Prevent A Burglary With An Anti-core pulling cylinder

Core drawing is a proof method that increasingly apply burglars. To be burglars outsmart, purchase anti-pull cylinders or anti core pulling cylinder core pull batter. We can help you prevent a burglary. Call us, you’re still helping the same day. Make your home or premises safe burglary, choose Locksmith 365.

You can read the dutch version here: Voorkom Een Inbraak Met Een Anti kerntrek Cilinder

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With an anti-core pulling cylinder core pulling past

It would just happen. By nuclear attract a burglar comes into your house and take your whole house empty. All your valuables away!

What is core pulling?

Core Pulling, also called cylinder pull is a common method of burglars. Use a screwdriver or screwdriver, turn the burglar a screw in the cylinder. On the propeller places a cylinder tractor which he can exert so much force that the cylinder broke out of the slot. With a construction key lock is then easily opened. In this way a burglar in your house just half a minute inside.

It is time to stop this intrusion method. You can do this easily and effectively through anti pulling cylinders and security fittings with core pull protection Locksmith 365.

With an anti-core pulling cylinder prevents core pulling

Most of the cylinders are unable to withstand core pulling. Time to replace your cylinder so unsafe. Purchase in place of the break-sensitive cylinder to an anti-core pulling cylinder. This ensures that no more burglars enter your home.

Anti-core pulling cylinder core pull attachment protects the entire slot

You can also choose to install special security fittings with core pulling protection. Due to the attachment of the cylinder is completely shielded by the metal core so that pull is no longer possible. Anti-core pulling cylinder core pull attachment not only protects the cylinder, but the entire lock. As a result, it is also the use of the method Bulgarian past time, wherein the burglar a pair of pliers used to break down the cylinder.

Quick anti core pulling cylinder with 365 Locksmith

Would you like to protect your doors against burglary with anti core pulling cylinder core pull seizure or anti core pulling cylinders? then Go through the following steps:

1. You are in the following situation: You are a lock with unsafe cylinder on your door. To avoid a break you want to take action by purchasing an anti-pull cylinder or security hardware with cylinder pulling protection.
2. Are you looking for a reliable locksmith who works in Amsterdam and near Amsterdam: Locksmith 365. You call the following number: +31-853013266 and tell what your needs are. This is possible 24/7.
3. Just 30 minutes will it take Locksmith 365 has arrived for you.
4. Thanks to more than 7 years experience as a locksmith, we are familiar with all types of locks and all activities in the field of locks. We provide your door with a cylinder core anti-pull and perform other tasks if desired. Locksmith 365 works 100% damage free, fast and efficient.
5. You benefit from many additional services. We have much sense of anti cylinder core pull, secure locks and give you anti-burglary advice.
6. For the exported locksmith work you pay a fairly low fixed rate. Must pay in cash, by debit or Reposting.
7. Then go Locksmith 365 to the next customer. You will continue with your daily activities. We give you 12 months warranty on all workmanship.

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The most valued locksmith Amsterdam

Why are we the most respected locksmith Amsterdam? Because we offer you 10 great advantages.


1. 365 Locksmith is the spot within 30 minutes
For customers who want to be helped quickly, Locksmith 365 is the ideal locksmith. We are in and around Amsterdam within 30 minutes on the spot.
2. Locksmith 365 has over 7 years experience
With 7 years of experience Locksmith 365 Amsterdam is a real expert in the field of locks. 10,000 Amsterdammers have gone before.
3. Locksmith 365 is available 24/7
7 days per week. 24 hours a day. 365 Locksmith is always there for you. From early morning till late evening.
4. Locksmith 365 always have the right equipment with them
We work quickly and efficiently. This is because we always correct, most modern equipment with us.
5. Locksmith 365 works 100% damage
We perform all our work 100% from damage. No damage to door or window frame.
6. Locksmith 365 uses a fixed low price
You benefit from our fixed low prices. A fixed low daily rate and a fixed low nightly rate. You can choose from several payment options.
7. Locksmith 365 is familiar with all types of locks
We have experience with all types of locks. With your outrigger lock, side lock, multi-point lock, keypad lock, cylinder or penslot we know certainly counsel.
8. Locksmith 365 works professionally and efficiently
If a locksmith comes, you also want an end result that gives you satisfaction. Since you have 365 Locksmith sure.
9. Locksmith 365 has a lot of satisfied customers
In we have helped tens of thousands of customers in recent years. They were very satisfied with our work.
10. Locksmith 365 gives you a lot of free service
365 Locksmith comes to visit you, then you will benefit from many additional services. All of our locksmiths are friendly and are happy to provide additional service and advice.

