Finally Making Without Any Damage to Door, Window or lock

Is your lock broken because your key in the lock is broken? Do you have a defective lock because an (attempted) burglary was committed?

Or do you have a broken lock because the lock was old and worn? One can think of many reasons for a broken lock.

For you it is important that your back door is securely locked.

A locksmith is a daily activity for our locksmiths.

They are experts in all (safety) locks, cylinders and multi-point locks.

In many cases, they are able to make the lock, without replacing it.

In the case of an attempted burglary our services are approved by insurance companies.

We create and change locks with 12 months warranty, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

It is difficult to give a cost estimation without knowing your situation. But in many cases there is no extra equipment needed.

You can read the dutch version here: Slot Maken Zonder Enige Schade aan Deur, Raam of Slot

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Choose a professional, choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam


Day and night to repair locks
Within 30 minutes at location
In 95% of cases your door open in 8 minutes
100% damage-free method to make a slot
Experience with all types of locks
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Repair locks, among others in the following situations

Does your lock no longer optimal or your lock broken? This might be because the lock through the years has worn away or broken gone through daily use. The lock has sometimes other reasons why it is defective. Sometimes the problem is even with the key and not in the lock.
In the case of an old lock
A slot has a certain lifespan. After years of use, will wear a lock and it may be that the final result does not work optimally. The lock is worn.

In the case of a broken key in the lock
You turn the key to open or close the lock with the aim of closing. At that time you heard a strange crackling. The key broke off in the lock. The lock can therefore not be turned more closed or open.

In the case of a defect slot
It does not work optimally with a lock, sometimes is because the cylinder is defective. The cylinder is then to be replaced.

Problems with the key
Have a bad key? A bent or damaged key ensures that the lock does not open and close perfectly. Try a different key to see if that works. Will the hard key in the lock? This may be due to dehydration of the cylinder.

A slot that is not working properly or is defective, it is very annoying. It creates irritation and discomfort. If your door lock is broken and you are outside, the door will not open from the outside. You will not come into your house.

If you are within state and you want to leave your home, it is not possible to lock the door. If your door is not locked, it will be difficult to leave your home or business. Leaving with an open door, the chance of a break-in is very large.

Would you cancel any appointments? Would you not also increase the risk of a break-in? Make sure you lock your broken as soon as possible are off. Let your door lock by Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. Within 30 minutes of arriving there a skilled locksmith with years of experience in the locksmith. If your lock repaired or replaced, you will soon resume your daily activities or work.

Locksmith at door steps

Is your lock broken? Locksmith 365 helps you make a snap of your problem. Follow the following clear roadmap consisting of seven steps.

Step 1: You are experiencing problems with your lock. If your lock is not safe anymore? Or you will not be opened or closed your lock? Call to 06-19377776 and tell what your problem is. We support you day and night to help.

Step 2: Within 30 minutes is a professional, friendly and experienced locksmith locally.

Step 3: The locksmith open the lock on your door if it is locked. He fixes the lock and thereby ensures that the lock works properly in the future. All our work we perform always efficient, 100% damage free and fast.

Step 4: Next, we are verify by means of a special monitoring if you are actually the owner of the house or building.

Step 5: We offer additional services. This can range from anti-burglary advice to fix a squeaky door or clamping.

Step 6: When Locksmith 365 Amsterdam taking advantage of low fixed rates.

Step 7: If 365 Locksmith leave your home or property, then you have nothing more to worry about. You go on with your daily activities or work. You benefit from up to 12-month warranty on all workmanship.

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Making lock, lock repair, and more

From lock to make intrusion. Locksmith at 365 Amsterdam you will always get the right solution. Not only if you have an old, worn or broken lock. Also, if you:

are excluded
has to do (had) with a burglary
To prevent a burglary
To make your locks keyed alike
In all situations you are getting the most appropriate solution Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. You benefit from our 25 years of experience with:

Opening locksdeurslot erin maken
Repairing locks
The replacement of locks
Installing new locks
Repairing locks with fallow damage
Locks Evening closing

makes locks everyone

Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is for everyone who wants to replace a lock, repair or restore. Want to have doors? Our excellent service is suitable for:


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Making locks in and around Amsterdam

Are you looking for door lock repair locks or repair in Amsterdam or near Amsterdam? Then use the versatile work of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam. Of making slot in door locks make common key.

The fastest locksmith Amsterdam helps your problem off at the following locations in and around Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

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11 reasons to contact Locksmith 365

1st reason: 24 hours a day
Want to have doors? Finally Making 24 hours a day our profession. We know that the locks repair is something you do not want to wait.

Therefore, we are open 365 days a year, day and night to serve you. Please contact us.

2nd reason: Within 30 minutes on site
The fastest locksmith Amsterdam is always within 30 minutes on site. If you choose Locksmith 365 Amsterdam, then you never have to wait long.

3rd reason: on site with the right tools
What problem you have with your conclusion, we always have the right tools are in our toolbox. A door lock making is therefore settled quickly.

4th reason: to make all types of locks
Do you have a broken or defective penslot supporting slot? We are specialized in making various lock locks. Our locks repair is especially suitable for:

lay Locks
side Locks
Multi-point locks
keypad Locks
Pens Loten
5th reason: 100% damage your lock
Locksmith at 365 Amsterdam we act properly on every job. As it naturally belongs. There is never a negative effect on our locks repair.

Your door remains fully intact. You will get at Locksmith 365 Amsterdam also an additional 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

6th reason: more than 25 years experience
After being active for 25 years with locksmith, you can now say that we are an expert in the field of locks.

Over the past 25 years we have been over 10,000 Amsterdammers of service when opened, replacing and making locks.

7th reason: efficient method
Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is skilled, professional and works very efficiently. There is always a friendly locksmith along which performs its work to your full satisfaction.

8th reason: Many extra service
Locksmith at 365 continues to make it in locks and lock repair. We give you free advice to prevent a break-in and help you out of a jammed or squeaky door. Enjoy more of our additional service today.

9th reason: Fixed low rates
Are you looking for cheap locks repair? Locksmith 365 Amsterdam maintains low fixed rates.

10th reason: Many payment options
We use a variety of payment options. Whether our services in cash, by debit or pay by Ideal, decide for yourself.

11th reason: As 10,000 satisfied customers
Locksmith 365 Amsterdam has more than 10,000 satisfied customers in all its portfolio. Are you the next satisfied customer who uses our locks repair?

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Doors show make for a low price

Your final we make at a very low price. Curious about the low rates of Locksmith 365 Amsterdam?

We build the price as a result of a number of different points: the daily or nightly rate and the additional locks incur costs.


Seeking leave to make repair locks, locksmith or doors? Would you like us to make your slot? Please check with Locksmith 365. We reach day and night by telephone and by mail.

Phone: 06-19377776

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1
Postal Code: 1079 ZG
Place: Amsterdam

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