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Imagine: you are facing the closed door of your house. You want to open the door, but your key is still inside. Who can help you? Locksmith 365! Our locksmiths have years of experience and that you will notice! Our locksmiths are responsible for a an open door in no time!

You can read the dutch version here:Open Deur? Slotenmaker 365 is 24/7 Bereikbaar

Your Door Will Not Open

There are several possible reasons why you can not in your home:

You have the key let sit in the lock.
The key has broken off in the lock.
Your key is stolen.
You have lost your key.
You have lost your key.
The key is still in your home or in your office.
The lock of the door is broken.
You forgot your key.
Whatever the cause is that you are standing in front of a closed door: our skilled locksmiths make your lock in 95% of cases within eight minutes open. To know you’re in again!

How We Help You to Your Door Open

We help you to open your door. Do you have problems with your lock? You can do the following:

Call us at the following number: 06-19377776 and explain your problem out.
You can call us at any time.
We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
One of our locksmiths u.Open is next door within 30 minutes
We open fast and 100% damage your lock. takes in 95% of cases we only 8 minutes and you can walk right back inside.
We do a special check to see if you really are the owner of the home or office building.
For the work performed, you pay a fixed low rate. You can choose whether you want to pay the money by debit card, cash or by transferring it manually.

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The Danger of Open Doors and Windows

Closed doors sometimes have unpleasant consequences, but also open doors. Trespassing is when a criminal when you go inside unless he or she causes damage. This could be for example, if you open the back door in the summer and just goes up. Het gevaar van open deuren en ramenA person sees his or her chance and steal your valuables.

Criminals go very fast to work. For example, a burglary takes approximately 30 seconds. In case of trespassing do not need to force your lock criminals or saving in a window. They can simply through the open door. That saves a lot of time.

Trespassing may also come as your key is stolen. The thief can simply open your door with your key.

The chat trick is a common way for criminals to get into your home. One or more people try to enter your home with an excuse, for example, that they are an energy company and will check your meter.

Do not just open to strangers and always check someone’s ID. You can install a peephole through 365 Locksmith, which lets you see who’s at the door.

How Are You Against trespassing?

The easiest way to prevent trespassing by always doing your doors locked when you’re away or even if you just go up. Stolen your keys? Leave immediately replace the lock. We at Locksmith 365 can do that.

How You Prevent Burglars Your Doors and Windows Open

A burglar addresses always harm. He or she is, for example, forcing your slot. Fortunately, you can take preventive measures, which reduces the risk of burglary. There are several methods that burglars to get into your house and different ways you can guard against it.

1. Drill a hole in your door or window

Burglars drill a hole drill in your door or window, just below or just above the keyhole. A burglar pushes a piece of wire through the hole and thus try your key to run. Turn pan doors and windows locked. Berg then the keys.

2. Fishing

Angling is a break-in method in which the criminals usually make use of a bent metal clothes hanger. Through your letterbox them stabbing the hanger inside, thus pushing the handle down. If you do lock the door, he could not open angling.

3. kicking down your door or window

A burglar kicks your window or your door. A rather crude but effective method. To prevent intrusion in this way you can strengthen your door and / or installed a lock on the knees.

4. Pinball

A method that burglars use sometimes. With a pass they push the latch. The latch is part of the lock that appears stabbing out the door when the door is open. When the latch bolt is pressed, the burglars can go inside.

One way to pinball counter is to do on the door lock. You can also mount a burglar-proof strip. A burglar-proof strip is made up of two metal parts that fall into each other when the door is closed. The share falling on the crack between the door and the jamb. The gap is completely closed and burglars can not pass between the stabbing.

5. Cylinder abort

A cylinder is a part of cylinder lock. It is metal tube where you insert your key. Unfortunately burglars with pliers to break off the cylinder and pull him back out of the slot. The door will then open easily. We encourage you to take a cylinder with a SKG (Stichting Quality Gevelbouw).

6. Pull Cylinder

With a special tool can be pulled out of a cylinder. What can you do about it? Let your old lock replaced with a new cylinder with SKG mark.

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A lock with the SKG quality mark

What is the SKG label? SKG, or the Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw, is an independent organization which tests and approves locks. SKG sets very strict requirements on a lock. A slot must be sufficiently resistant to burglary. If a lock meets those requirements, it is given a label with 1, 2 or 3 stars. What do the stars mean?

1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary
We can put all kinds of locks with the SKG mark. For example, we assemble all solid cylinder with SKG mark.

What We Do For You


We put new locks for you.
Your door will not open? In no time we provide an open door. Our locksmiths have years of experience and can open any lock, even security locks
We replace your locks.
We repair your locks.
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Contact information

Please contact us if you have questions or comments. You can always come to our office. These are our contact details:

Phone: 06-19377776

Address: Alblasstraat 11-1

Postal Code: 1079 ZG, Amsterdam

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