Locks Replacement Amsterdam? Approved by Insurance

Locks Replacement Amsterdam? Approved by Insurance

Replacing locks - here's how to proceed

Do you want to replace your locks? There are many reasons because to want to do so.

Many people try to save some money by attempting to assemble the lock themselves.

But replacing a lock properly is difficult and if you don’t do it professionally, your door may jam or the new lock may not be as secure as you think.

In addition, in the case of attempted burglary, many insurance companies will not accept the claim if the lock was not fitted by a professional.

Our friendly locksmiths carry all kinds and types of cylinders and locks. Once we have seen your door and lock   you will receive an appropriate recommendation.

He will be happy to show you a number of suitable options along with explanations of the pros and cons of different cylinders and replaces them on the spot.

While it would be very unprofessional of us to give a price without knowing your specific situation, we can tell you that a common cylinder replacement in Amsterdam costs about 75 – 80 euros including everything.


Purchasing a door lock or window lock

The first step in lock replacement is to purchase the right lock. These factors should be taken into account:

    • The type of door or window: With a rebated door, part of the door falls on the doorframe when the door is closed. So the door sticks out. A stubby door drops all the way into the door. For a push-on door, you cannot use heavy locks that are very burglar-resistant. The lock must then be mounted too much against the door edge. This deteriorates the burglar resistance of the door.

What material the door or window is made of: Metal, wood or plastic.

The direction of rotation of the door or window: A door turns either left or right or outward or inward. This does not affect the type of lock that is best to purchase. Check a lock’s product information to see which direction of rotation it is suitable for.

Different door locks

There is a wide range of door locks. They are divided into two categories.

  • Master locks: A master lock is the most important lock that is on your door.
  • Accessory locks: Side locks are additional locks that you mount above or below the main lock for additional burglary protection.

Main locks can again be subdivided into subcategories:

  • Common mortise lock: A mortise lock is installed in a door.
  • Narrow mortise lock: A narrow mortise lock is relatively tall but shallow. Occur almost exclusively in plastic and metal doors.
  • Surface lock: A lock that is mounted on the door. There are overlay locks with a fixed and a loose cylinder. A cylinder is a metal tube where you insert your key.
  • Common multi-point lock: A multi-point lock is a mortise lock that locks at three or five points. This makes a multi-point lock extra secure. The convenience of a multi-point lock is that you open and close the lock at one point.
  • Narrow-lock multi-point lock: Same as a regular multi-point lock. The lock case (the rectangular part of the lock) is comparatively very shallow and high.


Replacing locks


  • Keypad lock: This is a very simple lock and not very burglar-resistant. Wardrobe locks are used for interior doors, closet doors, storage doors, balcony doors and garden doors. Very rarely does this lock serve to lock the front door. A keypad lock is not suitable for this either.
  • Espagnolette: Espagnolettes are often lockable only from the inside. This type of lock is mainly found on balcony and garden doors because the locks can be easily broken open. There are two subcategories: A recessed espagnolette is a large lock that runs along the entire length of the door and sometimes also partially on the top, bottom or back. A surface-mounted espagnolette consists of two rods running the entire length of the door.

Accessory locks also come in several subcategories:

  • Stud lock: This lock is most often used by individuals as an accessory lock. A mortise lock is a mortise lock especially suitable for wooden doors. It is cheap but effective. A pin lock has a rather large key.
  • Additional mortise lock: The lock is mounted in the door. This type of lock is usually more expensive than a pin lock, but you have the convenience of a small key, however.
  • Accessory padlock: A padlock is mounted on the door. It is often the main lock on storage and box doors. This lock usually operates on the inside with a rotary knob.

Different window locks

Much attention is given to door locks as burglary prevention. Window locks, however, should not be forgotten. Windows are also frequently broken open. What window locks are there?

  • Window bolt: Window bolts are overlay locks (they are mounted on the window). There is a wide variety of window latches. They are suitable for almost all types of windows. They are suitable for obtuse, wooden windows.
  • Window Bars: A window lever is a simple lock usually used for windows, but sometimes used for doors.
  • Recessed Locks: These locks are especially suitable for on windows.

