Door Security – From Safe Locks Up Anti-burglary strips

Do you want to make sure that burglars do not get a chance to enter your home through your front door? Choose door Security Locksmith 365. We offer you the possibility to provide your front door with security locks, secustrips or security hardware. Quickly contact us.

You can read the dutch version here: Voordeur Beveiliging – Van Veilige Sloten Tot Anti-inbraakstrips

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I forgot my keys outside the house but thanks to Adrian and his magic card solved my problem! They were very fast to send him her. I recommend it!

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Door security begins with security locks

You increase the security of your house with the front door security Locksmith 365. We provide your front door safe locks (anti core pulling cylinder) secustrips, security fittings and more. A burglar will think twice before embarking on breaking open your front door.

Security locks with SKG mark

Safety Locks Locksmith 365 for a burglar tricky to get open. We offer include secure mortice locks, rim locks, side locks and multipoint locks.

Go for real secure locks? We recommend you shut the SKG mark to. These locks are fully tested to meet strict requirements.

Locks, one of the SKG label, two or three stars. The more stars, the higher the quality of the lock.

A lock with one star is burglary (3 minutes burglar proof)
A lock with two stars is heavily burglar-proof (3 minutes independent burglar proof)
A lock with three stars is extra heavy anti-burglary (5 minutes independent burglar proof)

Make sure the locks are perfectly fitted

With only the purchase of safe locks, you are not there yet. The locks must be mounted correctly. Again, turn Locksmith 365. Locksmith 365 has no less than 7 years of experience with the assembly of all types of locks.
Let make your front door security by Locksmith 365
All of our locksmiths are highly skilled and work efficiently. They make sure that the locks are mounted on a neat way to your front door, without causing damage to your door.

Highlight addition to your front door lock for a burglar-proof strip, anti core pulling cylinder and safety fittings

Some burglars act drastically. They take a variety of tools with it, such as a drill, crowbar or screwdriver. With all the tools they try to break open your front door.

There is 100 percent sure that this does not happen to you? Choose in addition to the safety locks than for anti-burglar strips, anti core pulling cylinders and security fittings.

Burglar-proof strip
A burglar-proof strip consists of two steel strips that are mounted on door and frame and remain in stabbing each other when the door closes. This means there is no space between door and frame in which a screwdriver or crowbar Burglar can intervene.

Anti-core pulling cylinder
An anti-core pulling cylinder is provided with a drill protection. As a result, core pull, wherein a burglar pierces a screw in the cylinder and the cylinder is then pulled out, is not possible.

security Hardware
Security fittings is somewhat thicker than the metal which is normally situated around a lock. There are no screws on the outside. Due to security hardware is a lock almost impossible to break open.

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We operate in the following locations

We are located in De Pijp. We are not only working in Amsterdam, but also in all the surrounding villages located within a radius of 30 km.

  • Amsterdam CentreWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
  • Amsterdam North
  • Amsterdam Oost
  • Amsterdam south-east
  • Amsterdam South
  • Amsterdam West
  • Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • IJburg
  • Westpoort
  • Diemen
  • Zaandam
  • Amstelveen
  • Haarlem

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Frequently asked questions about door security

How can I prevent a break-in?

We have some tips for you to keep intruders out of your home.
Tip 1. Apply Allow door security, such as security locks.
Tip 2. Placing an alarm system at your front door.
Tip 3. Provide adequate lighting around your home.
Tip 4. Turn windows and doors properly locked when you leave home.
Tip 5. Do not place statuses on social media showing that you are away from home.

What types of security door are possible?

Locksmith 365 offers the following types of security door:

  • Security locks
  • Burglar-proof strips
  • Anti-core pulling cylinders
  • Security Hardware

My door remains intact in your work?

Yes, Locksmith 365 places locks very carefully. Your door remains completely undamaged during our locksmith work.

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