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A burglar usually enters your home through the front or back door. It is therefore important to secure your entry doors with burglar-proof door locks. Replace your old locks easy to force through new secure locks. Would you replace your own door lock? Here you get a useful road map for each type of lock.

you can read the dutch version here: Deurslot vervangen: kies voor snel, kies voor Slotenmaker 365

Self replace your lock or to do?

The best course is to attempt to replace your door lock. However, it does have a few drawbacks:

Replacing door lock is difficult.
Fit the lock by mistake? Then you risk that you damage the lock or door. You must pay extra for a new lock or even a new door.
It takes a lot of time to replace a lock.

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It is also possible to do it 365 Locksmith. The advantages are:


Low rates.
Our locksmiths deliver quality. They have experience with all types of locks and install your lock correctly.
Your lock is replaced quickly. We work with professional tools. Our locksmiths are also very competent. This makes the job is done in no time.
You get as much as 12 months to finish it all.

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Time to replace your lock?

When is it time to replace your lock? In any case, if your key is stolen. Whoever stole your key probably will when you stand on the sidewalk within a short time. Perhaps your key in any other way come into the wrong hands. For example, because you gave your loved one a key to your door. The beloved is now an annoying ex.

Wherever you decide to look for is a sliding door. A sliding door is very sensitive burglary. Most sliding windows do not have burglar-proof locks. Locksmith at 365 we replace your old schuipuislot for a burglar proof schuifpijslot.

safety lock

Not every lock works equally well against burglars. All locks are open break. Important is how long it takes a burglar has a slot open. An average burglary lasts 30 seconds. A burglar wants loot inside and have his way as quickly as possible. A slot that takes a lot of time to force, called a safety.

How do you know it takes a long time an intruder has opened your lock? For locks, there is a special mark: the SKG mark (Quality Foundation Gevelbouw). SKG is in the shoes of a burglar. The question they want to answer is: how long will it take a burglar has a slot open?

A lock that meets the requirements of the SKG, given 1 to 3 stars: SKG3 @ 2xAl Het Werk Rondom Sloten Wordt Uitstekend Uitgevoerd Door Slotenmaker 365


1 star: standard burglar-proof, less than 3 minutes burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary, burglar proof least 3 minutes
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary, burglar proof least 5 minutes

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We encourage you to choose a lock with at least two stars. We have been told that burglars usually 30 seconds have within their loot. 3 minutes to get an open slot is really too long for a burglar. They will possibly try to, but if it does not work fast enough then they smear him.

types of door locks

Door locks are divided into two categories:


Master Locks: The key lock on your door.
Side Locks: Locks that provides above and below the main lock and place for added security.
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Master Locks are further divided into:


Lay Locks: A bearing insert lock on your door. Rim locks have a cylinder. A cylinder is a tube where the key suit. Some rim locks have a loose cylinder. In that case, to remove the cylinder from easily your slot. Other rim locks have fixed cylinder. This cylinder is stuck in the lock.
Mortice locks: These locks are suitable for wooden doors. A mortise lock is placed at your door. A mortise lock has a single cylinder.
Narrow mortise locks: These locks are designed to be placed in plastic and metal doors. A narrow mortise lock is higher and less deep than just a mortise lock.
Espagnol Nets: These locks consist of long rods. There is recessed and a surface mounted version.
Keypad Locks: Old-fashioned locks that are easy to break open for burglars.
Meerpunstsluitingen: Locks shut your door in different places.
Narrow Lock multipoint locks: Less deep ditches and higher than ordinary multi-point locks.
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Side Locks are further subdivided:


Lots Pens: Cheap and very popular. Pens Loten however, have drawbacks. The key is very large and incorrect installation or misuse often has a broken lock as a result.
Occasional mortise locks: These locks are more expensive than tripe auctions. The advantage of side-mortise locks is that they are less likely to go piece, and that they have a lesser key.
A side rim locks: These locks can often opens with a dial. A side bearing lock is also often salvage and general entrance used as a main lock.