How do you replace a (narrow) mortise lock with a loose cylinder?

You have an overlay lock with a loose cylinder and want to replace the cylinder lock. Fortunately, replacing the entire lock is not necessary. You only need to replace the cylinder. The cylinder is a metal tube into which you push the key.

How do you replace a mortise lock with a loose cylinder?

  1. Insert the key and turn the lock.
  2. If you have security hardware, remove it from the door first. Do you just have batter? Then you can just leave it in place.
  3. Look on the side of the door (on the side where the door opens). About the height of the lock is a screw. Remove the screw.
  4. Pull the cylinder. The cylinder comes out without any problems.
  5. Replace the cylinder with another cylinder.
  6. Tighten the screw back into the lock. If necessary, place the security hardware back around your lock.

How do you replace an overlay lock with a loose cylinder?

Do you have an overlay lock with a loose cylinder? Again, you only need to replace the cylinder. How to replace the cylinder of this type of lock:

  1. Look on the side of the door, on the side where the lock is. Loosen the screw at the level of the keyhole. Now the cylinder is loose in the lock, but you can’t pull it out yet.
  2. Put your key in your lock and turn it slightly to the left or right.
  3. Remove the cylinder from the lock.
  4. You can usually pull the cylinder out of your lock without any problems. Are you not succeeding? Sometimes the hardware is mounted a little crooked, therefore the cylinder is stuck. Unscrew the hardware. Now you can pull the cylinder out of the lock.
  5. Reinsert the new cylinder into the cylinder hole.
  6. Turn the screw on the side back into the lock.
  7. Test if the lock works with the door open.

How do you replace an overlay lock with a fixed cylinder?

Replacing an overlay lock with a fixed cylinder takes much more time and effort than replacing an overlay lock with a loose cylinder. In fact, the overlay lock must be replaced in its entirety.  What to do.

  1. Remove all screws on the front and side of the lock. Now you can remove the lock from the door.
  2. You place the overlay lock on the door. Place the new overlay lock on the door and screw it in place.
  3. On the side of the lock are two parts that stick out and can be pressed in. Those parts are called the latch and the deadbolt. There are cavities in your doorframe into which the latch and deadbolt should fall. Isn’t it? Then use a chisel to poke out some wood, so the latch and deadbolt do fall into door post.

How do you replace a (narrow-lock) multi-point lock?

Replacing a multi-point lock is not exactly easy. Would you still prefer to do it yourself? Unscrew your multi-point lock and take it to a professional hardware store or lock store. If you buy a new lock with the same dimensions, you do not need to make any additional adjustments.

Get information from the professional hardware store or lock specialist about the installation and details of your new lock. This is how to proceed if you want to replace a new multi-point lock (we assume that your new multi-point lock has the same dimensions as your old multi-point lock).

  1. Loosen the screw in the door handle on the inside. Now the door handles are loose.
  2. Remove the door handles from your door.
  3. The hardware consists of metal plates surrounding your lock. Unscrew the hardware.
  4. Remove the hardware on the inside and outside of your door.
  5. Insert the key into the cylinder.
  6. Turn it slightly to the left or right.
  7. Pull it out.
  8. Using a cordless drill, loosen all screws in the multi-point lock
  9. Insert a screwdriver into the hole where the door handles used to be.
  10. Unclip the multipoint latch.
  11. You can now easily remove the multi-point lock from your door.
  12. Lay the lock cases of the old and new multi-point locks side by side. If all goes well, the lock cases are the same size.
  13. Install the new multi-point lock in your door.
  14. Press the multi-point latch firmly at all points.
  15. Using the cordless drill, tighten all screws on the multi-point lock.
  16. Take the new cylinder and insert the key.
  17. Push the cylinder into the designated hole.
  18. First, install the hardware on the inside with the door handle.
  19. Then place the batter on the outside.
  20. Screw on the hardware.
  21. Place the door handle on the outside.

How do you replace a keypad lock?

A keypad lock is a lock without a (loose) cylinder. So just replacing the cylinder is not possible. You replace the entire lock. How do you proceed?

