Security Hardware For Optimal Security

A Nemef Security Hardware For Optimal Security Of Your Home

Security hardware keeps burglars out
Security hardware keeps burglars out

With a Nemef security hardware, you make it impossible for burglars to pull out or break the cylinders of your lock. We from
Locksmith 365
install new locks and replace old ones. In addition, you have also come to the right place if you are locked out or if your keys have been stolen.

A security hardware is just one of many ways to keep burglars out. Don’t make it too easy for burglars and secure your home. Want to know more about intrusion protection?
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What is a security hardware?

A security hardware is used to protect the mortise lock and cylinder from burglars. A lock that is not protected is easier to break open with pliers. Burglars easily break off cylinders that protrude too far.

The security hardware has a thick, solid and unbendable outer shield. There are no screws on the outside. these are concealed. The screws are mounted from the inside to ensure optimal safety.

Core pulling is a common method used by burglars to break in. Burglars twist a hardened screw drill into the keyhole. A claw hammer or a special core puller is then used to pull the core of the cylinder out of the casing, or they break off the cylinder.



How do burglars break in?

There are different types of burglars. Police distinguish between two types of burglars:

Professional burglars:

Before these burglars make their move, they make thorough preparations. Here you should think a bit of the burglars from the Home Alone movies. They completely plot their break-in. They know what time you leave, what time you come home, what time the mailman or cleaning lady comes and so on.

Professional burglars go for the big loot, skipping an average row house.

Occasional burglars:

As many as 80% of burglaries are committed by casual burglars. These burglars are only interested in one thing: making their move as quickly and easily as possible. They do not have a comprehensive plan and often use simple tools such as a screwdriver.

Burglars have come up with many ways to break in. Below are seven ways burglars use to enter your home.

1. Breaking or pulling out the cylinder
Did you know that burglars break many cylinder locks easily? They use various tools to pull the cylinder out of the lock. Sometimes the cylinder is first broken off and then pulled out of the lock. Your lock will then open easily.

With a security hardware, you make it impossible for burglars to pull out the cylinder. This is a hard metal outer shield to best protect your cylinder. These locks have a security rosette that protects the cylinder. A security rosette is a round metal part around the keyhole.

2. Angling
In this method, burglars use a clothes hanger to push down the door handle through your mailbox. When you lock your door, angling has no effect.

3. Drill hole in door or window
If a burglar has seen that your keys are still in the lock, they use a method similar to angling. Only now they are trying to turn your key instead of the door handle.

The burglar drills a hole in the door next to your lock. Then he pushes an iron wire through the hole, then tries to turn the key to open your door. Never leave keys in the door and store them.

4. Break-in
Officially, sneaking in is not burglary, because criminals do not do damage to get in. They enter through open windows or doors. Doing something against burglars is simple. If you go upstairs, close windows and doors or always keep sight of places where they can enter.

5. Flipping
In pinball, burglars use a card to open a lock. They stick the pass between the door and the jamb. Then they try to squeeze the part of the lock that slides in and out. So this is the part that slides in and out as the door handle goes down and back up.

You prevent this by always locking the door when you leave, even if only for a walk around the block with the dog.

In addition, anti-burglar bars are another way to prevent pinball. Anti-intrusion strips are placed on the door and doorjamb so that there is no gap for a burglar to insert a pass. Want to know more about anti-burglar strips?
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6. The chatterbox
The babbling trick is also one of the ways burglars get in. Older people often bear the brunt of this.

A doorbell rings at your door and you open it. With an excuse, the burglar talks his way in. For example, he pretends to be someone from an electrical company or perhaps even someone from home care. Always ask for proof of identity. And never just hand over personal information.

7. Kick down door or window

A common burglary method is kicking in a door or window. Have an extra lock installed by one of our locksmiths or a sturdier door. In addition, good lighting near your doors is a must. And make sure neighbors have a good view of your doors.


Don’t give burglars a chance

Building hardware is an essential part of burglary protection. We at Locksmith 365 are experts in the field of locks. We install locks for you so that your home has excellent security against burglary.

Don't give burglars a chance with security hardware
Don’t give burglars a chance with security hardware

Burglars prefer to work as fast as possible because they don’t want to get caught. When you have additional locks installed on your door, they have to charge more time to open your door. And that is not convenient for them, because they actually want to be gone as soon as possible.

In addition, criminals are also attracted to poorly lit front and rear doors. Therefore, provide adequate lighting at both the front and back doors. A door hidden behind bushes and trees, is also an attention grabber for burglars, as it gives them a chance to make their move out of sight of local residents.

