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Are you looking for a reliable locksmith Amstelveen who is quickly on site? A locksmith Amstelveen ready for you day and night? Then choose Locksmith 365.

Within 30 minutes we will be at your door, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have you lost your keys? Do you need a new lock? Does your lock need to be repaired? We are capable of opening any lock. In addition, we install and repair all types of locks. Locksmith 365 is the lock service in Amstelveen.

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Locksmith Amstelveen – What can Locksmith 365 do for you?

Over 10,000 clients have used our services. Many people from Amstelveen looking for a Locksmith Amstelveen come to us. All of our customers are very satisfied with us.

Are you curious about all the work that Locksmith 365 performs? Us:

  • Opening locks
  • Repairing locks
  • Replacing locks
  • Installing new locks
  • Repair locks with breakage damage
  • Make all locks equal locking

Problems with your lock? Locksmith 365 solves it

Whatever problem you have with your lock, we will solve it for you. Are you experiencing any of the following problems? Then call us immediately.

  • Locked Out
  • Key broken off in lock
  • Keys lost
  • Keychain stolen
  • Lock door broken
  • (Attempted) burglary committed

*Do you (probably) need a new lock? Indicate this in the phone call. We will then take a new lock and install it immediately.

You are locked out
You went out for a moment and the door closed behind you. It is no longer possible to go inside because your key is inside and you do not have a spare key at your disposal.

Another situation is, you pulled the door shut behind you with the key still in the lock. You then have no use for a spare key, because the key in the lock will block your spare key.

Locksmith 365 solves these problems. We open the door 100% damage-free in no time.

The key has broken off in the lock
It is possible that if a key has aged, it has become brittle. The key then easily breaks off in the lock. Or you may have been too rough with your key in the lock, causing it to break off. Locksmith 365 will quickly remove the broken key from your lock.

U lost your keys
Ow no, where did my key go! It happens to everyone. Losing a key is very annoying. You become stressed or panic. This is not necessary.

Call us right away and we will be in front of your home or business premises in Amstelveen within a short time. We will open the door within minutes. We also replace the locks if you are worried that you are being broken into with the lost key.

Your keychain is stolen
Another annoying occurrence is that your keychain is stolen. You are quite upset and we understand that better than anyone. We are on the spot in Amstelveen and will open the door for you quickly. Inside, you can calmly recover from the shock. We recommend replacing the locks on your home or business premises in case the stolen key is broken into. We stock a variety of secure locks and can order all types of locks.

Your door’s lock is broken
Did your door’s lock break? Then we will replace this lock immediately. Do you have a specific lock in mind that you would like? We have several strong locks on offer. These locks will last for years. If we do not have your lock in stock, we can order it.

A (attempted) burglary was committed
That’s very scary. The locks of your home or business premises are badly damaged or destroyed. When burglars have been inside, the likelihood of havoc and stolen items is very high.

Locksmith 365 reduces the chances of this happening again. We install strong and secure locks. We also install security locks certified by the SKG. This means the locks are burglar-resistant. A lock that is difficult to break open would rather skip burglars.

Why is Locksmith 365 the right choice as a locksmith service Amstelveen?

What makes us so special? And why should you choose this lock service Amstelveen? Our years of experience make us truly an expert in the field of locks. No lock is too complicated for us. We are familiar with all locks and can get any door open.

24/7 available

In addition, we are able to install a variety of locks. With us, you have a choice of different types of locks. There is guaranteed to be a lock among them that meets all your needs. We are also experienced in repairing locks.

With us, you benefit from many advantages. We differ from other locksmiths in the following ways:

  • We help you 24/7. We are at your disposal during the day as well as at night. 7 days a week. In addition, we are at the doorstep of your home or office in Amstelveen within 30 minutes.
  • We are fast, very fast. Not only in terms of the speed that we are with you, but also in opening doors. In 95% of cases, we opened the door in 8 minutes. This is because of our efficient and skilled working methods. In addition, we have professional equipment in house.
  • Whatever lock you have, we open all types of locks. This also means security locks. In addition, we are able to install all types of locks.
  • Are you economical with your door? So do we! So don’t be afraid of damage, we will open your door 100% damage-free.
  • You also benefit from many additional services. Our very customer-friendly locksmiths will be happy to give you a free professional consultation, such as an anti-burglary advice. For example, have you been suffering from an annoying stiff or squeaky door for some time? We solve it for you.
  • Finally, it is possible to PIN at your own door. Paying in cash and via iDEAL is also possible.

