Intrusion Prevention and Security Tips from Experts

Intrusion Prevention and Security Tips from Experts
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A sense of security is one of the basic human needs. A burglary has a huge impact. Fortunately, there are measures that minimize the risk of burglary. We at Locksmith 365 Amsterdam know much about burglary. We want this knowledge to share with you.

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You can read the dutch version here: Inbraakpreventie en Beveiliging Tips van Experts

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The problem of burglaries

Generally Netherlands is a safe country to live in. The crime rates are low. The crime is the last 20 years slowly d
eels. For example, the number of burglaries in 2013 was 5% lower than in 2012 lay, that means there are 6700 times less broken is.inbraakpreventie

Still want to say that there was burgled more than 230 times per day in 2013. So despite the decline in burglaries are still a big problem.

Most Common Methods and Intrusion Prevention Of

Intrusion prevention is the prevention of burglary. To ensure that burglars are not invade your home, it’s helpful to know what methods they use and what to do about it.

1. pedal Pressing

Burglars often enter through a door or stairs in a window. You can reinforce the door by us an extra slot or additional slots to allow places to ensure that a window or door-stroke is not an option.

2. The Bulgarian method

Many mortise locks are vulnerable. Burglars may include breaking down the barrel of your slot and pull it out. This is called the ‘Bulgarian method. Let install locks on your doors and windows to the SKG mark (Quality Foundation Gevelbouw) by one of our locksmiths. This works great as a burglary.

3. Fishing

By angling a burglar trying to push the door handle down with for example a clothes hanger. This method only works when the door is pulled shut, but not locked. If you go out the door, then turn it on lock and remove key. Opening the door over fishing is impossible.

4. Holes drilling

Burglars drill a hole under the lock of a door or window. With a piece of wire they turn the key and / or opening the window closure. Get to avoid this always the key from the lock.

5. Dale Trick

This is a simple but very effective method. With an excuse criminals entering your home. For example, they pretend to be one or another company or a charity. Most people have no evil in the sentence. Some are, however, out to make you cheat your money and your belongings.

Always have a healthy distrust. Let people not just inside, keep your PIN secret and watch out who you are in your (spare) gives keys. Do you have any children? Teaching them from an early age to never allow strangers in the house.

6. creep

Burglars enter through doors and windows that are not locked. Officially, this is not a hack. In burglary since there is always talk of damage. Do doors and windows always at night and when you leave locked. If you are not too easy to criminals.

7. Pinball

By placing a card between door and frame, burglars open doors. This is called pinball. To avoid this, burglar-proof strip, make sure burglar-proof strips. An anti-intrusion trip over the seam falls away from the door and the door frame.

A burglary strip consists of two metal parts that slide together when you close the door. Between the two metal parts is no seam so the door can not be opened with a pass.

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Burglar alarm

An alarm system helps to protect your home even better. In some cases, insurance will require that you purchase a burglar alarm: for example, if you have special art objects in your home or have very valuable properties.

Clean the outside of your home that you have seen a burglar alarm. For example by sticking a special sticker on your window. This will to deter burglars advance.

Always leave places a burglar by a company with a deposit or VEB (Association of European Security companies) certificate. That way you know that your alarm is connected correctly and that the issued alarm is adequate burglar resistant.

Hinges and locks

Good intrusion prevention starts with proper locks. The police and Locksmith 365 encourages you to choose a lock with the SKG mark. SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw.

It is an independent organization that tests products for the facade industry, certifies and approves. SKG shows the locks a certain number of stars, the more stars the more secure the lock. In lets you get places quickly several locks with the SKG mark.

Protect windows

There are many ways to protect windows against break-ins. Here you get an overview of the related hardware that you can install by us, leaving your windows open is very difficult to break are:

Multi-point locks: These locks close the window in several places, however multipoint locks work great as intrusion. There is one control point.
Side Locks: locks that are placed in or on the window, especially when the main lock is not enough burglar proof.
Lay-on Grendels: keys that are mounted on the window. Lay Grendel are often used as additional locks.
Combi expanders: With raamuitzettter turn the window ajar. With a window handle, turn the window fixed so it can not close or further blow open. With a combination dilator can while still close the window.
Window Boompjes: A handle that opens and closes the window.
Safety hinges and dead bolt: It is important that windows are also protected well turn out to the side where the hinges. You do this by placing at least two dead bolt. A dead bolt consists of a metal pin and a hygiene cover. The pin is mounted in the window frame and hygiene cover opposite. If the hinges were to be removed, the anti-lift pins will ensure that the window remains still closed. A safety hinge is a hinge and a claw thieves together.

Exterior doors Protect

It is essential to ensure that the outside doors are properly secured. Our locksmiths of Locksmith 365 give you advice on what is the best way to make your exterior doors burglar-proof:

Lay Locks: Master Locks bearings usually have a button where you need to put on. Occasional rim locks often have a dial. Please note that there are few rim locks with a SKG verification.
Mortice locks: Simple locks burglars break open easily. Install security hardware to protect the mortise lock.
Security Hardware: Hardware is the metal which is next to the lock and protects the lock. Metal security fittings is much thicker. The final result is much more difficult to open breken.Veiligheidsbeslag also has no screws on the outside, so that the batter burglars can not screw your door. Choose safety batter will get at least two stars of the SKG.
Hinges safety and anti-lift pins: dead bolt consist of a metal spring wire and a sleeve which are placed on the side of the hinges. Burglars can often try to remove the hinges after which they can easily open the door. With thieves continue to claw your exterior doors removes even if the hinges are close. Place at least three dead bolt to secure your door well. At a safety hinge has you join a hinge and a claw thieves.
Burglar-proof strip: A burglar-proof strip prevents burglars post a screwdriver into the seam between the door and the door frame and thus can break open the door.
Side Lock: This lock is set when the main lock is not sufficiently protected against burglary.
Multi-point locks: These locks close the door in several places down. It is convenient that you operate at one point locks.
Kier Stand holder: A bracket with a chain or a lever which causes the door to open only a crack, is to keep out unwanted visitor.
At 365 Locksmith know which locks work best as intrusion. Our locksmith have a lot of expertise and share their knowledge with regard to intrusion prevention with you.

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What Can We Do for You?

We operate in the vicinity of Amsterdam. Our locksmiths know everything in the field of locks and burglary. Do you have problems with your locks? In these ways, we are at your service:

Is there in your broken or has attempted burglary? We repair the burglary.Sleutel Binnenkant Deur Laten Zitten - Laat Slotenmaker 365 Uw Slot Openmaken
We put new locks.
We replace your locks.

The service from Locksmith 365

One of our locksmiths state within 30 minutes next to you. He opened the door within 8 minutes in 95% of cases. For repair, replacement and installation of locks, you must be at Locksmith 365.

Our locksmiths also know a lot about intrusion prevention. They are happy to provide free expert advice.

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