  1. Unscrew all the screws on your keypad lock. Don’t forget the screws on the side of the door.
  2. Place the new keypad lock in the space on the side of the door.
  3. Screw on your new keypad lock.

How do you replace an espagnolette?

Replacing an espanolette is not exactly an easy job. Each brand must be mounted differently. Therefore, giving a general step-by-step plan of how to replace an espagnolette is unfortunately not possible.

How do you replace a window latch?

It is quite easy to replace a window latch.

  1. Screw both the part of the lock mounted in your window and the part mounted in your window frame.
  2. Screw your window bolt into your window and onto your window frame.

How do you replace a window tree?

A window tree is a very simple lock. Therefore, it is also easy to replace as long as you replace your old window bar with a new window bar of the same dimensions.

  1. Unscrew the old window handle from your window. Do not forget to screw out the part of the window handle that is mounted in the window frame.
  2. Screw the new window handle into your window and window frame.

How do you replace a recessed espagnolette?

A recessed espagnolette comes in many shapes and sizes. It is difficult to replace a built-in espagnolette. Because there are so many different recessed espagnolettes, they are all mounted differently. Thus, we cannot give you a general step-by-step plan on how to replace a recessed espagnolette.

Locksmith 365 replaces all your locks

Get your locks replaced by locksmith 365

No time or don’t feel like replacing your locks yourself? Make an appointment with Locksmith 365. Our locksmiths have years of experience and thus work very efficiently. In no time we will have your locks replaced and at a great low price!

Locksmith 365 does much more than just replace your locks!

We perform a lot of services for you. In these ways, we help you:

  • Is your lock broken? No problem! We repair your locks.
  • We install new locks.
  • If your lock has damage from a break-in or attempted break-in, we will repair your lock.
  • We make your locks equal-locking. That means you open all locks with the same key.
  • Is your front door lock locked and you can’t get in? We will open your lock in no time.

Your benefits at Locksmith 365

Why choose locksmith 365? Because only with Locksmith 365 do you have these benefits;

  • Our locksmiths always carry the most advanced equipment. As a result, they replace, repair and open your locks quickly and efficiently.
  • We open your locks 100% damage-free. That means your doors will stay beautiful and whole.
  • Our locksmiths are familiar with all locks due to their long experience. Any lock they open with ease, even security locks.
  • You always benefit from our low rate.
  • Do you need us? We are always there for you. At 3 in the morning, on Sunday, on a cold Christmas night; we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Enjoy our great service! A friendly locksmith will come to you with great knowledge and expertise. For example, he will quickly help you get rid of a squeaky or jammed door, as well as provide you with free advice on burglary prevention.
  • How would you like to pay? By pin, cash or do you prefer to transfer it manually? Decide for yourself.
  • Imagine: you are standing in front of a closed door. Call the Locksmith and we are always there within 30 minutes. Our locksmiths then open your door in 8 minutes in 95% of cases. You will be back inside in no time!
  • Our locksmiths open all locks, including security locks!

Contact details

You need a locksmith? Call us at phone number: 06-19377776. Do you prefer to come to our office? You are very welcome! Our address is:

Rustenburgerstraat 155 H

1073 EZ, Amsterdam


We are the locksmith for when you are locked out, have lost your keys or need other help with your locks. We are 24 hours a day available, 7 days in the week



Need help?

Do not hesitate and do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you.

Scope of work

Do you live or are you temporarily in the Amsterdam area and are you looking for a locksmith? Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is ready for you, day and night. Moreover, Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is on site within 30 minutes.


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Yuri Sharapa
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Sufyaan Grimes
The cost of drilling the lock was extremely high. I paid 220 euros, excluding taxes, just for a hole in the lock. I didn't even request a new lock, but if I had, it would have cost even more. The service was quick, with the technician arriving at my home within 40 minutes. They managed to open the door without damaging the frame, only the lock. The technician was also friendly, which is why I am giving them a higher rating. However, I still feel that 220 euros for drilling a lock is excessive, even for a company. It would have been more reasonable if the cost included a lock replacement.
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massimo coppola
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Patrick Owusu
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