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In the Netherlands broke about 230 times a day. Especially at night and in the winter months burglars active. Unfortunately, the number of burglaries in the rest of the year and in broad day. However, there is much you can do to minimize the risk of burglary.

You can read the dutch version here: Huisbeveiliging de Ultieme Uitleg, Adviezen en Tips

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Let’s look at burglars and how they operate.
Police distinguishes between two types of burglars:

The professional burglar:
A professional burglar has to steal his profession gemaakt.huisbeveiliging tips
He is often part of a gang, has a lot of expertise and create a comprehensive plan before it breaks.
Ordinary citizens have little to fear from professional burglars.
A professional burglar can only intrested in a large booty (such valuable works of art, jewelry, etc.).

The opportunity burglar: 80 percent of all burglaries are committed by occasional burglars. Burglars opportunity to earn easy money.
She plans not expanded their crime. They also have advanced tools with him.
They break quickly, with simple means.

What Methods Using Burglars and What Do You Against

1. Creep

This is officially not a burglary, because the criminals no damage aim to come inside. Creep is namely as thieves enter by a door or window is open. Against creep is easy to do something. Put your doors and windows locked when you are away.
Here’s how easy it is for a thief to sneak in.

2. The chat trick

Criminals try all sorts of ways to get into your home. The chat trick is an example. There is rung for you. You do open. There’s a stranger on the sidewalk, which used an excuse to be allowed inside you.

One solution is to create and not just for a stranger to open a peephole in your door. Someone says that he or she is from a company, ask for identification. Give never just a stranger your PIN.

3. Fishing

Burglars bend a coat hanger and push that through your letterbox. They thus try to push the handle down. If you do lock the door, angling has no effect.

4. Cylinder breaking and / or pull

In fact, many cylinder easily broken can be? By means of various tools can be removed from a cylinder of the lock. Sometimes after thugs break down the barrel and pull him out, but often the cylinder is also so drawn out of the lock. Your lock is very easy then open and the burglars can go inside.

There are special security cylinder locks. These locks have a safety rosette that protects the cylinder. A security rosette is a round metal portion around the keyhole. Security roses are made of heavy gauge metal and have no screws on the outside. A burglar rosette can therefore not the screws and the cylinder there is still pulling.

5. Pinball

Pinball is a method where burglars use a swipe card to open a lock. They stabbing the card between the door and the door frame, and try to push in the latch bolt (the portion of the slot and in which is extended between the door and a hole in the door frame).

The door always do behind locked, you can prevent burglars can use this method. You can also place anti-burglar strips on your doors and windows. Anti-burglary strips consist of two metal parts which are mounted each on one side of the gap between the door and the door frame or between the window and the window frame.

If you close the door or window, move the parts of the anti-intrusion whole trip together. There is no gap between the two parts.

6. Hole drilling in the door or in the window

Burglars sometimes drilling a hole in your door or your window. They then push a piece of wire through the hole and try to play the wrench to tighten and / or open the window closure. Always unplug your keys from the lock and store them after you have turned your windows and doors locked.

7. Door or window smash

A frequently used method is the break-in kicking down of a door or a window. What you can do from here is to put an extra lock at knee height or place a heavier door.

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Burglar alarm

To better protect your home, you can install a burglar alarm. A burglar alarm gives a signal when someone enters your home. The disadvantage of a burglar alarm is that it sometimes goes off in other cases, for example when you are late coming home at night.

Choose to install a alarm through a deposit or VEB (Association of European Security-Companies) company. These companies are reliable and have a lot of expertise.


If burglars quickly and easily enter your home, you will not have much of a burglar alarm. On average it takes a break 30 seconds. Before the police so there is a burglar’s been gone long again.

Is your home protected with good locks? Then it takes longer for a burglar your lock is open. There is a good chance that he or she is quitting prematurely or be caught by someone in the act.

Security locks

Most burglary resistant locks are called security locks. Security locks have security fittings. Batter is the metal which is to lock it. Safety Fittings made of heavy gauge metal and has no screws on the outside, giving criminals the batter can not screw your door.

There are several safety locks:


Side Locks: Locks that you place in a head lock so burglars difficult to enter.
Lay locks: These locks are called cylinder locks. They were widely used since a number of years. However, the locks were to be easy to break open. Nowadays firmer rim locks there are manufactured so that the locks are much more difficult to force.
Multipoint Closures: A multipoint lock will be operated from a single point, but it closes the door in several places.
Mortice locks: A mortise lock is small, but very burglar proof. The lock can be opened with a key and / or a door handle.

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Quality Mark Foundation Quality Gevelbouw

A security lock, you can easily recognize the hallmark of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw is a completely independent organization that locks test, approves and issues certificates.

The Foundation Quality Gevelbouw places high demands on locks. It is tested in various ways whether the locks to their demands. If the locks passed all the tests they get a mark (a sticker with a logo), otherwise not.

A logo of the Foundation Quality Gevelbouw may have one, two or three stars. What is the meaning of those stars?

1 star: burglar proof
2 stars: heavy anti-burglary
3 stars: extra heavy anti-burglary

Secured by

A few years ago, the Secured by established to ensure that people came to know about intrusion. The ultimate goal was to decrease the number of burglaries. That was achieved. The number of break-ins is the last few years, down slowly.

Houses with the Secured by averaged 50% less often broken. Your property gets the label if you meet certain requirements:

You are informed of burglary.
All windows and doors where a burglar could get to be sufficiently protected.
There is light at the front and back.
Someone who is good to see the door by local residents or from the road.
There are approved smoke alarms installed on every floor.
If you meet these requirements? Then you get a sticker Secured by visibly stuck to your front and back door.

How We Protect Your Home

Would you like to leave places security locks with SKG certificate? Let us, Locksmith 365 Amsterdam do. You can choose us from all kinds of security locks. Make an appointment. We can, moreover, you are in many other different ways:

If you want, we make all locks keyed alike. Flush-fitting means you can open all the locks with the same key.
Do you find yourself locked out? Do not panic! Our locksmiths can help you. In 95% of cases, one of our locksmiths open your lock in 8 minutes and you can walk right back inside.
If your lock is broken, we fix it.
We replace your locks or install new locks.
If there is broken in you and you have fallow damage, we can repair it for you.De slotenmaker maakt uw woning anti inbraak gevoelig
Your benefits at Locksmith 365 Amsterdam

Did you know that you have with us a lot of advantage? Enjoy our great service:


We are available day and night.
Our locksmiths give you their advice on burglary prevention, absolutely free!
Do you need us? We are 30 minutes from you.
We open all the locks, even your safety locks are not a problem for us.
Your door is opened 100% without damage.
Our locksmiths have your lock in 95% of cases within 8 minutes opened.

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