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How to Prevent Burglary. Get locksmith window security and door security installed!

In 2013, there were more than 230 daily burglaries. This number has declined in recent years, but it still happens. Therefore, it is important, that you secure your home with such things as window security, front door security and back door security.

Locksmith Amsterdam 365 specializes in installing security locks. Call +31-853013254 and schedule an appointment to have your locks installed!

window protection and door protection


Building Quality Foundation inspects locks for burglar resistance

Window security and door security begins with the right locks. Both locksmith and police recommend you choose a lock with a

SKG Hallmark Logos

SKG seal of approval. SKG stands for Foundation for Quality Facade Construction. This organization tests locks for burglar resistance. SKG then gives a lock one, two or three stars.

  • one star stands for burglar-resistant
  • two stars means heavy burglar resistance
  • three stars stands for extra heavy burglar resistance

SKG security locks are available from Locksmith 365. With these locks, your burglary protection window is in order.

Make sure you receive the Police Quality Mark Secure Living.

The Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen was created to ensure that people learn more about burglary prevention. There are 50 percent fewer burglaries in homes with this seal. A home is labeled if it meets the following requirements:

  • Residents have been informed about burglary prevention.
  • All windows and doors that could be targets for burglars are adequately secured.
  • There is lighting at the front and back door for front door security and back door security.
  • Someone standing at the door is easily seen by nearby residents or from the road.
  • Approved smoke detectors have been installed on each floor.

Do you meet these requirements? Then you get a sticker from the Police Quality Mark Secure Living. It is visibly taped near the front and back door. For example, are you still missing security at the windows? These are often forgotten. Get your window secured by Locksmith 365.

Why door security is essential for your home

A burglar who wants to enter your home usually enters the same way you do: through the door. Only you use the key and the burglar uses a crowbar.

How do burglars break in through your door?

Door security is essential

Criminals have come up with different ways to break in:

The crowbar
A burglar often carries a crowbar. After a few hard kicks against the lower part of door, the crowbar fits between them. With the tension put on the door by the crowbar, the lock gives way. Sometimes, all a burglar needs to do is give a hard kick to cause the door to open.

This is often seen in movies. In flipping, the burglar uses a card (bank card, gym card, public transportation card) to push back the lap of the lock.

Drill hole
The burglar drills a hole in the doorjamb at the level of your main lock. If the key is still in the lock, they try to
using a wire to turn the key.

Cylinder breaking or pulling out
Using various tools, the burglar removes a cylinder from the lock or breaks the cylinder. Your lock will then open easily. This method is also called the “Bulgarian method.

If you have left your key in the lock on the inside, burglars try to turn it with a coat hanger.

The chatterbox
This is an effective and easy way to get in. With an excuse, burglars come in. For example, they pretend to be home care workers or people from an energy company.


Officially, this is not burglary, because the burglar enters through an open window or door. If you are sitting downstairs and a window is open upstairs, the burglar can go right in and make off with your property while you are just sitting inside.

There are several ways to keep burglars out of your home:

  • Have good security locks installed by one of our locksmiths.
  • Install an alarm system.

Safety locks are essential for door security

Security locks are an important part of door security. These locks are made to be difficult for burglars to open. Burglars are always in a hurry; an average break-in takes only 30 seconds. Door security deters burglars, so they skip your home.

There are different types of security locks. Here again a distinction is made between master locks and secondary locks. Locksmith 365 features both main and secondary locks. Are you interested in a particular lock? Get one installed by our locksmiths!

Main Locks
The main lock is the most important lock and is placed centrally on the door. There are several types of head locks:

  • Cylinder locks: The mechanism consists of a cylinder and housing. The pins, plates or bullets ensure that a matching type of key fits. With the wrong key, the lock locks.
  • Mortise locks: Mortise locks are usually installed in but sometimes on a door. A hole is chiseled out of the wooden door where the lock is inserted. They are smaller than the other locks, but very effective.
  • Slip-on locks: These types of locks are mounted on the inside of the door. An overlay lock is both secondary and main lock. Security top locks are difficult to force.
  • Multi-point locks: Multi-point locks are closed at multiple points simultaneously. Turning the key turns out more places at once the key pins.
  • Keypad locks: These locks are commonly found on garden or gate doors. They are somewhat older and are opened with a large key.
  • Espagnolettes: Espagnolettes are most commonly found on balcony and garden doors. An espagnolette consists of two rods running the entire length of the door.

