Latchkey Lost? Locksmith 365 Opens Quick Your Door

Lost your house key?

This means that you

standing outside and again’d like inside.
and lucky you’re in, but you do not know who has your house key.
In both situations, we can help. In 30 minutes we are on the spot to open your door 100% damage.

If you want we’ll replace your locks and thereby avoid whom you key also comes in very simple.

Our services are approved by insurance companies.

You can read the dutch version here: Huissleutel Kwijt? Slotenmaker 365 Opent Snel Uw Deur

Our Advantages:

in 30-minutes we will arrive at the spot
Door open 100% damage
All (security) locks

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Ask? Mail to or request a free quote.

Prices include travel costs and labor. Cash, debit card or pay by bank transfer.

What to do if your house key is lost?

To your horror, you notice that you have lost your house key. Stay calm and do not panic. Call soon Locksmith 365. Let us open your lock and replaced, you can be sure it is done correctly. The following describes how we work.


1. If you live in or around Amsterdam? We open your door in and around Amsterdam. You can call us at the following telephone number: 06-19377776. On the phone you explain what is your problem. Locksmith 24/7 365 opens your door.
2. We are within 30 minutes of your door. Through our years of experience, more than 25 years, we have an understanding of different types of locks. Each slot we have opened within an instant.
3. Opening your door is fast and 100% damage. In 95% of cases, your door is open within 8 minutes. Besides opening doors we replace locks. Do you have any more spare key or feel not safe in your home after you lost your house key? Then we put a secure lock on your door.
4. We always make sure that you are the real owner of the property. This is a standard procedure. Through a special control we find out if you are the owner of the house.
5. In addition, you benefit from our many additional services. For example, we give you an antiemetic advice. Do you have any other questions? Ask them to us! We give you a free professional advice. In addition, we fix squeaky doors and clamping.
6. You pay a fixed low daily rate and a fixed low nightly rate. With us you pay by cash, pin or Reposting.

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As many satisfied customers preceded you. we have helped tens of thousands of customers in recent years that were about us very happy.

lost house key? – Locksmith 365 opens all locks

If you lost your house keys, your lock is opened. We open all kinds of locks. In addition, we open your door guaranteed 100% damage.

Are you wondering which locks all of us open? Below we describe the different locks:Buitengesloten Door Sleutel Binnenkant Deur Laten Zitten


Cylinder lock

lay Slot
side Lock
Multi-point lock
keyboard lock
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The cylinder lock is the most widely used slot in the Netherlands. This is probably also the end of your home.

A supporting slot is the head slot or bijslot to keep doors closed. A side slot is often added as a head lock does not meet or no slot is present.

A multi-point lock is the most effective protection against burglars. This is due to the multiple locking points in the door and the door frame. A keypad lock his older locks. These locks do open with a large key. Finally, we also open pens auctions. These locks are used as extra security.

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Replacing your old slot for a security lock

If you lost your house key and would you like a new lock on your door that’s strong and very safe? Preferably, a lock that deters burglars? We recommend a safety lock. This lock ensures that the burglars are not for you door.

Each slot has a seizure. A herd is a metal box that sits next to the lock. When a security is the batter made of a thicker layer of metal. In addition, the attachment screws are on the inside and not on the outside. This make it impossible for burglars to unscrew the screws and remove the batter off.

But how do you recognize a safety? A safety lock can be recognized by the logo of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw, aka the SKG. This is an independent organization that locks test, tests and certifies. The locks go through a rigorous testing it. Do the locks all the requirements of the SKG? Then the locks get a mark.

SKG assesses the locks with stars:


Have the locks one star? Then the burglar-proof locks.
Have the locks 2 stars? Then the heavy locks burglar proof.
Have the locks 3 stars? Then the locks heavyweight burglar proof.
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For more information about security locks click here.


Other services Locksmith 365

Besides that we come open your door if you lose your house keys, we offer more services.

These other services include:


Repairing locks
Repairing locks with fallow damage
Locks Evening closing
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Working area

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam operates in the following places :

Werkgebied Slotenmaker Amsterdam 365

Workin area

  • Amsterdam Centrum
  • Amsterdam Noord
  • Amsterdam Oost
  • Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
  • Amsterdam Zuid
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

Contact Locksmith 365

Call us immediately if you lose your keys. Our phone number is 06-19377776. It is also possible to come to our office. Our address is:

Alblasstraat 11-1

1079 ZG, Amsterdam


Would you like more information about Locksmith 365? Click here or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my house key lost. What now?
Do not panic. Call locksmith 365, go to your home or to stay in front of your door. We are on the spot and quickly make your door within 30 minutes. Do not have a spare key anymore? Do not you feel more secure in your own home because you’re afraid that the lost key at night or during the day is broken for you? Besides we are also opening your door locks replaced. We have different secure locks in our offer and we guarantee the right slot that meets all your needs. We encourage our customers typically a new slot if they lost their house key. This is for their own safety.

I lost my whole forest house keys lost. What has to happen?
It is also possible that you’ve lost your house keys hit. Those of your front door, back door, barn door and so on. This is very annoying. If you have lost your whole bunch of house keys and you no longer have spare key of all keys, then all locks must be replaced. 365 locksmith replace your old locks quickly secure new locks. You also have the option to make your locks by our common key. These locks can operate than with one key. You do not need to lug more with a heavy full of keys and touch not the same as your house keys lost.

Which locks replaces Locksmith 365?
You’ve lost your house key and you want to replace your lock? Or simply want a new slot, because your old slot is no longer safe? Then you should being with us! We replace all locks including security locks. We replace cylinder locks, rim locks, side locks, multipoint locks, keypad locks and pin cards.

If I’ve lost my house key, why should I choose Locksmith 365?
We are within 30 minutes on site 24/7 and we open the doors and we replace locks. Through our years of experience, more than 25 years, we are expert in opening doors and replacing locks. We open all kinds of locks including security locks. In addition, we open doors 100% damage and in 95% of cases in 8 minutes. We maintain an efficient and professional process and use professional equipment. Our locksmiths are very friendly and give you free advice. Finally you pay easily with us. You pay by cash, pin or Reposting. So you lost your house key or want to replace your lock? Then choose Locksmith 365.

What is the working area of ​​365 Locksmith?
Our area is and around Amsterdam: Amsterdam East, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Westpoort, Amsterdam North Amsterdam West, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, IJburg, Diemen, Haarlem, Zaandam and Amstelveen.