A Nemef or Axa security hardware will keep burglars out. In addition to the Nemef or Axa security hardware, other brands exist, these are:


  • Hoppe
  • Ami
  • Dieckmann
  • Lips
  • Buva
  • S2


A Dieckmann security hardware is just as effective as a Lips security hardware. The difference is in the price. Each security hardware has three SKG Hallmark stars, which means they are rated as extra heavy burglar proof.

How do you know when you have bought a good lock? You can read more about that below.


Hallmark Foundation for Quality Facade Construction

The Building Quality Foundation, also known as SKG, is an independent foundation that tests, inspects and certifies locks. Only if a lock meets the strict requirements of SKG will it receive a seal of approval. A label has one, two or three stars:


  • 1 star: burglar-resistant
  • 2 stars: heavy burglar resistance
  • 3 stars: extra heavy burglar resistance


Police Hallmark Safe Housing

A home with SKG approved locks, also qualifies for the Police Quality Mark Safe Living. The Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen was established in the Netherlands and Belgium to reduce residential burglaries.

The seal should encourage businesses and individuals to better secure their premises. If a business or home meets the requirements of the Police Quality Mark Safe Living, you will receive a sticker. There is 50% less chance of your home being broken into if you have a hallmark sticker. This sticker is placed visibly at the front or back door.

The requirements a home or commercial property must meet are:


  • You are informed about burglary prevention.
  • There is plenty of light at the doors.
  • Smoke detectors have been installed on each floor.
  • The front door is easy to zen from the street.
  • All windows and doors are secured by locks with SKG certification.


Difference security fittings

There are a variety of security fittings. These have no external differences, nor is there any difference in operation. The only difference is in the price of each security hardware.


  • Nemef security hardware costs approximately between 45 and 90 euros.
  • The price of a Hoppe security hardware is between 100 and 200 euros.
  • An Ami security fitting costs about 40 euros.
  • Dieckmann security hardware is pricey, the price of this security hardware is between 100 and 300 euros.
  • For a Lips security hardware, you will pay about 70 euros.
  • Buva security hardware costs approximately between 50 and 60 euros.
  • The same prices apply to the S2 security hardware and the Ami security hardware, these also cost approximately between 50 and 60 euros.


Each security hardware has two or three SKG stars, which means they are heavy burglar-resistant or extra heavy burglar-resistant.


Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my
house key
hit. Now what?

Don’t panic. Call Locksmith 365 immediately, go to your home or stay in front of your door. We are on site within 30 minutes and quickly open your door.

Do you no longer have a spare key? Do you no longer feel safe in your own home because you are afraid that you will be broken into at night or during the day with the lost key? In addition to opening your door, we also replace locks. We carry a variety of secure locks, and we are guaranteed to have the right lock to meet all your needs.

We usually recommend a new lock to our customers when they have lost their house key. This is for their own safety.

I lost my whole bunch of of house keys lost. What should be done?

Of course, it is also possible that you have lost all of your house keys. Those of your front door, back door, barn door and so on. This is very annoying. If you have lost your entire bunch of house keys and you do not have a spare key of all of them, then all the locks need to be replaced. Locksmith 365 will quickly replace your old locks for secure new ones.

In addition, you have the option of having us make your locks equal-locking. These locks then operate with one key. No more lugging around a heavy full bunch of keys, and you won’t lose all your house keys right away.

What locks does Locksmith 365 replace?
Have you lost your house key and want your lock replaced? Or do you just want a new lock because your old one is no longer secure? Then you need to be with us! We replace all locks including security locks. We replace cylinder locks, overlay locks, secondary locks, multi-point locks, keypad locks and mortise locks.

If I lost my house key, why should I choose Locksmith 365?
We are on site within 30 minutes and 24/7 we open doors and replace locks. Our years of experience, over 7 years, make us experts in opening doors and replacing locks.

We open all types of locks including security locks. In addition, we open doors 100% damage-free and in 95% of cases in 8 minutes. We operate efficiently and skillfully and use professional equipment. Our locksmiths are very customer-friendly and are happy to give you free advice.

Lastly, you pay with us easily. You pay by cash, pin or manual transfer. So have you lost your house key or want your lock replaced? Then choose Locksmith 365.

What is the working area of Locksmith 365?
Our working area is Amsterdam and surrounding areas:
Amsterdam East
, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Westpoort,
Amsterdam North
, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam New West, IJburg, Diemen,
, Zaandam and Amstelveen.

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