What locks does Locksmith 365 open and install in Amstelveen?


Do you have a DOM, CES or Lips brand lock? From Cisa, Corbin or Nemef? A cylinder lock or an overlay lock? It doesn’t matter what brand or what kind of lock you have. Locksmith 365 opens and installs all types of (security) locks of all brands.

The locks we open and install can be divided into two groups. There are master locks and secondary locks.

A master lock is the main lock on your door and is centrally located. Side locks are additional locks and sit halfway, at the bottom or at the top of the door. Side locks provide additional security. They make it extra difficult for burglars to break in. A secondary lock is also often installed if the main lock is inadequate or there is no lock present.

These two groups of locks can again be divided into different types of locks. Below we list the most common master locks and secondary locks.

Main locks:

  • Cylinder locks. These locks are most commonly used in the Netherlands. This lock mechanism consists of a cylinder and housing. The pins, plates or balls block the cylinder as long as the matching key is not inserted into the lock. When the correct key is inserted into the cylinder, it is possible to turn it in the housing. This opens or closes the lock.
  • Mounting locks. This is a main or secondary lock to keep doors closed. There are mortise locks with a loose or fixed cylinder. Mortise locks are not installed in the door, but on the door. They are often found on storage doors or general access doors.
  • Mortise locks. Mortise locks are recessed in doors (interior/exterior doors). These locks are only suitable for wooden doors. A hole is chiseled into the door where the mortise lock is inserted. In addition to mortise locks, there are narrow mortise locks. The mortise locks are in plastic and metal doors. There are also mortise locks as secondary locks.
  • Multi-point locks. This lock is the most effective protection against burglars. It has multiple locking points in the door and frame. It is a burglar-proof lock that you lock at multiple points with one operation.
  • Keyboard locks. These are somewhat older locks. These locks are opened with a large key. They are often used for exterior doors (gate or garden doors).
  • Espagnolettes:  These locks are often installed on balcony and garden doors. A surface-mounted espagnolette consists of two rods running the entire length of the door.

Accessory locks:

  • Pen locks. These locks are used as additional security. They are the most commonly used secondary locks on front doors. It is placed below or above the main lock, and it consists of a recessed lock and a cover plate.  (Cross) keys operate these locks.
  • Accessory overlay locks. These locks are also placed as secondary locks, on front and back doors, for added security. These locks are operated by a rotary knob.
  • Accessory insert locks. This lock is also burglar proof. It is more expensive than a pin lock because the lock is less likely to be damaged. You open this lock with a small key.

There are also locks for windows. Examples include: window bolts, window handles and recessed spagnolettes.

For more information on locks, click here.

Security locks with the SKG quality mark

Security locks are made of a strong and durable material. They are specially designed against burglary. Extra locks, mortise locks, padlocks and multi-point locks that have the SKG logo are security locks.

SKG stands for The Foundation for Quality Facade Construction. This is an independent organization that tests, inspects and certifies building products (such as locks). The locks pass a strict inspection by the SKG. Locks that pass inspection receive a logo with a certain number of stars.

  • Locks with 1 star are burglar-resistant.
  • Locks with 2 stars are heavily burglar-resistant.
  • Locks with 3 stars are extra burglar-resistant.

Would you like a security lock? Locksmith 365 is the lock service Amstelveen for security locks with an SKG quality mark. We install security locks with 1, 2 or 3 stars.


Our client portfolio is very diverse. Are you looking for a locksmith Amstelveen who speaks good English? Then you definitely need to be with Locksmith 365.

