Lost keys? Open your Lock And Replacement

Have you lost your keys. That is not fine. It is impossible for you to enter your home. There is one disadvantage if you lose your keys. You might find someone who has hurt them in the sentence. Thanks to your keys so is the one for you inside. Locksmith 365 opens and replace your lock. Your problems disappear like snow in the sun.

You can find the dutch version here: Sleutels Verloren? Uw Slot Openen En Vervangen

Questions? Mail to info@slotenmaker365-amsterdam.nl. or request a free quote. Prices are according to our terms and conditions.

You lost your keys and your lock is closed

Your key is lost. You lost him. Your first problem is: how is your lock open without a key? There is an easy solution: call Locksmith 365. We come in half an hour to you. Your lock is opened and you can walk back inside.

Lost your keys in the wrong hands

Someone may have found your keys. The one is a good citizen and delivers the keys to the police station. Maybe it is different: he has nefarious plans and holds the key itself. In that case, you are screwed. The person who has your keys, try within a short time for you to come in and robs your house empty.

Your key lost now what?

It is very annoying when you lose your key. What do you do in that case? Here is a roadmap for when your keys are lost:


Step 1: Dial Locksmith 365 Amsterdam via +31-853013279. Tell us what your situation is. You can always reach us, even in the middle of the night or on holidays.
Step 2: We are within 30 minutes next to you. We have all the necessary tools with us and we go right to work.
Step 3: We open your slot 8 minutes in 95% of cases. We also replace your locks. Choose your own new slot off.
Step 4: We check whether you are actually the owner of the home or the office. In this way it is impossible for criminals to use our services.
Step 5: You will receive additional services, such as up to 12 months warranty on all workmanship.
Step 6: Take advantage of our low fixed prices. You choose whether you paid the amount in cash, manually overbooked or pint.

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Different types of burglars

There are two different types of burglars:

  1. Professional burglars.
  2. Burglars occasion

Professional burglars are relatively rare. They prepare for and just go for a big booty. Unless you live in a large villa, you do have professional burglars to worry.

The largest group of burglars are opportunity burglars. They are not comprehensive plans to enter a house. They look around in the street to dark corners and poorly secured houses. Opportunity Burglars are rapidly: they have completed the job in 30 seconds.

What methods burglars use and what do you do about it?

There are some methods that burglars use a lot. Fortunately, you have to guard against:

Cylinder break down and pull

Have a cylinder? A cylinder lock operates with a metal tube, the cylinder. With some tools thugs break down the cylinder and then pull it out. Sometimes they pull the cylinder there immediately. Burglars have the door then only give a gentle nudge.

Replace your cylinder by cylinder with SKG mark with 2 or 3 stars (you will find more information on this label). These locks are more difficult to break open.


Burglars sometimes pull your door through the letterbox. How do they do that? They take a coat hanger and push him through the letterbox. With the coat hanger they then pull the handle down.

Doing the door behind you lock is opening a door by angling impossible

Babbel Trick

Burglars sometimes use an excuse to come into your home. For example, they pretend to be from the water company.

Be suspicious of strangers. We encourage you to always to ask for identification before a stranger into your home in late.

hole drilling

Burglars drill a hole under your lock your window or your door. They use a piece of wire which is bent at one end into a hook. The burglar pushes iron wire into the hole and try the key to rotate and / or opening the window closure.

You can prevent this by your doors and windows always to lock when you go away.

slip in

Criminals sometimes come in through open doors and windows. They need very little time. Sometimes you just need a moment to go upstairs and a burglar grabs his or her chance.

Always put your doors and windows locked when you go out or if you are just above.


Pinball is a proof method that criminals use a swipe card to enter. A burglar slide the card between the door and the frame.

We encourage you to always keep your door turning lock and remove the key from the lock.

kicking door or window

An old and effective method of breaking a door or smash a window.

How to prevent burglars come to you through a door or stairs in a window? There are ways to strengthen your door or window. Place extra locks or installing a sturdier door or window.

What scares you off burglars?

