key, the right knowledge and tools are needed. Locksmith 365 possesses this expertise and equipment. This lets you quickly turn on your home or business premises.

Full whitout damage at work
Do not want your door damaged during our work? We neither. We distinguish ourselves by opening the 100% damage from all doors.

Experienced with the opening of all types of locks
No matter what kind of lock you have on your door or whatever key you forget. We open include rim locks, keypad locks and locks with the SKG mark.

Highly experienced with all locksmith work
Choose a professional company with lots of experience and expertise, choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. In the past 7 years we have opened thousands of doors for both individuals and businesses.

Always skilfully and efficiently at work
We distinguish ourselves by our efficient and professional process. open locks without keys is done in a very professional manner with modern tools that do not cause damage to your door.

Familiar with a variety of payment options
With us you can pay in different ways. Through pin, Ideal or cash.

Prepared to provide additional services
open the door if you forget your key, it is not the only thing we do. We give you extra service. Do you have a clamping or squeaky door? Then it is a small effort for us to help you from there. Customers who wish, we also give free anti-burglary advice.

Holds a portfolio of thousands of satisfied customers
In the past 7 years were many Amsterdammers a closed door because they had forgotten their keys at home. They called Locksmith 365 Amsterdam and were very satisfied with the service they got then.

Duizenden tevreden klanten

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We open doors for everybody

A key forgotten at home can affect anyone, from individuals to business. The service from Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is suitable for everyone, and therefore can also contact us.

Our activities and services include suitable for:


Key forgotten at home? Call Locksmith 365

Are you locked out? Keep no longer in the cold and contact with the quickest locksmith Amsterdam.

Phone: 06-19377776

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Postal Code: 1079 ZG
Place: Amsterdam

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Open frequently asked questions about key password door

How fast you are on the spot?
The fastest locksmith Amsterdam is always if you forgot your key within 30 minutes on site.

How long will it take before you have my door open?
A door we have opened without a key in 95% of cases within 8 minutes.

Can I call you even at ranges at night?
Yes. Allow overnight for a closed door? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is available 24/7 at 06-19377776. Call us so comfortable middle of the night or late evening on.

What are the payment options?
At 365 Locksmith choose from several payment options. Would you like to pay in cash or by debit card or iDeal? You pay the way that suits you fine.

My door remains intact when you open my door without a key?
We never compromise your door in our work. We perform our work carefully, thoughtfully, and 100% from damage.

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