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A bearing lock or mortise lock replaced with single cylinder

To replace a supporting slot is replaced with a single cylinder, and a mortise lock in the same way. If your lock case is broken, you should replace the lock entirely. In other situations, you only replace the cylinder. How to proceed:


1. Look at the side of the lock. There is a screw on the height of the keyhole. Turn him loose.
2. Insert the key into the lock and turn it slightly to the left or right.
3. Pull the cylinder out of the slot.
4. Maybe it does not. In that case, is probably the cylinder clamp clip into the batter. Screw fittings and pull the cylinder out the door.
5. Insert the new cylinder in the cylinder hole.
6. Loosen the screw that was stuck back at the height of the keyhole.
7. Do a test that the lock works. this leaves open the door. Test here that the lock works. Turn the lock open and closed. Keep this be open to avoid the door that you are locked if the lock does not work.
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Replacing a support slot with fixed cylinder

A support slot with a fixed cylinder takes relatively much time. U namely to replace the entire lock, and not only the cylinder. To replace a support slot with fixed cylinder:


1. Tighten all screws on the old rim lock out.
2. Please lock your door.
3. Unpack the new slot.
4. Turn the lock on your door.
5. Screw the lock.
6. Look at the side of the lock. If it is good, there are two parts of the lock stabbing your door: the day and the deadbolt. See if they fall into the holes that are specially made in your doorway. Is not that the case? Grab a chisel and chisel out holes in the right spot on your doorpost.
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Replacing a drive gear

Espagnolet locks have many differences. Therefore, we can unfortunately not give a roadmap of how to replace a drive gear.

Replacing a keyboard lock

A keypad lock is fairly easy to replace:


1. Get screws from the lock.
2. Insert the new lock in the hollow of the door where your old lock was purchased.
3. Screw the new slot.
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Replacing one (smalslot-) multi-point lock

Replacing a multipoint closure is not easy. We recommend that you unscrew your old multi-point lock and bring to a hardware store or a lock specialist. Let measure your old multi-point lock and ask for a meerpuntssluitng same dimensions.

It’s a good idea to ask how the multi-point lock that you have chosen, must be installed. With multi-point locks it sometimes differs. We give you therefore an overall roadmap of how to replace a multi-point lock:


1. The handle is a screw. Remove the screw.
2 .Remove the door handles of the door.
3. The fittings are metal plates that are placed around your lock to protect your castle. Unscrew all the screws of the fitting out and remove the batter from your door.
4. Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it a quarter turn to the right or left.
5. Pull the cylinder with the key from the lock.
6. Using a drill all screws of the multi-point lock out.
7. Grab a screwdriver and insert it into the hole of the door handle.
8. Move the screwdriver in the direction of the doorway to unsnap the multi-point lock.
9. Remove the multi-point lock your door.
10. Check to ensure that the old and the new multi-point lock are equal
11. Insert the new lock on the spot of your new lock.
12. Push the new multi-point closure along the entire length of the door well.
13. Screw the multi-point lock.
14. Take a new cylinder and insert the wrench.
15. Place the cylinder into the hole in your slot.
16. Put the batter on the door on the inside and on the outside against the door and tighten the screws.
17Put the door handle on the outside in the hole.
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Price locks replaced by Locksmith 365

With us, you choose your new lock. We ordered each slot you want. There is no fixed price for replacement locks. One slot is in fact more expensive than the other. A keypad lock is for instance fairly cheap, but not as burglar proof. A lock that opens with your fingerprint is very safe, but very expensive. Make your choice and we will replace your lock.

Activities other than replacing door locks

We do so much more than replacing door lock:


A broken lock? We fix it.
We repair locks with burglary.
You experience problems with your lock. It is therefore not possible for you to go inside. Call us and we will open your lock.
One key for all your locks: it can. We make all your locks keyed alike.
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Your advantage

We want happy customers. That’s why we offer a lot of advantages:


We make your final damage completely open.
Please contact us and we will be within 30 minutes at your door.
We open all locks, including security locks
In 95 percent of cases we open your lock in 8 minutes.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are accessible.
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The target of 365 Locksmith

We help the following people:


Expats (our locksmiths speak English)
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