The target groups we have helped a lot in recent years are:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Tourist
  • Expats
  • Airbnb


Scope of work

We are not just a locksmith Amstelveen. We also open doors and replace locks in places around Amstelveen. These places are:

  • Amsterdam Center
  • Amsterdam North
  • Amsterdam East
  • Amsterdam South-East
  • Amsterdam South
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam New West
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

Contact Locksmith 365

Lock service-Amstelveen-contact

Call us immediately with all your questions and concerns regarding locks. Our phone number is 020-8905754 . It is also possible to stop by our office. Close to Amsterdam city center, in De Pijp, our office is located. Our address is:

Rustenburgerstraat 155 H
1073 EZ, Amsterdam

Would you like more information about Locksmith 365? Click here to learn more about Locksmith 365. The locksmith of Amstelveen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What work does Locksmith 365 perform?
We open locks, repair locks, replace locks, install new locks, repair locks with breakage damage, and make locks match.

I am looking for a good locksmith Amstelveen. Why should I choose Locksmith 365?
We will help you 24/7 and be at the door of your home or office in Amstelveen within 30 minutes. In addition, in 95% of cases we open the door in 8 minutes, 100% damage-free. We open and repair all types of (security) locks and are able to install all (security) locks. We also operate efficiently and skillfully and have professional equipment. Finally, you benefit from many extra services. Our very customer-friendly locksmiths will be happy to give you a free consultation, such as an anti-burglary advice. We also fix stiff or squeaky doors.

My lock needs to be opened. What locks do you all open?
We open all types of locks of all brands. From master locks to secondary locks, from Dom to Nemef. We open from the main locks such as: overlay locks, mortise locks, multipoint locks, keypad locks and espagnolettes. Among the secondary locks we open: mortise locks and secondary overlay and mortise locks.

I would like a security lock, do you install these locks?
Yes. We install all types of locks, including security locks. The security locks we install are rated by the SKG with 1, 2 or 3 stars. This means that the security locks are burglar-resistant (1 star), heavy burglar-resistant (2 stars) or extra burglar-resistant (3 stars). The security locks are made of a strong and durable material. Burglars prefer to skip these locks.

Get a quote!

Requesting a quote? Email your question to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. You will receive a response within 4 hours. Our prices are according to our terms and conditions.


We are the locksmith for when you are locked out, have lost your keys or need other help with your locks. We are 24 hours a day available, 7 days in the week



Need help?

Do not hesitate and do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you.

Scope of work

Do you live or are you temporarily in the Amsterdam area and are you looking for a locksmith? Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is ready for you, day and night. Moreover, Locksmith Amsterdam 365 is on site within 30 minutes.


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Yuri Sharapa
Yuri Sharapa
Hi! Yesterday I slammed the door in the evening and left the key inside. I called and ordered this master. Then I read the reviews here and was surprised how many negative reviews there are) I called them and said that I didn’t want to fall into their trap if they tried to scam me. Fortunately for me, there was no deception, everything was very adequate, the master was very pleasant and polite. Very nice price for services. Everything was done quickly and without damage. When I asked why there were so many negative reviews here, he replied that he had just bought this company and is building a reputation. Don't be afraid to reach out to these guys. Everything was very clear and professional on their part. I recommend!
Aicha Kone
Aicha Kone
Thank you for your good service. I call their for my car lock. their service is soo fast, I am really impressed.
Sufyaan Grimes
Sufyaan Grimes
The cost of drilling the lock was extremely high. I paid 220 euros, excluding taxes, just for a hole in the lock. I didn't even request a new lock, but if I had, it would have cost even more. The service was quick, with the technician arriving at my home within 40 minutes. They managed to open the door without damaging the frame, only the lock. The technician was also friendly, which is why I am giving them a higher rating. However, I still feel that 220 euros for drilling a lock is excessive, even for a company. It would have been more reasonable if the cost included a lock replacement.
Lisa van den Bor
Lisa van den Bor
Sleutel aan de binnenkant van de deur laten zitten, stom! Ze stonden gelukkig zelfs op zondag binnen 20 minuten voor de deur en Jeffrey maakte onze deur snel en zonder schade open. Super blij mee, ik zou ze zeker weer bellen.
massimo coppola
massimo coppola
Slotenmaker uit Haarlem is nooit komen opdagen, maar Moerad is uit Amsterdam gekomen om ons direct weer naar binnen te laten, super vriendelijk en begripvol
Patrick Owusu
Patrick Owusu
Fast friendly got My car open quickly.Thats all you can Ask for with this type of Service.
Arthur Niel
Arthur Niel
Top werk binnen 2 min open een tover naar onder de deuren open makers Mourad
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