Replacement lock cylinder All Information That You Need It

In the Netherlands, cylinder locks were mainly placed in the 80s and 90s. The methods to break in have since been strengthened greatly improved.

Every year there are hundreds of burglaries in Amsterdam.

Partly because almost all the old cylinder locks are broken open in less than one minute.

Our experienced locksmiths know all methods to break into. You will receive expert advice based on your needs and budget.

There is a wide variety of brands, types, security levels and sizes of cylinders that are potentially on your door.

Our friendly locksmiths have all kinds and types of cylinders with them. As we have seen your door and lock receive your specific advice.

He makes you happy to see a number of suitable options while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different cylinders and replace it on the spot.

Although it is very unprofessional would be of us without knowing your specific situation to give a price, we can tell you that replacing a common cylinder in Amsterdam about 75-80 euros including all costs.

you can read the dutch version here: Cilinderslot Vervangen Alle Informatie Die U Nodig Heeft

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What is a cylinder?

A cylinder lock works by means of a cylinder. A cylinder is a round metal tube that goes into your key. Cylinder locks are, moreover, has been used for millennia. Archaeologists have now discovered in a cylinder from 4000 BC.

There are two types of cylinder locks:


Lay Lock: Locks bearings are relatively quite high and very shallow. They are almost exclusively used in plastic and metal doors.

Mortise lock: A mortise lock used in wooden doors. The lock is in fact mounted in the door.

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There are cylinder locks loose and solid cylinders. With a fixed cylinder forming the lock and the cylinder single unit. Do you have a loose lock cylinder and your cylinder broken? Then you only replace the cylinder. replace the entire cylinder is not necessary.

How to open a cylinder lock burglars?

It has already been told that many cylinder locks can be quite easily forced. Burglars use there two methods.


The cylinder is aborted: With the aid of a drill or a screwdriver, a screw is rotated in the keyhole. About this screw a special cylinder tractor is placed. With this tool, the criminal may exert excessive force on the cylinder. This breaks down as a result. The burglar pulls out the cylinder with a construction key. A key building looks like a regular key but longer, but he is getting narrower towards the tip.

The cylinder is pulled straight out: the burglar does the cylinder do not have to break. Criminals use this homemade or professional tools.

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A burglar-proof cylinder lock

Are you afraid that burglars breaking cylinder of your lock or pull straight out? Fortunately, there are cylinder locks that are resistant to several burglary methods. Let replace your old cylinder with new cylinder who burglary. These are also called security cylinder locks.

You can also replace your cylinder when you lock fallow damage, because someone has broken into or attempted to break into.

A security cylinder has a herd of thick metal. Batter the metal plates on the front and back of your door to protect the lock. Security locks have special mechanisms to prevent burglary. They have pull protection and / or drill protection.

recognize a security cylinder lock

How can you recognize a safety cylinder? It’s very simple; the SKG logo (Quality Foundation Gevelbouw). SKG logo consisting of the initials SKG surmounted by a sort of triangle. In the triangle are 1 to 3 stars. Behind the triangle are a sign ®. The number of stars indicates how the burglar-proof lock is:


1 star: burglar proof

2 stars: heavy anti-burglary

3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

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We encourage you to choose a cylinder with at least two stars.

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 Purchase a cylinder

Be careful when purchasing a new cylinder. If you buy a new cylinder with the same dimensions, which saves time and effort while replacing the lock. In particular, the PC-size is important. The PC-size is the length between the krukhole and the cylinder hole.

How do you replace a mortise lock with a single cylinder?

Do you have a support slot with a single cylinder and want to replace this cylinder? You do not need to replace the whole lock, just the cylinder. How to proceed?

1. Turn the lock.

2. Do you have security hardware? Get there first off. Just batter can stay.

3. Loosen the screw on the side of the door at the height of the keyhole.

4. Pressure cylinder from your lock.

5. Replace the cylinder through a cylinder of the same type.

6. Place the screw on the side of door again in the right place. possibly fit the safety batter gets on your door.

How do you replace a support slot with a single cylinder?

Even if you have a support slot with a single cylinder, you only need to replace the cylinder. To replace this conclusion:


1. On the side of your door (on the side where the door swings open) you will see a screw on the height of the keyhole. Screw out. In this way, the cylinder is loose in the slot.

2. Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it a quarter turn to the left or right.

3. Pull the cylinder out.

4. Sometimes the cylinder stuck, because the batter a little mounted askew. No problem, you can unscrew the fitting. Now you can easily pull out of the cylinder.

5. Put the key in the new cylinder and push it into the cylinder hole.

6. Turn the screw on the side of the door back in place and turn it in.

7. Test the operation of the lock with the door open.

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How do you replace a support slot with a fixed cylinder?

A supporting slot with a fixed cylinder is difficult to replace. It takes a lot of time and effort. You will need to replace the entire lock namely, not only the cylinder. In this way you replace a lock cylinder fixed:


1. Tighten all screws out, both at the front and to the side.

2. You place the supporting lock on the door. Does the new slot dimensions other than the old? Stick with a chisel away some wood. Make sure the lock fits into the hole of the door.

3. Make sure the deadbolt and latch it in predetermined holes in the door frame. The day and the dead bolt are the parts of the lock protruding to the side and you can press. Is not that the case? Chisel than one space in the frame where the deadbolt and latch fall.

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365 locksmith replace your lockSlotenmaker 365 - Dé Slotenservice Die Een Efficiënte en Vakkundige Werkwijze Hanteert

Do not feel like yourself to replace your cylinder? Select it to do Locksmith 365. Our locksmiths have much experience with the replacement of cylinder locks. They have done so this job. 365 locksmith replace your cylinder 365 locksmith replace your cylinder We not only replace your cylinder, or your cylinder. We also replaced the herd of your cylinder. Choose safety fittings. This makes your lock much more resistant to burglary.

other locks

We replace your cylinder by cylinder better if we change your cylinder by another slot. What kind of locks are not only a cylinder?


A mortise lock: Mortise locks are much smaller than most locks. Despite its small size, this slot very effective against burglary.

A multipoint lock: This lock your door at once in several places, while you are operating from a single point.

A drive gear: Only inside lockable. The lock is therefore often only used for balconies and exterior doors. It closes off the top and bottom and is operated by a lever handle.

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What does Locksmith 365 more except replace your cylinder?

We at Locksmith 365 can help in more ways, except replace your cylinder locks. This we can do for you:


We open your lock. Our locksmiths to open all kinds of locks, including security locks.

We put new locks. If you have fallow damage, we can repair it.

We replace all your locks, not only cylinder.

Is your lock broken? We fix it.

We make all your locks keyed alike. That means all your locks with one key can open.

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The service from Locksmith 365

Enjoy our great advantages:


Make an appointment and within 30 minutes is one of our professional locksmiths next to you !

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you call in the middle of the night, we are always there for you .

Thanks to their years of experience , our locksmiths very efficient and helpful.

We open your door 100% damage .

Our locksmiths give you free advice on burglary . 

Enjoy our low rates. Since we started we have helped tens of thousands of customers. Every day we get new satisfied customers . Will you be next ?

We open all the locks. Do you have a safety lock ? That is no problem. We open quickly without damaging the your door.

You get up to 12 months warranty on all our finishes!

With us you can choose from a wide variety of payment options. You pay with cash, by pins or by transferring money manually.

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