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Target audience

Our target group is large and diverse. We like to help anyone who needs the help of a locksmith. We have next to Dutch customers also many foreign clients who are here on holiday or temporarily work in the Netherlands. We speak excellent English and can therefore speak to anyone perfect.

We like to help you:


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Working area

Are you interested in an anti-pull cylinder or anti core pulling cylinder core pull batter? We are happy to visit you if you reside in one of the following locations:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam OostWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam south-east
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West

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Anti-core pulling cylinders and make more services

You may need us in mounting anti-pull cylinders and anti core pulling cylinder core pull batter, but we have to offer more.
We install locks and anti core pulling cylinders for you
As a locksmith in Amsterdam and surroundings we have to offer you a wide range of services. We have summarized the various services for you:

1. We make doors
We open doors when you are out. Have you lost your keys or your key is on the inside of the door? Your keys are still on the table inside, but the door is already shut drawn?

Just one phone call to 365 Locksmith and we come to you to open your door. In 95% of cases, your door is open within 8 minutes. We always use professional locksmith tools and will never damage or force your door.

2. We repair locks
Does your lock needs a repair? For example, because the key has broken off in the lock? Turn the key from the lock? Has there been a burglary and your locks get corrupted?

Locksmith call 365, then we come straight to you to help you. We give you the guarantee that we are with you standing on the pavement within 30 minutes. We repair your locks professionally and within a very short time.

3. We will replace locks
If your lock is broken or the key broken off in the lock? Do you want to replace old locks new locks? Are your keys stolen or in the possession of someone you do not want to receive in your home?

Contact Locksmith 365. We will replace your old locks carefully for reliable new locks. We give advice, you choose what you want locks on your doors.

4. We offer intrusion prevention
Take measures against burglars is a wise choice. Do not want anyone else unwanted visits your home?

Contact Locksmith 365 for all kinds of intrusion. We give you advice on the best intrusion prevention resources and apply them obviously increasing.

5. We make your locks keyed alike
Annoys you the keys to great? You never know which key belongs to which door? Do you want to open every door of your home with the same key?

Locksmith 365 is the ultimate solution for you. We make all your locks keyed alike. This means that open all the locks in your home with a single key.

Contact Locksmith 365

Urgently need a locksmith? Are you interested in the work of 365 Locksmith? Want Anti pull cylinders on your doors?

Please contact us. This is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our telephone accessibility is excellent. We can be reached at the following telephone number: +31-853013266.

Our address: Alblasstraat 11-1, 1079 ZG, Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions about the anti-migration cylinder

What can I do to my house next cylinder anti core pulling to prevent a break-in?Kies naast een anti kerntrek cilinder ook voor een alarmsysteem

Choose next to an anti core pulling cylinder also an alarm system
Choose tested building hardware
Choose locks bear the SKG mark. The number of stars you can see how high the burglary is
Provide lighting around your home
Put night all doors and windows locked
Let burglar-proof strips places
Place an alarm system
If you are not at home, or leave an inhabited impression

What makes 365 Locksmith so special compared to other locksmiths?

The many satisfied customers
24/7 accessibility
Within 30 minutes at customer site
Expert in the field of intrusion prevention
In possession of the right parts and appropriate tools
Professional, efficient method
A high dose of extra service
Full damage-performing locksmith work

Do you also NEMEF anti core pulling cylinder?
Yes, Locksmith 365 offers several anti core pulling cylinders, including the anti core pulling cylinder NEMEF.

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