There are a number of ways to deter burglars to break into with you:


Burglars like the dark. So make light on the outside of your home.
The burglars usually takes little effort to break open a sliding door. Place a special safety lock for sliding doors
For example, let a dirty plate on the table, lay an open book beaten down and put lights on. In this way, it seems that there are people in the house when you are away.
Put trash cans behind your house. Burglars use them as a kind of stepladder to climb onto the roof. Do you have multiple bins? Make them stuck together.
Fit locks to your windows and doors that are difficult to force.
The windows of your upstairs from outside easily accessible? Provide whatsoever windows burglar-proof hardware.
If your home is adequately protected against intrusion, you are eligible for the certificate Secured Property. You get stickers. Slice them up at your front and back door. Criminals leave a house with a label rather be left.

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Secured by

The Secured by (PKVW) was established to lower the number of burglaries in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are separate PKVW businesses across the Netherlands and Belgium.

There is a special certificate Secured Property. With that certificate you can often get a discount on your home insurance. Moreover, in homes with a certificate twice as much broke. How to apply for a certificate to Secure Property?


Step 1: Make an appointment with a PKVW company. A PKVW company tells what steps you should take to get a mark.
Step 2: Enter the recommended measures itself or have them performed by a PKWV company.
Step 3: A PKVW company see if your property meets the requirements. Is that right? Then you get the certificate Secured Property and stickers with the words’ recognized Politics Secured by “it.
Step 4: Send a copy of the certificate to your insurance company. With the certificate you receive a discount on your home insurance. Usually you get ten years off, the duration of the certificate.

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Burglar proof locks

Burglar proof locks are required for the certificate Secured Property. A burglar-proof lock has SKG mark. The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw investigating whether a lock is easily forced. A slot is sufficiently resistant to burglary? Then it gets a SKG mark.

SKG give each approved slot 1 to 3 stars:


1 star: InbraakwerendSKG3 @ 2x
2 stars: Heavy anti-burglary
3 Steren: Heavyweight burglar proof
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replacing locks

Would you also locks with the SKG label? Let your locks replaced by new, burglar-proof locks. Even if you lose your keys, it is convenient to replace your locks.

Locksmith 365 replaces all your locks for a cheap rate. We do it quickly and we always deliver good work. You choose your new lock. As icing on the cake comes with up to 12-month guarantee on our workmanship. Locksmith at 365 you get a lot of service!


Locksmith 365 carries out all kinds of activities in the field of locks:Sleutels verloren - bel slotenmaker 365


We repair locks with fallow damage
We open locks
We replace locks
We repair locks
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Pros of 365 Locksmith

If you choose Locksmith 365, you have as much benefit from:


You need help quickly. Fortunately, we are within 30 minutes at your location and we immediately started.
We open your door 100% damage. You do not have to worry about damage to your door.
Locksmith 365 works in the most effective manner. We always deliver on timber.
Enjoy with us an excellent service. We give you like free expert advice on burglary and help you down totally free your stuck door.
Many customers have been helped by Locksmith 365. We have already made tens of thousands of happy customers. Will you be next?
Did you know that have the locksmiths of Locksmith 365 experience with all the locks? They replace, places and open all types of locks.
You obviously have something better to do than to stand before a closed door. Therefore, we quickly open your door. In 95% of the time one of our locksmiths your lock opened within 8 minutes. You’re right back inside.
Pay at Locksmith 365 can in various ways: with pin, pay cash or write manually.
Our locksmiths have years of experience. They are true experts in the field of locks.
We always have the right tools. When we are with you, can therefore begin immediately.
You can always make us an appointment with us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The customers we serve are very diverse. Do you speak better English than Dutch? Talk to us English. This is our target group:


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Where’s Locksmith 365 started?

Our locksmiths working in Amsterdam and the surrounding area:

Amsterdam Centre
Amsterdam North
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam south-eastWerkgebied Slotenmaker 365
Amsterdam South
Amsterdam West
Amsterdam Nieuw-West


Call us if you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please call or stop by. These are our contact details:

Phone: +31-853013279

Street: Alblasstraat 11-1

Postal Code: 1079 ZG

City: Amsterdam

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