Locksmith 365 wants everyone to feel safe in their own homes, which is why our locksmiths are happy to install locks for you.

Side locks
Accessory locks are additional locks. These are placed on or in the door, above or below the main lock. For additional front door security, have an auxiliary lock installed. Below are different types of secondary locks:

  • Pen locks: The pin lock consists of a recessed lock and a cover plate. Long cross keys are used to open or close these locks.
  • Side Mount Locks: These locks are operated with a rotary knob. The lock can be placed on both the front door and the back door.
  • Accessory mortise locks: This lock opens and closes with a small key. The lock is less likely to be damaged, which is why these locks are more expensive than mortise locks.
  • Kierstandhouder: This mechanism allows the door to open just a crack. A bracket or chain is used to ensure that the door can only be opened ajar.
  • Anti-burglar strips: An anti-burglar strip consists of two metal strips that slide into each other when you close the door. There is no seam between the two parts, so criminals cannot insert a pass (flipping) between the door.

Are you interested in one or more locks? Call Locksmith 365 at +31-853013254 for more information or an appointment.

Back door security

Front door security is important. But it is also important to secure your back door against burglars, because the back door is just as favored as the front door. Back door security can be done with the same locks as front door security. Back door security is just as important as front door security.

Burglar Alarm
To further secure your home, you can have a burglar alarm installed. A burglar alarm emits a signal as soon as someone enters your home. The downside, however, is that the alarm sometimes goes off in other instances, such as when your cat is chasing something or when you need to go to the bathroom at night.

Window security

Window security

Windows security, like back door security, is often overlooked. Not only is your door a favorite of burglars, they often penetrate through windows as well, in a whopping 43 percent of cases. Window security is often skipped when securing your home. Window security is just as important as door security.

Security window, like security door, is also a requirement that a house must meet in order to receive the Police Quality Mark Safe Living.

How do burglars break in through your window?

The easiest way for a burglar to get in through your window is to break the glass with a rock, for example. However, this makes a lot of noise. An average burglary lasts only 30 seconds, which is why a burglar wants to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Another method is through the overhead lights. These are the smaller pop-out windows above a larger window or door. Smaller burglars and sometimes even children penetrate through the window. Do you have a window bar with a key, but accidentally left the key in? Then even with a clothes hanger, they try to pull up the window handle, also called angling. Make sure your windows are burglar-proof.

Security windows

For window security, it is possible to have different types of locks installed:

  • Window attachment locks: These can be placed on tilted windows as well as closed windows. The lock is opened with a key. Window attachment locks are SKG security locks.
  • Window Bars: A window bar is the most well-known window security device. It is a small lever that must be moved downward to enter a hook. The window is now closed. When the lever is up, the window can be opened.
  • Keyed window bars: These are the same as window bars, except that for additional window security, these locks are still locked with a key. For security window, this is definitely a good recommendation.
  • Rod locks: These are also operated with a lever. Once the lever is moved down, a rod goes down and up into a hole in the window frame. The window is now closed.
  • Hinge side security: This is also called a thief’s claw. When the window is closed, the hinge side protection goes on automatically. To open the window, you must manually unlock the lock. Pressing the pin unlocks the window.

Locksmith Amsterdam 365 installs window locks in addition to door locks. Have your window secured against burglary. Make an appointment and we will install them for you!

9 Tips to keep burglars out

  • Never leave your keys inside the door.
  • Don’t hide a key under the mat or in a planter.
  • Choose Locksmith 365 to have your security door installed!
  • Also have window security installed right away for optimal security.
  • Teach children from an early age not to allow strangers in the house.
  • Close doors and windows when you go upstairs for a while.
  • Are you going out in the evening? Remember to close all windows and doors.
  • Provide adequate lighting at the front and back doors.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.

At Locksmith 365, we know which locks work best as burglary prevention. Our locksmiths have a lot of experience and knowledge. And they are happy to share these with you.


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